Before making any decisions on the site of the idea

1. Locate the theme and style of the website

before making Sheng Qi integrated environmental stove, I must first determine your site’s theme, such as making the enterprise website, personal website, and to culture art website, government military website to distinguish, if the enterprise website into a personal website, it will inevitably make people laugh. When you locate a theme, define the name of the site. The name of the site, but also a part of the production site, and it’s one of the crucial factors, such as the "network learning center" and "network home" is clearly the latter concise, "MIDI paradise" and "MIDI paradise" is clearly the latter clear. In addition, the web site name is easy to remember, distinctive, on the image of the website and promotion also has a great influence. read more

2010 webmaster survival Road — preliminary exploration

from 94 years Chinese formal access to United States of the Internet since the number of geometric level people continuously into the Internet industry in the tide of the day, to some ideal, some for a piece of pure, some money out of the Grand Slam, some people fail in spite of this, there are still in a complete mess. More and more people continue to rush toward to come in, I’m afraid this phenomenon is in the China stock market and the education sector will also appear.

has been the traditional advertising is the basic pillar of crucial most sites of survival, he decided to continue the development of a website or not, after years of development, all kinds of advertising to online, provides a rich profit platform at the same time to the site itself, also benefited a lot; but there are a large part of the credibility of the alliance the inferior back infamy also let this get ad owners together lost money, until now, the domestic advertising alliance has good reputation to a situation, and the degree of difficulty checkout has been far more than a year to pay attention to the kuomintang. read more

General secretary, Prime Minister fan circle opened four days summary of the site


opened only five days, but as of 18:00 on September 12th, according to our website traffic statistics, 75204 people visited the site, the average daily will have nearly 300 new members registered. The most popular forum is "rice Pro report" and the "news" and "text", the former is the fans to complete the registration section, the latter is related to the news Jina Hu wen…… Five days ago, the group also had its own "organization" – a community of assorted rice pudding. read more

How to design website titles and user experience of search engine

              many make friends love directly with the most popular keywords as the name of your site, regardless of their contents are associated with this keyword; in order to seize the so-called long tail traffic, and in every specific content in the title page such a keyword, in order to get more IP from search engines. In order to explain the convenience, flymorn will take a specific case to explain.

you know, since we got a TV set, all kinds of TV shows have become regulars on tv. TV shows attract many people’s interest. The audiences of wonderful TV programs are age, sex and men and women, old and young. Remember before, whenever you see good TV drama, every night on time to watch, if one day down a few episodes, the heart of the itch is not the taste…… But that was a long time ago, and now I rarely watch TV because I don’t have much time to spend. read more

Domain name security, and then alarm bells, how to deal with small and medium-sized

according to A5 webmaster network news, just in the afternoon of June 10th, the new DNS service analysis problems appear, make use of the new network DNS service domain name appeared access failure, web page open appeared unstable situation. In fact, a similar problem is not the first time, whether it is a new network or Xinwanghulian, domain name and other service providers had similar problems, such as comparative analysis for problems of large scale although not frequent, but every time the flow will bring losses to a large number of sites, to normal website operation bring great distress and failure. Including Baidu and Tencent such large web sites have appeared due to the DNS problem of service interruption, thus the risk of domain security issues brought to the site at any time, as a small webmaster in the face of such problems, will be seriously affected, suffered the loss of revenue, users and traffic. read more

n times of nternet, are you sticking with it or giving it up

recent internet turmoil, and a wave of flat waves, the entire Internet shrouded in a haze, the webmaster’s heart has also increased a lot of helplessness and confusion. Many websites have not re opened, do not know the current situation of the network will be worse, there’s a personal website, or continue to adhere to the decision to give up, a lot of people hesitated.


in December, the webmaster circles every day there are explosive news, people could not think will face new problems, the news of the day than a bad mood, the webmaster also day by day anxious and excited. As vulnerable groups, no background, no power, no sufficient funds, the problems encountered can not take the initiative to do stand on the road thorns everywhere, is to continue to struggle, or adjust the direction, to find a more suitable goal for the read more

Classified information network is promising for single city than multi City

after a few years of slumber, classified information network finally broke out in this year, with the first half of several major classification systems strong launch, classified information network has become the new darling of the webmaster, I also homeopathy has launched the Huangshi classified information network has been planned for a long time: But at the same time with the webmaster communication, found that many webmasters are inclined to do the national classification information network, this in my opinion, is definitely a waste of energy, we can discuss together. read more