Business School faculty join calls for Oxford to cut ties with Zimbabwean finance minister

first_img“The actions of the state are nothing short of abuse in the form of intimidation, beatings, and imprisonment without trial or due process of many hundreds of people. Indeed, there are reports coming out from human rights organisations — both local and international — confirming that children as young as 14 years old have been arrested and denied access to food, water or legal representation. “In response, the government has launched a systematic, violent and repressive campaign against those suspected to be involved with the stay away and the protests. In the last week, we have witnessed the shocking and entirely disproportionate use of state force to quell the protests and to punish protestors as well as opposition and civic leaders. The Said Business School has continued to take criticism from its professors for its association with Zimbabwean Finance and Economic Development Minister Mthuli Ncube. “All of this has been defended publicly (or simply denied) by Professor Ncube. The US, UK, EU and others have condemned the Zimbabwean government’s actions. Speaking to Cherwell, Simukai Chigudu, Associate Professor of African Politics at the Oxford Department of International Development, claimed that he had sent an email in protest to Professor Peter Tufano dean of the Business School. “This crackdown is by no means over. A recent report by the Zimbabwe Human Rights NGO Forum (a highly reputed consortium of Zimbabwean human rights NGOS), called ‘On the Days of Darkness in Zimbabwe’, records 17 extra-judicial killings, the vast majority by soldier and police, 16 cases of rape by the same, 26 abductions by suspected security agents, nearly 600 assaults, some of them extremely serious, using whips, chains, iron rods and batons, and nearly 1,000 arbitrary arrests. Professor Alexander said: “My concern was and is that Prof Ncube’s association with the SBS accords him a status and legitimacy that he no longer deserves owing to his defence of the brutal crackdown by the ZANU(PF) government, of which he is a prominent and highly visible part, since 14 January this year. “I believe that these events are of concern to you given that Zimbabwe’s Minister of Finance, Professor Mthuli Ncube, is a visiting professor at SBS. As a member of the ZANU(PF) government, Prof Ncube bears indirect responsibility for state-led repression. Professor Alexander confirmed Chigudu’s claims to be true, and stated that Tufano had responded to her e-mail on Wednesday by “[defending] the ongoing value of the school’s association with Prof Ncube.” In particular, Professor Chigudu named Professor of Commonwealth Studies Jocelyn Alexander, Lecturer in African History and Politics Dan Hodgkinson, and Associate Professor in African Politics Miles Tendi as having made an appeal to Professor Tufano. “Having been a student at here in Oxford during which time I worked with both the Africa Society and the Africa Business Network, I know that SBS has previously shown great moral concern for social and political justice in Africa. I urge you to show such moral leadership on this matter.” center_img “That Prof Ncube’s international standing is, under these circumstances, buttressed by his ongoing association with Oxford and the SBS is an affront to all those who have suffered the brunt of the ZANU(PF) crackdown in the past month. “I am writing to urge you to end SBSs association with Prof Ncube and to make clear that your institution condemns the actions of the Zimbabwean government in the strongest possible terms. “The military continues to be deployed and the rule of law has been severely undermined. The Forum writes that, “Since 14 January 2019 there has been a wanton assault on the Constitution by the government, the police, the military, and some magistrates and prosecutors’ (p. 14). “Further still, state security forces have fired live ammunition into protesting crowds causing many to suffer from gunshot wounds and killing at least 15 people. Professor Chigudu elected to share the contents of his letter, which read as follows: “I am writing to you in relation to the deteriorating political and economic situation in my home country. As I am sure you are aware, trade unions and civil society leaders recently called for a mass stay away from work and a peaceful protest in response to a 250% hike in fuel prices instigated by the government. “Moreover, Prof Ncube has made no effort to distance himself from the ruling regime but will in fact attend Davos as a representative of President Emmerson Mnangagwa. Ncube, who holds a PhD from the University of Cambridge on “Pricing Options and Stochastic Volatility”, currently remains in his post as a visiting professor at the Said Business School. Professor Chigudu also claimed that similar emails were sent to Professor Tufano by a number of his colleagues. Cherwell has contacted Professor Alexander, Professor Hodgkinson, and Professor Tendi to confirm these claims. last_img read more

