No Vardy, no problem for leaders Leicester

first_img By extending their unbeaten run to nine games, Leicester officially knocked Manchester City and Arsenal out of the title race a year after the central England team’s priority was fighting relegation. Fourth-place Arsenal, who have gone 12 years without winning the league, were held 0-0 by Sunderland in yesterday’s other game. It was a valuable point for Sunderland, who climbed out of the relegation zone by going above Norwich on goal difference. “It is frustrating because we play to win the title,” Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger said. Arsenal’s season now rests on holding on to fourth place and qualifying for the Champions League, with Manchester United five points behind in fifth place. United also have an FA Cup final to look forward to. Louis van Gaal’s side discovered yesterday that they will face Crystal Palace on May 21 in a repeat of the 1990 final. In a semi-final overshadowed by Leicester’s game, Palace beat Watford 2-1 with all three goals coming from headers. Yannick Bolasie’s opener was cancelled out by Troy Deeney but Connor Wickham restored Palace’s lead. United also beat Everton 2-1 on Saturday. MAN CITY OUT LONDON (AP): No Jamie Vardy, no problem for Leicester. Even with their top-scorer suspended, the Premier League leaders still overpowered Swansea 4-0 yesterday to move another step closer to collecting the trophy. The only team which can now catch Leicester is Tottenham, but the preseason 5,000-1 outsiders have their destiny in their own hands. Tottenham are eight points behind Leicester in second place going into today’s game against West Bromwich Albion. Regardless of what Tottenham do in their last four games, Leicester will be guaranteed the top flight for the first time in its 132-year history by collecting five points from their remaining three fixtures. Leicester dismantled Swansea with their biggest win in three months. Vardy’s replacement, Leonardo Ulloa, scored twice after Riyad Mahrez’s opener and Marc Albrighton completed the rout. “I talked to my players before the match and I said we had a dream so far, now make a dream reality,” Leicester manager Claudio Ranieri said. “Now is the right moment to push. If Tottenham are better than us, OK, but we have to fight because we will never have this fantastic moment (again). “Now there are only three matches, we know they are very important for our history but for this reason we give everything. We play with our hearts and it’s difficult to beat those who play with the heart and soul.” The attacking threat provided without 22-goal Vardy will have reassured the Foxes they can cope without him for longer. The England striker is waiting to discover from the English Football Association if his one-match ban will be extended over the angry reaction to being sent off in last weekend’s draw against West Ham. “Without Jamie, everyone makes something more and it was a fantastic show to see my players fight and play together,” Ranieri said.last_img read more

Hindcasting the Grand Canyon: Geologist Rejects Dam Breach Theory

first_imgA geologist rejects the idea that an ancient lake spilled and carved Grand Canyon, but maybe he misrepresents the theory.  Besides, how can geologists “hindcast” an unobserved event without philosophical assumptions?“Grand Canyon Carved by Flood? Geologist Says No,” reads a headline on Live Science, but the URL is stronger: “Megaflood debunked as Grand Canyon cause.”  Debunked is a strong word.  It implies permanently laid to rest, or falsified, by a concurrence of geologists.  In the article by reporter Becky Oskin, however, it appears that the debunking is just the opinion of one geologist, Bill Dickinson, an emeritus professor of geology at the University of Arizona in Tucson, who could provide no better explanation.Tracing the history of the Grand Canyon is controversial. The deep gorge exposes a billion years of Earth history in its candy-colored cliffs, but geologists can’t agree when it formed, or exactly how.A long-standing hypothesis by both creationist and secular geologists places a vast lake, called Hopi Lake, to the southeast of the current canyon, proposing that a dam breach carved at least much of the canyon rapidly and catastrophically.  The Painted Desert and other remnants called the Bidahochi Formation would be remnants of the old lake bottom.Dickinson doesn’t believe the dam breach is a valid story, so he said “my main purpose is to dismantle it.”  He argues that the lake would have been too shallow, and that the waters could not have climbed over the Kaibab Upwarp.  This argument, though, overlooks the proponents’ scenario that the upwarp and the dam breach were tied together.  Dickinson and others mentioned in the article additionally argue that there’s no way the lake could have existed for 10-20 million years.  Creation geologists, however, do not need the millions of years, while secular geologists have no agreement on the sequence of events in the region, begging the question that the lake required the time.It would seem hard for Dickinson to triumph over a competing theory when he is admittedly baffled by the origin of the canyon:Knocking down Hopi Lake leaves a major puzzle: What was the course of the Colorado River before the Grand Canyon deepened? Some geologists think the early Colorado River flowed south into the lake….“One of the hardest things to hindcast is to know how big a river you’re looking for in Grand Canyon country,” he said. “What was the river like up in Utah? I hope that if people would just abandon the Hope Lake spillover game, their thoughts would lead them on to worrying about Utah.”Although Dickinson presented a proposal that the ancestral river flowed northwest across northern Arizona, his idea hardly accounts for many features of the canyon, including its crossing the Kaibab plateau.  Oskin implied that no other geologist is likely to come up with a better idea any time soon: “Part of the challenge of solving the Grand Canyon’s history is that so much has changed in the ensuing millions of years: climate was different then, the topography has changed dramatically, and tectonic forces continue to reshape the plateau.”It seems hardly appropriate for Oskin to say the megaflood theory has been “debunked” when all the other theories have just as many or worse problems.  Oskin misrepresented the megaflood theory by assuming the millions of years as part of the story.  It’s the millions of years that are a large part of the problem with competing theories.  This was no debunking; it was rather a story of a man on a mission to discredit competition so he could present his own fallible hindcast. (Visited 114 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

