Intervale Capital sells TorcSill Foundations to White Deer Energy

first_imgTorcSill is a provider of engineered helical pile and anchor foundation solutions across the energy, industrial, and power end markets Intervale Capital sells TorcSill Foundations to White Deer Energy. Photo: courtesy of rawpixel from Pixabay. Intervale Capital, LLC (“Intervale”) has announced the sale of TorcSill Foundations, LLC (“TorcSill” or the “Company”), a portfolio company of Intervale Fund III, to a newly formed entity owned primarily by White Deer Energy (“White Deer”).  Financial terms of the transaction have not been disclosed.TorcSill is a leading provider of engineered helical pile and anchor foundation solutions across the energy, industrial, and power end markets. TorcSill’s turnkey product and service package includes in-house research and development, design, manufacturing, installation and installation consulting services. TorcSill’s team is one of the most experienced in the industry, and the Company is a trusted partner in providing foundation solutions for some of the most demanding construction projects underway.Tim Swift, TorcSill’s Chief Executive Officer, will continue to oversee the business under new ownership. Swift commented, “It has been a pleasure to work with Intervale Capital. They have been an excellent partner as TorcSill has expanded over the past several years. The Intervale team has provided valuable strategic and financial guidance that leaves us well positioned as we move into our next phase of growth. I am excited for the next chapter under White Deer’s stewardship.”Jason Turowsky, Partner at Intervale Capital, commented, “We are proud to have partnered with Tim and the entire TorcSill team. During Intervale’s ownership, the Company has experienced rapid growth as its core helical pile foundation technology continues to displace traditional deep foundation solutions, such as concrete. We look forward to watching this technology continue to take market share.”Varun Babbili, Principal at White Deer, commented, “Tim and the rest of the TorcSill team have built a strong and defensible business with a unique technology offering that is used to address the foundation needs of equipment and infrastructure in multiple end markets. We look forward to partnering with the Company in the next phase of its growth.”Joe Bob Edwards, Partner at White Deer, added, “We believe that TorcSill will continue to benefit from the ongoing buildout, expansion and refurbishment of midstream, downstream, industrial and power infrastructure, and that the Company is well positioned to expand into new geographies and end markets.”TorcSill and Intervale Capital were advised by Harris Williams and Kirkland & Ellis. White Deer was advised by Locke Lord. Source: Company Press Releaselast_img read more

OUSU votes against NUS quotas

first_imgThe motion stated that “All delegations to [NUS] National Conference must include at least 50% women, rounded down. Where a union is only entitled to send one delegate and this delegate is not a woman, the union’s free observer place must be taken by a woman.”In a straw poll taken after the discussion 17 voted in favour, 44 were against, and 11 abstained. The poll is non-binding, meaning that OUSU’s seven NUS delegates can vote according to their own will on this motion when it is brought before NUS’ April 2013 conference.OUSU currently sends seven delegates to NUS’ annual conference.Five delegates are elected in Michaelmas, and the OUSU President and President-elect are ex officio selected as the final two delegates. The motion would mandate that of Oxford’s five elected delegates, at least three would have to be female, in order to ensure that three of the seven total delegates are female.The 2013 OUSU delegation to NUS conference consists of three elected women, two elected men, President David Townsend and President-elect Tom Rutland.The motion was opposed by OUSU Vice President for Women Suzanne Holsomback, who described the motion as “insulting and patronising.” She told Cherwell that whilst the motion “address[es] symptoms of gender inequality and imbalance, it does not tackle the root of the problem.“The roots lie at the individual student union level and it needs to be addressed at that level. We need to examine what barriers block women running for high level position or seeing themselves in positions of power. Exploring this will create the interventions that will address the root problem. We all want the best delegates go to the NUS Conference and not just the women near by that can fill quotas.” Wadhamite Emily Cousens supported the motion, pointing to the results of Scandinavian countries with similar ‘top down’ approaches. She added that it is patronizing to women to say that good quality candidates would not emerge from a quota system. An opponent of the motion countered that OUSU should not seek seven good quality delegates, but the best seven available.OUSU President-elect Tom Rutland supported the motion, saying that female representation was vital when the NUS considered issues such as abortion rights. 40% of delegates at the last NUS conference were female. Jack Matthews, a student at University College, said that the number “not good enough, but it hardly constitutes a chronic failure.”A Somervillian stated that she was “not opposed to positive discrimination itself but to the restrictions this motion would place on a democratic vote”. She remarked that “it flies in the face of democracy to use quotas to restrict a popular vote”.last_img read more