Mayor’s Message: Feb. 21

first_imgDear Friends,The city team is putting the final touches on the proposed 2020 municipal budget, and I look forward to presenting it to City Council on Thursday, Feb. 27. The updated five-year plan for capital improvements will be presented on March 12. This is the start of a public process that will lead to a Council vote on a final budget in about two months.I also look forward to delivering my annual State of the City address on Thursday. We continue to invest in citywide infrastructure improvements while delivering responsible budgets to our taxpayers. These investments – particularly in roads, flood mitigation and drainage – will help us prepare for the future.At the last meeting, City Council approved seeking bids from companies that could provide “falconry based bird abatement” services for the summer. Last summer’s experiment with using raptors to keep gulls from stealing a diet of boardwalk food and beach picnics worked extremely well. I look forward to a summer with our boardwalk guests safe and our gull population in its natural environment.The Cape May County Municipal Utilities Authority wastewater main project on Bay Avenue continues with weekday road closings from Eighth Street to 18th Street (except for local traffic and for access to local businesses).In another week or two, the project will reach the intersection of Ninth Street and Bay Avenue. Our OCPD Traffic Safety Unit is working on a pattern that will keep at least one lane of traffic in each direction open at all times. Work crews should be clear of the intersection after about another week. Visit for the latest updates on this work.Everyone is invited to a free presentation on “Green Yards: Environmentally Friendly Garden and Lawn Care” at 6 p.m. Wednesday, March 11 in Room N110 at the Ocean City Free Public Library (1735 Simpson Avenue).Jennifer Sawyer of the Rutgers Cooperative Extension will speak on utilizing native species in the garden, good water management practices, green lawn care and more. The lecture is part of a series presented by the Ocean City Environmental Commission and the Ocean City Free Public Library.I also want to remind everybody that the brass ensemble of the U.S. Air Force Band will perform 2 p.m. March 15 at the Ocean City Music Pier. The concert is free, but anybody who wishes to attend must reserve a ticket in advance. Call 609-399-6111 or stop by the City Hall Welcome Center (861 Asbury Avenue) or the Roy Gillian Welcome Center on the Route 52 causeway.Warm regards,Mayor Jay A. Gillian Mayor Jay Gillianlast_img read more

Run DMC Suing Walmart and Amazon for $50 Million

first_imgNew York hip-hop legends RUN-DMC have filed a lawsuit against corporate retail giants Walmart and Amazon for $50 million, according to a report by TMZ.  The group claims that the two companies are selling various merchandise products with their famous logo illegally, and have been for years.The lawsuit goes as far to say both companies have worked in collusion with other companies (who are also part of the lawsuit) for years to sell, advertise, manufacture, and distribute products such as hats, t-shirts, glasses and other various items with the RUN-DMC logo, which the group claims is extremely valuable.If they win the lawsuit, it really would be Christmas in Hollis.[via TMZ]last_img read more

Amoramora Guitarist Danny Evans Talks Opening For Pigeons Playing Ping Pong [Interview]

