MoviePass and More Your Guide To Movie Theater Subscriptions

first_img Top Movie and TV Trailers You Might Have Missed This WeekWatch These Movies Before ‘Hustlers’ Stay on target SinemiaThe most direct competitor to MoviePass on here, this one-time California-exclusive movie subscription service has now spread to America, Canada, Turkey, the U.K., and Australia.What You PaySinemia has a wide range of plans depending on how many tickets and perks you want with your subscription. You could pay as low as $5 per month up to $55 per month for individual or discounted family plans. Occasional limited discounts, like during the summer, even drop the price to $4.What You GetSinemia’s cheapest plan gives you one ticket per month with no limits on what theaters you can go to and the ability to buy tickets in advance. Its priciest plans grant three tickets per month including tickets for premium formats like 3D and IMAX.Where You Can WatchLike MoviePass, Sinemia is supported at a wide range of theaters, and you can see for yourself in the app if your local theater is included. Cinemark Movie ClubCinemark isn’t AMC, but it’s still a huge theater chain that can totally pull off having its own movie subscription service.What You PayCinemark Movie Club starts at $9 per month and each new ticket you want costs an additional $9 per month.What You GetAlong with the a la carte ticket pricing, Cinemark Movie Club members get discounts on food, reserved seats, and the ability to rollover unused tickets. However, premium formats aren’t covered.Where You Can WatchLike AMC, Cinemark’s service is limited to Cinemark theaters. That’s great news if you’re in Brazil, where it’s the largest theater chain. But even in America that means you’re looking at nearly 350 locations. For decades movie theaters have tried weird gimmicks to stave off rival forms media. Sure in 1950s you could watch stuff at home on your TV, but only True Cinema could offer experiences like 3D, super-duper widescreen, and whatever else convinced you to pay up for a ticket. And that dynamic really hasn’t changed at all, right down to 3D still being a thing.In a world where there’s seemingly endless content to watch on every screen phone, laptop, and internet-connected TV screen imaginable, movie theaters mainly exist as place for film fans to collectively mourn the form and for everyone else to make sure Twitter doesn’t spoil a Marvel stinger for them. We’re in a new age of theater desperation, so naturally there’s been a rise of a new gimmick to stave it off.Subscriptions are the hot new movie theater trend. Instead of paying Netflix every month to watch overlong TV shows, why not pay the theater or an outside service every month to see whatever current movie you want wherever and whenever you want (to a point). It’s like Spotify or Blue Apron but for freeing yourself from a la carte movie-watching instead of record or grocery stores. And also like Spotify and Blue Apron, the space is becoming increasingly competitive.When you think of movie theater subscriptions, the only name you’ve probably heard of is MoviePass, which pioneered the concept but is perhaps so convenient that it’s actually not profitable. Still, the industry clearly sees this model as the future as there are now multiple movie theater subscription services competing for your monthly tickets. The business, while not yet proven sustainable, has been validated.With competition comes consumer choice, choices you should be informed of before making. So here’s our guide to movie theater subscription services. They make all their real money off the popcorn anyway.MoviePassArguably the most recognized movie subscription service, with a MoviePass card or mobile app you gain access to countless movies at countless theaters.What You PayMoviePass’s two pricing tiers are the $7.95 per month MoviePass and $9.95 per month MoviePass Unlimited. Surge pricing also affects more popular movies.What You GetA base MoviePass subscriptions lets you watch three new movies per month (as well as a three-month trial of iHeartRadio All-Access). MoviePass Unlimited removes the cap and lets you watch as many movies as you’d like. The catch with both though is that you can only watch an individual movie once, a recent concession for actually making money instead of losing millions. So no repeat marathon sessions of Avengers: Infinity War.Also as the company’s money problems continue, random outages for certain popular new releases has become more common. For example, many users were unable to see Mission: Impossible- Fallout over opening weekend. Be aware that, unless MoviePass suddenly starts making ore money than it’s losing, these problems don’t seem to be going away. At a recent all-hands meeting MoviePass CEO Mitch Lowe said subscribers shouldn’t expect to see big movies right away going forward.Where You Can WatchMoviePass works across theaters, big chains and local multiplexes, and it’s up to them whether or not to participate. But MoviePass brags that it is accepted at over 91 percent of theaters nationwide. And you can check in the app if your theater is supported. Alamo Drafthouse Season PassGoing to an Alamo Drafthouse is a curated experience in and of itself. It can be more exciting than watching whatever movie you’re there for. The chain is small, with just 35 locations spread across major cities, but the cinephile fanbase is more than passionate enough to support a monthly subscription service.The Alamo Drafthouse Season Pass hasn’t started yet. In keeping with the company’s bespoke, deliberate nature the Yonkers, NY location will start sending out invites in July 18. So we don’t know what it will cost or include. This won’t rival MoviePass in terms of reach, but it could certainly be cooler. Now if only Alamo Drafthouse would deal with all those damning sexual assault issues.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. AMC Stubs A-ListWhy let third-party services make all the money from movie subscriptions when specific theaters, who already have customer loyalty programs, could just do them in-house? As the largest American theater chain, AMC is uniquely positioned to pull this off.What You PayAMC Stubs A-List is a single, $20 per month plan that includes all the benefits of regular old AMC Stubs.What You GetIn addition to seeing three movies a week in any format (and that’s week, not month), subscribers also get cash back, free and discounted food, and access to priority lanes when the theater is particularly crowded.Where You Can WatchObviously, the AMC subscription only works at AMC theaters. There are over 650 AMC theaters in North America alone, but your choices will be more limited compared to brand-agnostic movie subscription services.last_img read more