O.C. Theatre Company Offering Winter Musical Classes

first_imgThe Ocean City Theatre Company has leased the space at 1501 West Ave. since 2015. Ocean City Theatre Company will offer two winter dance classes for adults and children.Kids on Stage Session 2: Learn kid-specific choreography and music from musicals featuring children. The class is open to students in third through sixth grades. Note: Session 1 is at capacity.Class dates are January 14 (6-7 p.m.), January 21 (6-7 p.m.), January 28 (6-7 p.m.), February 4 (6-7 p.m.) and February 11 (6-7 p.m.). Classes will be held at the OCTC Studios at 1501 West Ave.To learn more and to register visit the Education page at: www.oceancitytheatrecompany.comAdult Musical Theatre Dance Class Session 1 (Tuesday Nights): Learn choreography to a new song every week. This class is available to anyone age 18 and over.Class dates are January 12 (6-7 p.m.), January 19 (6-7 p.m.), January 26 (6-7 p.m.), February 2 (6-7 p.m.) and February 9 (6-7 p.m.). Classes will be held at the OCTC Studios.Adult Musical Theatre Dance Class Session 2 (Wednesday Nights): Learn choreography to a new song every week. This class is available to anyone age 18 and over.Class dates are January 13 (6-7 p.m.), January 20 (6-7 p.m.), January 27 (6-7 p.m.), February 3 (6-7 p.m.) and February 10 (6-7 p.m.). Classes will be held at the OCTC Studios.All classes will be taught in-person at OCTC with all appropriate COVID-19 related precautions in place, including masks, social distancing and frequent hand sanitizing.Classes are non-refundable and if the OCTC is forced to shut down in-person classes (due to COVID-19 or inclement weather) all instruction will be held on Zoom.To learn more and to register visit the Education page at: www.oceancitytheatrecompany.comlast_img read more

Super savouries

first_imgThe method of making savoury snacks by folding the corners of a square of puff pastry over towards the centre of the filling is well-liked by the smaller baker. Two bakers have reported that the filling for a tomato tart sells well with this, is cheap and easy to make and produces good profits.Ingredients / %Ripe tomatoes and/or tinned tomatoes in juice in whatever proportions you wish / 100Sugar / 5Onion / 10Olive oil and herbs of your choice Sausage roll alternativesSausage rolls are one of the best-selling savouries, but attempts to put anything other than pork sausage into them are less than inspired. So why not try these? Method1. Cook over a low heat until reduced by at least 50%.2. Adjust the taste with salt, sugar and a little vinegar.3. When cold, spread on a puff pastry base, top with centre-cut slices of fresh tomato and bake in a hot oven. The trimmings from the tomatoes go into the conserve. Chicken and corianderIngredients / Amount / %Dry white bread / 120g / 9Single cream / 120ml / 9(Or a mix of whipping cream and milk or vegetable cream)Melted butter / 100g / 7Salt / 20g / 1White pepper / 5g / 0.3Fresh coriander or Porter’s fresh coriander in oil / 200g / 1Minced chicken / 1kg / 73center_img MethodBeat the bread and cream to a soft paste and blend with the other ingredients. This should be like a soft pork sausage roll filling, so adjust with fine breadcrumbs or milk if needed. Minced beef or lamb with onions and curry seasoningIngredients / %Minced onion / 15Breadcrumbs / 10Whipping cream or meat stock / 10Minced meat / 65Curry paste to taste with a little salt and pepper.last_img read more