first_imgAmoramora has been saving the world with rock ‘n’ roll since 2016. Every live show is guaranteed to blast you off into a cosmic dance party and features an ever-changing blend of psychedelic jams, funk, bluegrass, African Highlife, and beyond. Fueled by high-energy improvisation, the undeniable joy this quartet shares onstage and offstage is reflected by their devout and growing fanbase, The Amorons. Based out of Boulder, Colorado, the band is proud to be sharing the stage with Pigeons Playing Ping Pong, opening up their Flocktober Fest at the Boulder Theater this Friday, October 6th. Read on to hear what Amoramora’s lead guitarist Danny Evans had to say about the group’s origins, influences, and where they’re headed!Live For Live Music: Let’s start from the beginning. Tell me a little bit about the formation of Amoramora?Danny Evans: We all kind of met in college at CU Boulder. Tommy Veronesi (drums) and I were fiddling around with different people—by the end of 2015, we got everything set and started playing heavily. 2015 was a heavy writing year for us. It was a period when we really worked on our setlist-staples and our heavy-hitters. In 2016, things really took off, and we started touring. We had a trio for about a month including Eric Levine (bass/trumpet), and then met Michael Lenssen ( trumpet/EWI/keys/percussion) through the CU jazz scene, since Eric is a graduate of the CU School of Music, having studied jazz trumpet.L4LM: With all of this positive growth, how do you think your style and sound have developed over the past year?DE: Oh my goodness. [laughs] It has literally been our biggest year of growth, and Amoramora’s sound is changing more than ever. We began the year with Lenssen just bringing the keys onstage, and now he plays keys and trumpet at the same time and will switch to EWI (Electronic Wind Instrument). Lenssen runs multiple synthesizers through it at once, creating sonic textures that would normally come from a keyboard with his mouth. We’ve learned so much more bluegrass, and the jams have just gotten longer. Since we played so much this year, we’ve gotten to tickle every corner of the jam band world.L4LM: It’s not all that common to see a four-piece band messing around with so many different instruments. What influences your guy’s unique sound?DE: I can honestly say and feel confident speaking for the other guys that Miles Davis is a really big influence on our music. Having two trained trumpet players in the band, you know it instills that mindset of playing, performing, practicing, playing together as a band. You hear it a lot in Miles Davis’s quotes thrown around. We also really like the Allman Brothers Band, the Grateful Dead—we really developed a love together for bluegrass, and from time to time, we’ll listen to hip-hop. As a band, we want to give someone an experience that contains all of our influences and just rages.L4LM: Particularly pertaining to you, what’s the most challenging thing about being a self-managed band?DE: I’d say the hardest part is switching from, like “Okay, we’re about to book tours” to practicing and playing shows on the road. By the end of 2018, I will have booked four full tours, and Amoramora will have hit both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans twice. It’s kind of like, when do I get to just be Danny, pick up the guitar, and write some songs? We personally have to book the shows and deal with the venues regarding all matters, so we’re really doing everything still. L4LM: What does playing the Boulder Theater mean to you, as a Boulder resident and graduate of the University of Colorado?DE: It’s enormous! It’s the biggest theater in town, and I’ve seen some world-class musical acts there plus some of my personal favorite shows ever. A lot of incredible shows that I even didn’t attend but have listened to have happened at the Boulder Theater. So, it’s a big night for me and for the band. I don’t know, I feel like it’s a big night for the Boulder scene. It seems like there’s a new theme going on in town. Younger bands are starting to tour and break out. We have a lot of great bands out here, and I just think it’s great how a band like Pigeons can look into a scene like that and say, “We’re going to support the locals and go with this big Flocktober gig.”L4LM: Absolutely, it seems like the Fox and Boulder Theaters have a theme of supporting local talent.DE: Yeah, they’ve always been there to help us and support our vision, and we couldn’t be more thankful. Everyone at the venues are part of our family now.L4LM: Before we wrap this up, if you could give one piece of advice to an upcoming nationally touring act, what would it be?DE: Practice, and, I’d like to say, make sure that you’re being original. The thing about this improvisational music scene is this: People want to hear groundbreaking music. They want to hear sonic textures that are really going to tickle their brain in different ways that they haven’t necessarily felt before. I think it’s important to break out new instruments and be multi-instrumentalists. Being truly original has gotten so washed out with cover bands and this and that, and you really have to fight to make sure that you’re doing your own thing.L4LM: Well, thank you so much for taking this time to speak with us, Danny. Best of luck this upcoming weekend and this upcoming fall-touring season! L4LM: So, you guys are making your first Boulder Theater appearance, opening for Pigeons Playing Ping Pong who are on the rise and in the spotlight in the scene. How did this all come to fruition?DE: Honestly, I was probably just as surprised as you when we got the call. I mean, after Amoramora sold out the Fox Theatre, I think Z2 Entertainment was looking for another opportunity to get us in with the Boulder scene. With such a heavy upcoming touring schedule, a lot of gigs where we would’ve liked to link up didn’t work out, so this is really the perfect possible outcome! I’ve bumped into Pigeon’s management from time to time around Colorado, and I think they thought, “Let’s give these guys a shot.” We are truly blessed to open up such an awesome night, rage, and play with a band that has put in so much hard work over the years. I’m from Virginia and used to hear about Pigeons Playing Ping Pong playing my friends fraternity parties. It’s crazy we’re now playing the Boulder Theater with them on Friday.We’ve played with a bunch of different acts, but Pigeons have this really nice organic following that genuinely loves the band and love the music. It’s really cool to be able to dip our toes in that water. Meeting people, selling tickets, and getting the stoke up for the show has been a really fun experience. There are definitely gonna be a lot of special people there who really like Pigeons.last_img read more