Zimbabwean fathers fight HIV

first_imgA Zimbabwean couple. UNAids hasestimated Zimbabwe’s national HIVprevalence rate at about 15%.(Image: Irin Photo)MEDIA CONTACTS• Unicef Zimbabwe+263 4 703 941+263 4 703 [email protected]• Unicef South Africa+27 12 354 8200+27 12 354 [email protected] ARTICLES• SA’s HIV treatment revamped• Garden of Hope for HIV/Aids• R13m boost for HIV clinic in SAMen in rural Zimbabwe are taking a hands-on approach to pregnancy – and to preventing the transmission of HIV from mother to child.The Unicef-sponsored Male Champions programme is working to get men involved in their partners’ pregnancies in the rural district of Mberengwa, about 300 kilometres outside Zimbabwe’s capital, Harare. The programme uses HIV-positive male caregivers to mobilise men and their partners to undergo HIV testing and access prevention of mother-to-child transmission (PMTCT).“When we first started, most men were not willing to get tested, especially when we sent female caregivers,” said Elijah Mumba, a home caregiver who works out of the Musumi Mission hospital, where the programme is based.“The problem is that because of our socialisation some men may not value advice when it comes from a woman, and that was the reason we decided to use men to talk to other men.”Pregnant women often discover their HIV status when they use voluntary testing and counselling (VCT) services as part of antenatal care, but are usually afraid that they will be blamed for introducing the virus into the relationship if they disclose a positive diagnosis to their partner.Fear of stigma, abuse, and rejection by communities and partners were among the main reasons women shunned PMTCT services, according to a recent report, Missing the Target: Failing Women, Failing Children, by the International Treatment Preparedness Coalition, a global lobby group.Unicef said more than 93% of pregnant women in Zimbabwe attended antenatal clinics, but less than half of those requiring prevention of mother to child transmission services received it. Unicef communications officer Tsitsi Singizi noted that whether a woman accessed PMTCT services might be a man’s decision.“In most communities men are the decision-makers – they decide on whether to disclose HIV status, and they can chase their wives away after disclosure,” Singizi said.“Although they do not ultimately feed the baby, men also decide on the feeding practices – it is crucial that they are included and mobilised for the success of any viable PMTCT programme,” she said.The World Health Organisation recommends that HIV-positive mothers on antiretroviral (ARV) drugs breastfeed their children for up to two months; those not on treatment are encouraged to give their children formula to reduce the chance of HIV transmission. Many women find this difficult because of the stigma attached to bottle feeding, and the cost of formula.UNAids has estimated Zimbabwe’s national HIV prevalence rate at about 15%, with children below the age of 15 years accounting for about 9% of the 1.3-million people living with HIV.Man-to-man, father-to-childIn 2008 Mernat Hove and his wife, Elizabeth, learned they were both HIV-positive. She was the first to discover her status after being tested at the local antenatal clinic. “I was not sure whether or not to tell my husband, so I kept it a secret for about two months,” Elizabeth said.“One day, one of the caregivers, Mercy Marimo, came to check on me and I found the courage to tell her.” Marimo volunteered to speak to Elizabeth’s husband and called on her colleague, Elijah Mumba.When Marimo and Mumba broke the news to Mernat, he stormed out of the house. Elizabeth said, “At first I was angry that she had told my secret to another person, but later on I found out that this was actually to my advantage.”Mumba followed Mernat out of the house. Hours later they came back. “Mernat was looking less furious, and that’s when he accepted to get tested with me. He also tested HIV-positive, but we have been together since then,” Elizabeth said.Mernat said Mumba had explained how important testing and PMTCT services were to his baby, and his desire to protect his unborn child had prompted him to get tested, and to support his wife. The couple now have two healthy, HIV-negative children.The experience has made Mernat consider becoming a male champion. “I have great joy seeing my two children looking healthy like this – if you look at them, you cannot believe that their parents are HIV-positive.”Source: Irin PlusNewslast_img read more