17 Best Ga. Flowers

first_img Volume XXVII Number 1 Page 17 Some of Georgia’s Best Cut FlowersBy Paul A. Thomas Georgia Extension Service Here are just a few of the many wildflowers that produce excellent cut flowers in Georgia:Bachelor’s button (Centaurea cyanus). Also known as cornflower, it’s common along roadsides and in fields. The naturalized species is blue, but white, pink and red strains exist. An annual, its short flowering season and five- to six-day vase life are worth it.Black-eyed Susan (Rudbeckia spp.). Several species are common in Georgia, including R. laciniata, R. fulgida and R. hirta. Also known as coneflower, the disk flowers are yellow to gold, sometimes with red at the base. The flower lasts only a few days in a vase, but it’s worth the time to grow and cut them.Bloodflower (Asclepias currisavica). This annual grows tall and attracts butterflies. The flowers arrive in mid- to late summer and last well in a vase. Many colors are available. Cut clusters on a single large stem for best results.Butterfly weed (Asclepias tuberosa). The brilliant orange flowers can be seen from far away. The plant has a long taproot and is a bit hard to transplant. A perennial, it flowers only once or twice a summer. But it’s worth it. The remaining plant will likely be caterpillar food for monarch butterflies.Cardinal flower (Lobelia cardinalis). Its brilliant red flower is prized. Plants grow to 4 feet high and do best in moist sites. A perennial, it’s a wonderful cut flower in August. Cut when half the flowers are open on the tall stem.Coreopsis (Coreopsis spp.). Most of the many Georgia annual species have yellow to gold flowers. A common road beautification wild flower, Coreopsis tinctoria is outstanding for cut vases. A number of cultivated varieties do well in the wildflower garden.Cosmos (Cosmos bipinnatus and C. sulphureus). C. bipinnatus ranges to 5 feet high with flowers white to pink to lavender. C. sulphureus grows to 3 feet high with flowers yellow to orange to red. These annual flowers last only a few days, but you’ll have hundreds to select from each week.Fleabane (Erigeron speciosus). Other species and hybrids are cultivated, but this species appears best-suited for direct sowing in meadow gardens. The perennial plants are 2 feet tall with lilac, daisy-like flowers. Cut flowers by selecting major stems and using them as clusters.Gaillardia (Gaillardia species). Two species in Georgia, G. pulchella and G. aestivalis, are low-growing with yellow flowers tipped with red or purple. G. X grandiflora is commonly cultivated; G. aristata is suitable for direct sowing. Full sun and excellent drainage are essential. Annual and perennial. The more you cut, the better it produces.Periwinkle (Vinca minor, V. major). This evergreen, perennial groundcover thrives in shade or partial shade. Both species have attractive blue flowers, though there are white ones. V. minor has smaller leaves and is more compact. Cut a lot of stem for best results. Remove most lower leaves before placing in vase.Purple coneflower (Echinacea purpurea). At 3 to 5 feet high, they bloom all summer. The flowers have high, dark crowns (cones) surrounded by drooping rose-purple petals. Perennial. Nice vase presence. Cut just after the flower opens fully for best results.Shasta daisy (Leucanthemum species). Used as a cut flower since humans began to appreciate flowers. Easy to grow from seed and very long-lived if watered in drought and fertilized in early spring and late fall. Perennial. Vase life is excellent and if cut back severely, will flush two or three times in a summer.Sunflower (Helianthus annuus). Sunflower is well-known for its tolerance of sun, heat, drought and poor soils. The species is well-suited for direct sowing. The many varieties range from 2 to 10 feet high. The edible seeds attract birds. Annual. Swamp Sunflower (H. angustifolius), a dependable fall-flowering perennial wildflower. Lasts 5 to 6 days in a vase.Verbena (Verbena species). V. tenuisecta and V. rigida, low-spreading plants with bluish-purple flowers, are often along roadsides in central and south Georgia. A white-flowering variety is available, too. V. hastata has a stiff, upright habit and may grow several feet high. All are suitable for sowing. Perennial.Yarrow (Achillea species) Several species and hybrids are cultivated. Many varieties of fernleaf yarrow (A. filipendulina) and common yarrow (A. millefolium) are popular dried flowers. These two species are well-adapted for direct sowing in meadow gardens. Long-lived cut flower if water is changed often. Perennial.Zinnia (Zinnia species). An old-time favorite that does well with occasional watering and frequent cutting. Spare the clippers, spoil the Zinnia. Very good vase life if cut just after opening.last_img read more

Japanese government to invest $19 billion to support 2030 hydrogen commercialization goal—report

first_img FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailPrint分享Reuters:Japan will aim to make hydrogen a power source viable enough to produce the output of more than 30 nuclear reactors by 2030, the Nikkei newspaper reported on Tuesday.To achieve that goal in its bid to reduce carbon emissions Japan will have to make a technology now in its infancy commercially viable at scale, as the world accelerates an energy transition to prevent the worst impacts of climate change.The government will provide 2 trillion yen ($19 billion) of funds to support efforts to make hydrogen viable as a fuel for electricity generators that burn without emissions, the Nikkei reported, without citing the source of its information.Costs will have to be cut drastically to achieve a target of burning 10 million tonnes of hydrogen by 2030, with costs around 10 times higher for combustion of the fuel that only emits water vapour, the Nikkei said.The country will also aim to develop more renewable energy supplies to produce hydrogen for later use at times of plentiful sun or wind, the Nikkei said.Japanese companies including Toyota Motor Corp on Monday said they established a new organisation, the Japan Hydrogen Association, to promote the creation of a hydrogen supply chain in the country. By Monday 88 companies had joined the initiative, including Japan’s biggest refiner Eneos Holdings Inc and trading house Mitsui & Co Ltd.[Aaron Sheldrick and Yuka Obayashi]More: Japan to make hydrogen major power source by 2030: Nikkei Japanese government to invest $19 billion to support 2030 hydrogen commercialization goal—reportlast_img read more