There are No Exceptions for Exceptional Leadership

first_imgThe cornerstone of every successful business is a unified company culture. And the foundation for a strong culture is that it must support the corporate strategy and be built on exceptional leadership. Being a good leader is no longer good enough.Earlier this year, I wrote a piece for Forbes on the importance of exceptional leadership, explaining the value of a holistic approach to leadership development and highlighting three areas of focus to help shape a successful leadership strategy.Three Keys to Effective Leadership DevelopmentClearly understand the company’s strategy and cultivate a supportive and inspiring corporate culture: In order to support a positive culture, leaders must be able to clearly articulate the company’s vision and strategy and also comprehend the company’s team members’ values and expectations. Once the cultural DNA of the business is identified, then you can create a set of clear principles that reflect and support the culture your team members need to be successful.For instance, Dell’s leaders are expected to thrive at these seven principles: optimism, humility, drive, vision, selflessness, judgment and relationships. However, leadership is a privilege, and should be worked at, so while it’s important to be good at all of these, my advice is to be exceptional for at least one of them.  Just pick one and excel at it. Our research has shown that exceptional leadership in the eyes of team members – in just one defined area – delivers directly to the bottom line of the business.Embed expectations for leaders into the business’ ecosystem: To achieve success, a company’s values and leadership principles must be embedded into every aspect of the business. Holding leaders accountable for successfully executing the company’s strategy while also living and cultivating the company’s culture is a must. At Dell, one key way we measure this is through our team member surveys, which play a significant role in driving our leadership and culture strategy.Use data and analytics to uncover the leadership principles that matter most: It’s no surprise that a tech company would put a premium on data. We believe a company’s leadership development strategy must be based on research and data. It’s the ongoing evaluation of a leader’s impact that should serve as the guide post for HR strategy and decision-making going forward. At Dell, for instance, we know through team member research that the two most important leadership attributes for inspiring our team members are selflessness and vision.The end game – our customersDell’s research shows that our strategic focus on leadership is helping to support business growth and better service for our customers. For example, the data reveals that sales teams working for inspiring leaders have six percent higher sales attainment than those working for uninspiring leaders. The difference is more happy customers and increased revenue measured in the millions, a bottom-line difference that should be of interest to all employees of a company. If you’re interested to read more of my thoughts on leadership, see my Forbes post here.last_img read more

Flower farms see their Lunar New Year sales wilted by virus

first_imgHONG KONG (AP) — The Lunar New Year holiday is usually a busy period for flower farms in Hong Kong, which gear up to sell plum blossoms, orchids and daffodils at flower markets during the festive season. But the pandemic and restrictions on such festive markets this year has many farms worried that they may be left with an oversupply of flowers. Traditionally, Lunar New Year fairs – known as “flower markets” in Cantonese – are held before the holidays, with thousands of florists and festive goods vendors hawking their wares to the public. This year, the Hong Kong government is restricting the markets to half-capacity with shorter business hours.last_img read more