In a crowded field, who is ahead in the autonomous car race?

first_imgIT Trends of the Future That Are Worth Paying A… The race to create the first fully autonomous car has a variety of competitors, from giant automotive firms like General Motors, software conglomerates like Alphabet, to newly minted startups like Chris Urmson’s secretive company.All of them have the end goal of creating some type of self-driving system, able to make it from point A to point B regardless of the conditions on the road. Some want to embed that software into a car, others simply want to license to manufacturers interested.See Also: Get ready for a thermonuclear autonomous ride-hailing warUnsurprisingly, most of the competitors are keeping their progress secretive. Google and Tesla both provide some data on their self-driving programs, but when it comes to how far we are away from full autonomy and driverless taxis, most remain tight lipped.That said, from the press releases and occasional boast from Tesla CEO Elon Musk, we can piece together where some of the automakers and tech firms are in developing a truly autonomous vehicle.To do this, we need to first calculate the strength of tests. Tesla has the most miles of actual road clocked, at 1.3 billion miles, but the vast majority is on highways and the tech is only semi-autonomous. Google has 1.1 billion miles of simulated tests, but only two million miles of real-world tests, however those were in metro areas like Mountain View and Phoenix.Uber has begun fully autonomous tests in Pittsburgh, which are around the same value as Google’s own tests, but it has only clocked a few thousand miles so far. We assume General Motors is in a similar boat, it has tested a few dozen autonomous Chevrolet Bolt cars in California and Michigan, but the firm is not as open with its data as competing tech firms.A lot of carmakers are in the runningFord, which announced its intention to have a self-driving vehicle on the road by 2021, remains tight lipped. BMW is also not providing data, but has Mobileye and Intel, two major players in the self-driving race, to build software and components for the iNext.Other automakers, like Honda, Toyota and Volvo, have started autonomous tests in Europe, North America, and Asia, but like the other two automotive giants, they keep most of their tests and data secret. Apple, the big dark horse, has not even confirmed if the car project is real.“Most car companies and tech companies don’t want to give away how far along they are,” said Nindhi Kalra, a senior information scientist at the Rand Corporation, to Bloomberg.Taking this information into account, it seems likely that Google and Tesla are the closest to building a fully autonomous car. However, Tesla has a fleet of cars already on the road, which we assume can be updated (or customized) to use the self-driving tech. Google, on the other hand, continues to test a small amount of cars on public roads, with a limited vision of how to commercialize the technology.Uber could be another dark horse in the race, due to its wealth of talent working on the self-driving program and dominance in ride-hailing. Most automakers expect a transition from car ownership to car rental or taxi service, as seen by Ford’s plan to launch a ride-hailing app in 2021 in major cities and General Motors’ interest in acquiring Lyft. Break the Mold with Real-World Logistics AI and… 5 Ways IoT can Help to Reduce Automatic Vehicle… Tags:#Apple#autonomous cars#BMW#featured#Ford#General Motors#Google#Self-Driving#Tesla#top#Uber center_img For Self-Driving Systems, Infrastructure and In… Related Posts David Currylast_img read more

