n times of nternet, are you sticking with it or giving it up

recent internet turmoil, and a wave of flat waves, the entire Internet shrouded in a haze, the webmaster’s heart has also increased a lot of helplessness and confusion. Many websites have not re opened, do not know the current situation of the network will be worse, there’s a personal website, or continue to adhere to the decision to give up, a lot of people hesitated.


in December, the webmaster circles every day there are explosive news, people could not think will face new problems, the news of the day than a bad mood, the webmaster also day by day anxious and excited. As vulnerable groups, no background, no power, no sufficient funds, the problems encountered can not take the initiative to do stand on the road thorns everywhere, is to continue to struggle, or adjust the direction, to find a more suitable goal for the read more

Classified information network is promising for single city than multi City

after a few years of slumber, classified information network finally broke out in this year, with the first half of several major classification systems strong launch, classified information network has become the new darling of the webmaster, I also homeopathy has launched the Huangshi classified information network has been planned for a long time: www.510714.com. But at the same time with the webmaster communication, found that many webmasters are inclined to do the national classification information network, this in my opinion, is definitely a waste of energy, we can discuss together. read more