Jenkins holds town hall, announces advisory task force for off-campus students

first_imgIn a virtual town hall for off-campus undergraduate students Wednesday, University President Fr. John Jenkins acknowledged the shortcomings of the University’s preparation to reopen in light of COVID-19, but he said he believes the changes Notre Dame has undergone in the past few weeks will allow the University to be better prepared to keep students, faculty and staff safe and on campus for the semester.Jenkins began the session by announcing the creation of an advisory task force for off-campus undergraduate students to address their needs during this time and to maintain a line of communication between them and the administration.Vice president of University relations Louis Nanni said the task force will be composed of 25 to 30 students from each of the different pods of student housing areas.“Our charge, I believe, is to really try to enhance a sense of belonging and inclusiveness with all of you,” Nanni said.When asked what it will take for students to remain on campus, Jenkins spoke about the cycle of infections. “If we get into a cycle where there’s not just a few infections, but they’re infecting others and we go to the second circle, and the third circle, and the fourth circle,” Jenkins said. “We can’t deal with that; we don’t have the capacity to deal with it, and that would cause us to start online classes or maybe even have to go home.”Jenkins remains optimistic though that students will be able to remain on campus for the rest of the semester.“I believe in the student body — they’re smart, they care about each other, they care about the University,” Jenkins said. “That is our great asset.”According to vice president of student affairs Erin Hoffman Harding, there will be no restrictions for off-campus students coming to campus as students return to in-person classes.She also stated the University plans on requesting students limit gatherings to 10 people for the immediate future. “We’re going to start cautiously,” she said. “It’s the reason we’re starting classes gradually. We are also reopening student organizations and programs gradually so we can all be successful.”As the University recently announced, student, faculty and staff football ticket availability for the coming season, vice president for campus safety and University operations Mike Seamon talked about the administration’s considerations behind this decision.“The idea was to not bring outside visitors to campus,” Seamon said.Students, faculty and staff may park on the stadium lot, and tailgating will not be permitted on campus. Jenkins reiterated how fortunate Notre Dame is to allow the student body in the stadium while the vast majority of other colleges in the ACC are not allowing their students the same opportunity.“I just want to urge you to bring your best selves and cheer, but obey those health precautions so we can continue with the season and continue to have spectators,” Jenkins said.When asked what students should do if they see their peers disregarding safety precautions Hoffman Harding said to look to GreeNDot’s strategy.“If you see something, say something,” Hoffman Harding said. “I know and have certainly seen since we came back this semester how much our students want to be here. If we can all encourage one another wherever we are on campus and just remind ourselves and each other to put on our masks, keep our distance, do our daily health checks, come to surveillance testing. That is really the way that we are all going to be successful in staying here.” Student body president senior Rachel Ingal, who moderated the event, asked if University leadership will consider shortening the time a student remains in quarantine if they do not test positive for COVID-19.Seamon responded and said he does not see the amount of time a student in quarantine who was in close contact with individuals who tested positive to decrease less than seven days. This is only possible because of the infrastructure Notre Dame has in place, including the information from the daily health checks, the contact tracing and the testing center.In addition, Hoffman Harding reminded off-campus students that all community members will be required to get flu shots later in the semester. “That’s another prevention and safety measure that we put in place for campus so that we can make sure to prevent that illness and any confusion that you might see in symptoms between the flu and COVID,” she said.To wrap up the town hall, Jenkins reminded everyone to continue wearing masks, social distancing, completing their daily health checks and showing up to surveillance testing.“You guys work so hard and you want to relax and on weekends you want to take it easy, I get it, but that’s the most risky time,” Jenkins said. “So find ways to relax, find ways to be with your friends that are safe. It doesn’t take much to shut us down for the semester.” Tags: COVID-19, fall 2020, Fr. John Jenkins, off campus students, town halllast_img read more