Learn a Gruesome Lesson in Horror Makeup From Rick Baker

first_imgGo old school with the Bride of Frankenstein. You’re on your own with the wig.Horror Makeup: How to Create the Monster’s Bride Next, Baker explains how to execute a classic Dia de los Muertos sugar skull look.Horror Makeup: How to Create Day of the Dead Finally, channel your Inner-90s-Goth-Kid and transform yourself into Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas. This one is a little more involved, but it’s still completely doable.Horror Makeup: Sally From The Nightmare Before ChristmasWhat are your favorite Rick Baker creations? What are you going to be for Halloween? Let us know in the comments below!center_img Rick Baker is the most scary-talented special effects artist of all time. With these makeup tutorials, you’ll learn how to take your video project to a creepy new level – or maybe just rule Halloween!Rick Baker might be responsible for your nightmares. He’s created some of the most iconic creatures, creeps, and killer monsters to ever stalk the silver screen — and now you can learn his practical horror makeup techniques for yourself! In the videos below, Baker shows you how to transform an ordinary human into all manner of monsters. Apply these techniques to up the production value of your next video project — or maybe just use them to rule your next Halloween party. First, let’s take a quick look at some of Baker’s most innovative and iconic work.A History of Horrifying Hollywood CreativityRick Baker’s career began on the set of The Exorcist and his professional journey has taken him to the darkest corners of cinema and pop culture. In this very 1980s clip, Baker goes behind the scenes of the legendary transformation from the John Landis classic, An American Werewolf in London. This sequence won Baker the Oscar for Special Effects, an award category that didn’t even exist the year before. He would go on to receive ten more nominations and seven wins.After the success of An American Werewolf in London, Baker was tapped to create the horror makeup special effects for Michael Jackson’s Thriller. The video would put Baker’s work into the mainstream… But, according to an interview with Vice,  the makeup master wasn’t originally certain that the project would be a success.I was really concerned about making up a pop star. I thought, This is going to be difficult, and he’s not going to be a good subject for this. But I was totally wrong. He loved it, [but] it was chaotic, and I had a whole lot of work to do in a very little amount of time. I had to use union makeup artists whom I didn’t really know, and didn’t know what they could do to apply these makeups on the dancers, and I was applying makeup on Michael on the same night, running around the makeup trailers, going, “No, no, no…” And there we were, in Vernon, the meatpacking district, in the middle of the night, and they started doing the “Thriller” dance…Baker’s work in horror will likely define his legacy, but not all of his creations were creepy. In fact, Baker has said on record that one of his favorite creations is downright lovable…  Harry the sasquatch from Harry and the Hendersons.I’m proud of most of the things that I’ve done. One of my favorites though that I just really have the most fond memories of and really think the work is still good, is a film called Harry and the Hendersons. I really loved that character and I think it still holds up. I just read an article about CG stuff and somebody was talking about animatronics and how they didn’t think they could do something better than Harry was in that film – and I did that in the 80s.Today, practical effects appear to be making a comeback, but not enough to keep Baker in the studio; he announced his retirement in March of 2015. Be sure to check out his YouTube channel. He’s got all kinds of behind-the-scenes awesomeness and several how-to tutorials.Horror Makeup Tutorials From the MasterIn 2013, Baker worked with MAC Cosmetics on some video tutorials that explain how to transform your friends into freaks and ghouls. You can use these techniques on your next no-budget horror project or, even better, use them to win $50 at your next Halloween costume contest. First up, a lesson in the living dead.Horror Makeup: How to Create a Zombielast_img read more

Malaika dazzles in a Rs 6-cr bustier

first_imgMalaika Arora Khan is back in the limelight with her risqu number in the film Dabangg. Cashing in on her re-established item queen tag, she was in the Capital for a fashion show by diamond jewellery brand ORRA at the launch of their flagship store.The glamorous fashion show displayed collections of jewellery crafted by ORRA’s design centers in London, New York, Tokyo, Antwerp and Mumbai. ORRA is a part of Rosyblue – one of the largest diamond manufacturing companies in the world.While Carol Gracias, Indrani Dasgupta, Krishna Somani and other international models showcased the jewellery on the runway, Malaika was the showstopper at the event in a dazzling bustier worth a million euros (approximately Rs ix crore) that was crafted from more than five hundred carats of the finest Belgian diamonds.These multi-million dollar “one of a kind” creations have only been seen on lingerie giant Victoria Secret’s runways sported by supermodels such as Heidi Klum, Marissa Miller, Miranda Kerr and Alessandra Ambrosio.Unlike her international counterparts, Malaika’s glittering ensemble was in fact not a bra but a bustier that she wore with a sari.She may be adventurous on screen but off it the lass knows how to flaunt her style without overly offending Indian sensibilities.While most of the models wore cocktail gowns that showed off the jewellery, Malaika’s sari hid most of the glittering bustier. The Bollywood siren might have chosen an Indian ensemble to stay true to her current “munni” image.Commenting on the launch, ORRA CEO Vijay Jain, said: “India is now ready for a whole segment of luxury shopping and ORRA’s diamond boutique offers the customers just that.”advertisementlast_img read more