Trump administration plan would end protection for most wild birds

first_imgBucket list alert! When international travel resumes, we’ve got an idea of where you might want to travel—Italy. That’s because the country has just announced plans for a 4,350-mile hiking trail that will connect all of their 25 national parks, including those on the islands of Sicily and Sardinia. The 1918 Migratory Bird Treaty Act made it unlawful to pursue, hunt, take, capture, kill, or sell migratory birds without a waiver. Under the law, the government has treated accidental bird deaths caused by industry as potential criminal violation under the act. The Trump administration says the deaths of birds that fly into hazards such as oil pits, mining sites and telecommunications towers should not be subject to prosecution. The Trump administration plans to move forward with the rollback of one of the country’s first major federal environmental laws protecting wild birds. Scientists say that the move could cause a large increase in bird deaths—up to billions of deaths in the coming decades—and comes at a time when many bird species across North America are already in steep decline.  There’s no official date yet on when the trail will be open to hikers, but the country plans to invest as much as 35 million euros between now and 2033 in ‘the maintenance and strengthening of trail networks in protected areas,’ the Italian Alpine Club said. According to PBS, industry sources kill an estimated 450 million to 1.1 billion birds each year, out of an overall 7.2 billion birds that live in North America.  Italy’s newest hiking trail will connect all of the country’s national parks The Climate Change Interagency Council and the North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality has submitted the North Carolina Climate Risk Assessment and Resilience Plan to Governor Cooper. The plan is the state’s most comprehensive effort to date to address North Carolina’s vulnerability to climate change.  Great blue heron flying over the water – photo from Getty Images According to a press release, the plan is a framework to guide state action, engage policy-makers and stakeholders, facilitate collaboration across the state, focus the state’s attention on climate resilience actions and address underlying stressors such as the changing climate, aging infrastructure, socio-economic disparities, and competing development priorities. You can read the full plan here. North Carolina Climate Risk Assessment and Resilience Plan submitted to Governor Cooper Trump administration plan would end protection for most wild birdslast_img read more

How to prevent and detect against referral marketing scams

first_img 7SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr continue reading » A concern that we frequently hear from our prospective and current customers is how to prevent gaming in their referral program while giving legitimate customers a positive referral experience. Referral marketing scams, such as gaming or fraud, can occur when someone is issued a reward for an action that doesn’t qualify. Examples of this might include:Someone receiving referral benefits or rewards when he or she is not an existing customer or haven’t been referred by an existing customerExisting customers receiving referral benefits or rewards by referring themselvesSomeone making a purchase and returning the purchase OR opening an account and closing/cancelling the account after receiving a referral rewardEmployees earning rewards for referring new customers when their employer has not approved that activitylast_img read more

PA & NJ credit unions approve merger of trade groups

first_imgMember credit unions of the Pennsylvania Credit Union Association and the New Jersey Credit Union League voted to approve the consolidation of the two trade organizations, PCUA President/CEO Patrick Conway said Thursday.He announced an affirmative vote of the trade groups’ memberships ratifies the definitive merger agreement approved by the boards of directors of PCUA and NJCUL in March.A total vote count was not released.The PA/NJ Credit Union Association will be open for business on Jan. 1, 2020 and become one the nation’s largest two-state trade organizations that will serve more than 520 credit unions.“This is an exciting day for credit unions in both Pennsylvania and New Jersey,” Jeff DeBree said, who serves as PCUA’s board chair and as president/CEO of the $174 million Penn East Federal Credit Union in Scranton. “I would like to thank my fellow PCUA and NJCUL board members as well as our member credit unions in both states for their support of this new organization.” ShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr continue reading »last_img read more

Recent series of fires sparks safety tips from firefighters

first_imgENDICOTT (WBNG) — The Endicott Fire Department wants you to keep some fire safety tips in mind in wake of several house fires in the past week. While every season poses a threat with fire conditions, the summer seasons hot temperatures quickly approaching can create some hazards. Botsford’s biggest tip is making sure your bedroom door is closed while you are sleeping. He says this can buy you time by preventing smoke and flames from entering your room and giving you a moment to escape through a window or call 9-1-1. “When it’s already hot out and humid, we have to put a lot of gear on to protect ourselves to go into a fire. It can cause heat exhaustion and dehydration very quickly, ” said Botsford. “It does make it difficult and slows the process of firefighting down.” It’s not just homeowners who have to worry about the heat, though. Firefighters sweat it out a lot more as they head straight into homes up in flames while the sun is beating down on them. When it comes to the hot temperatures, Botsford says people often leave their air conditioners running all day, which can lead to problems because he says, “There’s a lot of potential to overload the electrical system with that.” Endicott Fire Marshall, Brian Botsford, says there are a list of safety tactics to keep in mind, including not leaving anything near the grill or stove while you’re cooking up that summer barbecue and always remembering to change your batteries in your smoke detector.last_img read more