Chautauqua County Issues Code Blue Warning

first_imgWNY News Now Image.MAYVILLE – Cold temperatures and frigid wind chills have prompted the Chautauqua County Department of Health and Human Services to issue a Code Blue Warning.This warning is triggered when temperatures reach 32 degrees or lower and requires shelter access to anyone in need of assistance.During normal business hours of 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday, people seeking emergency shelter should report to the Department of Health and Human Services offices in Dunkirk or Jamestown where emergency shelter will be arranged.After normal business hours and on weekends and holidays, persons seeking emergency shelter or those who know of someone who is in need of emergency shelter or who is experiencing homelessness should contact the Chautauqua County Sheriff’s Office by dialing 911 and shelter assistance will be provided. Assistance will also be provided by any local law enforcement agency in Chautauqua County.The following agencies are also able to assist with Code Blue placements in Chautauqua County:Brooks Hospital, UPMC Chautauqua Hospital and The Chautauqua County Department of Mental Hygiene;The United Christian Advocacy Network (UCAN) City Mission can be utilized by adult males and is located at 7 West First Street, Jamestown, and may be contacted by calling (716) 488-7480.In addition, the following Chautauqua County warming centers may be open during the following hours and at the following locations. It is strongly encouraged that people seeking warming center assistance contact the site to determine specific hours and closures: Share:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Green Mountain Power announces 2005 earnings

first_imgCOLCHESTER, VT&Green Mountain Power Corporation (NYSE: GMP) today announced 2005 consolidated earnings from continuing operations of $2.09 per share of common stock, diluted, compared with 2004 consolidated earnings from continuing operations of $2.10 per share of common stock, diluted. The Company reported additional earnings of $0.03 and $0.10 per share from discontinued operations in 2005 and 2004, respectively.Increases in operating revenues in 2005 were offset by increases in power supply expenses, other operating expenses, maintenance expenses, depreciation and amortization, and transmission expenses, causing earnings from continuing operations to be essentially unchanged compared with 2004.Retail operating revenues for 2005 increased by $9.6 million compared with the same period in 2004, reflecting the 2005 effects of a 1.9 percent retail rate increase, warmer summer weather, an increase in the number of Company customers, and increased sales of utility services to other utilities and large industrial and commercial customers. These increases were partially offset by recognition in 2004 of $3 million in revenue deferred under our 2003 Rate Plan.Under the Companys 2003 Rate Plan, approved by the Public Service Board in December 2003, rates remained unchanged in 2004 and the Company put into effect retail rate increases of 1.9 percent (generating approximately $4 million in added annual revenues) in January 2005 and 0.9 percent (generating approximately $2 million in added annual revenues) in January 2006, upon the submission of supporting cost of service schedules. The last of these rate increases was implemented effective January 1, 2006. The 2003 Rate Plan also allowed the Company to carry unused deferred revenue totaling approximately $3 million to 2004 and to recognize this revenue to help to achieve its allowed rate of return during 2004.Total retail megawatt hour sales of electricity increased by 1.9 percent in 2005, compared with the same period in 2004. Sales to residential and small commercial and industrial customers increased by 3.0 percent and 2.7 percent, respectively, while sales to large commercial and industrial customers increased by 0.3 percent in 2005. Revenues from the sale of utility services to other utilities and large industrial and commercial customers increased by approximately $4.3 million in 2005, compared with the prior year. Wholesale revenues in 2005 also increased by $5.6 million compared with 2004, reflecting substantially higher wholesale energy prices in 2005.Other operating expenses increased by $5.5 million in 2005, reflecting an increase of $4.3 million in utility services expense. The Companys utility services business is designed to recover some of its administrative and staffing costs from other parties, ultimately reducing costs to customers and improving financial results between rate cases.Power supply expenses increased $6.0 million in 2005 compared with 2004 due to increased costs of market purchases to serve marginal load, increased purchases of power under the contract with Hydro-Quebec, an increase in the cost of power under the power supply contract with Morgan Stanley, and increased costs of transmission line losses and congestion charges allocated within the New England power pool by ISO New England, the regional system operator. Congestion charges represent the cost of delivering energy to customers and reflect energy prices, customer demand, and the availability of transmission and generation resources. The Company paid an average market price of approximately $95 per megawatt hour for system purchases during hours when customer demand exceeded supply during 2005, compared to $57 per megawatt hour in the same period last year, inclusive of the effects of congestion and line losses. Increased hydro production and deliveries under long-term power supply contracts with Hydro-Quebec and Vermont Yankee had a significant dampening effect on the increase in power supply expenses the Company experienced in 2005. The average cost of our power supply resources is substantially below current market prices, said Mr. Dutton. We are pleased that our customers have continued to enjoy significant benefits under our long-term power supply contracts. Unfortunately as these arrangements expire, they must be replaced with higher priced energy resources. We will feel that effect when our contract with Morgan Stanley expires at the end of 2006. The Company expects to file a retail rate case requesting a rate increase estimated at between ten and fifteen percent in 2006, effective for January 1, 2007.Maintenance expenses, depreciation and amortization, and transmission expenses also increased during 2005 compared with 2004. Maintenance expenses increased by $1.5 million, reflecting an increase in transmission and distribution line maintenance and maintenance of our gas turbines. Depreciation and amortization were $1.1 million higher than in the previous year, reflecting increased plant investments and a $539,000 increase in amortization of regulatory assets. Transmission expenses increased by $797,000 during 2005, compared with the prior year, as a result of an increase in charges allocated for system support in New England by ISO New England, increased retail sales of energy and an increase in investments by Vermont Electric Power Company (VELCO), the entity that owns and operates most of the transmission grid in Vermont. The Company owns approximately 30 percent of VELCO.Earnings on discontinued operations for 2005 and 2004 consisted primarily of changes in operating reserves or tax valuation allowances that are considered non-recurring.In other developments, the Companys most recent customer service survey indicated an overall satisfaction rate of 94 percent with contacts with the Company. There is nothing more fundamental to achieving success than providing superior customer service, said Mary Powell, Chief Operating Officer. We made efforts to improve service in a variety of ways this year, including increasing expenditures on line maintenance to shorten outages for customers when severe storms strike, increasing funding for our power partners program to help low-income customers, and expanded deployment of new automated meter reading equipment to reduce estimated readings. We look forward to further improvements in the coming year.Certain statements in this press release may be forward-looking in nature, or forward-looking statements as defined in the United States Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. Actual results may differ from those expressed or implied in forward-looking statements. The forward-looking statement contained in this press release are subject to a number of factors and uncertainties, including regulatory and judicial decisions or legislation, changes in regional market and transmission rules, energy supply and demand and pricing, contractual commitments, availability, terms and use of capital, general economic and business environment, changes in technology, nuclear and environmental issues, industry restructuring and cost recovery (including stranded costs, and weather), and other factors and uncertainties disclosed from time to time in our filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission.Any forward-looking statements in this press release should be evaluated in light of these important factors and uncertainties. The Company disclaims any obligation to update any information in this press release.– 30 — For further information, please contact Dorothy Schnure, Manager of Corporate Communications, at 802-655-8418 or Robert Griffin, Vice President, Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer, at 802-655-8452.last_img read more

Manufacturing Solutions Inc unveils new 92,000-square-foot facility

first_imgManufacturing Solutions Inc,More than 100 people came out on a rainy night last week to attend the Open House at Manufacturing Solutions Inc. The event was the official unveiling of the company’s new 92,000 square foot facility. The move into the larger facility accommodates both growth that the company has seen in the past year and anticipated new business.  According to Hirchak, the company is poised for double-digit growth in the next fiscal year.In his remarks at the event, Garret Hirchak, MSI founder and CEO, was quick to credit his employees and clients for working together toward the vision of keeping jobs and superior manufacturing right here in Vermont.  ‘While many companies are downsizing and moving manufacturing over seas to cut costs, our customers are working with us to find ways to keep that work in the U.S.  That helps the economy of Vermont and of the country.’ MSI employs the ‘Lean Manufacturing’ philosophy and Hirchak believes that’s just part of the reason that MSI is able to be cost-competitive.  ‘Because we can move our workforce between various client projects, MSI absorbs a client’s labor costs as they relate to the ebbs and flows of the production cycle,’ continued Hirchak.MSI offers businesses a wide range of manufacturing services from receiving and storage right through production, packaging and fulfillment. Concept 2 and Blodgett Ovens are just two of MSI’s clients. Manufacturing Solutions Inc. is located in Morrisville, Vermont. is external). Source: Morrisville, VT (September 30, 2010) MSIlast_img read more