Residents Welcome Drug Serv Pharmacy at Seaview Gardens Health Centre

first_imgStory Highlights Dr. Christopher Tufton says the intention is to establish 50 of these outlets across the country, “then the hospitals and some of the major health centres would provide the other outlets”. For Sharon Kelly, who has been attending the Seaview Gardens Health Centre every month for the past 10 years, having the pharmacy close by means that she is now able to get her medication within her community, which saves both time and money. Residents of Seaview Gardens in St. Andrew are welcoming the opening of a Drug Serv Pharmacy at the community health centre. Residents of Seaview Gardens in St. Andrew are welcoming the opening of a Drug Serv Pharmacy at the community health centre.The move by the National Health Fund (NHF) allows members of the community and other users to access their medication at the same place where they receive their healthcare.No longer will persons have to travel to Cross Roads or the Kingston Public Hospital (KPH) to get their medication.For Sharon Kelly, who has been attending the Seaview Gardens Health Centre every month for the past 10 years, having the pharmacy close by means that she is now able to get her medication within her community, which saves both time and money.“It was really difficult to have to go all the way downtown to get my medication at KPH, but now that the pharmacy is here, I have time to do other things on clinic days,” she says.Olando Wilson, who is epileptic and has been attending the health centre every two weeks since childhood, says that given his condition, he is happy to no longer have to travel outside of Seaview Gardens for his medication.Chief Executive Officer of the NHF, Everton Anderson, tells JIS News that the agency is working assiduously to fulfil its mandate to consolidate the management of government pharmaceutical services.He says the Fund has found that “many of the primary care facilities are not properly covered as it relates to having reliable pharmacy service, which has been a major focus of the Fund”.He explains that in making the decision to set up the Drug Serv Pharmacy in Seaview Gardens, the NHF team met with members of the community to discuss how they could be better served.“This has led to people staying at the health centre and receiving their medication at their point of care, and experiencing a better pharmacy service,” he says.Mr. Anderson notes that it is the Government’s intention to replicate the model across the country, working not only with NHF-managed pharmacies but also with private facilities.“We recently took over the management of the St. Ann’s Bay Hospital Pharmacy, and we’re looking at expanding into those primary care facilities in that (parish),” he notes.The NHF CEO says the programme will be moving into other parishes, including Manchester and Clarendon.“We want one model that works across the country that incorporates our pharmacies, private pharmacies and appropriate management of our hospitals, to create a really pleasurable pharmacy experience for the patients,” he adds.In the meantime, Minister of Health, Dr. the Hon. Christopher Tufton, tells JIS News that the consolidation will result in increased efficiency, and is one component of the Government’s overall programme to improve pharmaceutical services.The other is linked to the existing public-private partnership, which involves making Government drugs available to public patients at selected private pharmacies.The objective is to expand pharmaceutical care and minimise waiting time for patients.“This is intended to give better coverage, and it will, in turn, reduce waiting time for persons who would have to rely on the hospital pharmacies. So, it’s really an overhaul of the approach to drug distribution by creating one platform to administer, and linking that with some critical private-sector partners to create more windows and more outlets for distribution,” he explains.Dr. Tufton says the intention is to establish 50 of these outlets across the country, “then the hospitals and some of the major health centres would provide the other outlets”.“Our position is that those outlets will significantly reduce the need for long waits and for travelling long distances. After that, we will review and determine if there are any necessary adjustments to be made,” he adds.The objective of the Drug Serv programme is to make high-quality pharmaceuticals readily available, as well as to facilitate improved patient compliance, especially among those who are unable to purchase the medication.Seaview Gardens Health Centre patient, Sharon Kelly, welcomes the opening of the Drug Serv Pharmacy, which has allowed for greater access to her medication.last_img read more

Pau Gasol Raises 24000 For Typhoon Haiyan Victims

first_imgUNICEF Ambassador and National Basketball Association (NBA) star Pau Gasol pledged $1,000 for every point he scored at the Los Angeles Lakers game on Friday, November 22, to support critical U.S. Fund for UNICEF fundraising relief efforts in the aftermath of Super Tyhoon Haiyan.Gasol raised $24,000 for victims of the typhoon.More than five million children have been affected by the emergency. With every day that goes by, children are becoming weaker and more vulnerable not only to disease, but to trafficking, child labor and violence.“Children are in desperate need of clean water, medicine and nutrition supplies,” said Gasol, a two-time NBA Champion with the Los Angeles Lakers. “Having seen UNICEF’s incredible work for children firsthand, I want to support them in making a difference for children and families in the Philippines who have lost everything.”UNICEF’s first priorities are focused on life-saving interventions — getting essential medicines, nutrition supplies, safe water and hygiene supplies to children and families. UNICEF is also preparing to reunite and protect the most vulnerable children who are unaccompanied by adults, and is actively setting up child-friendly spaces where they can learn, play sports, and receive psychosocial support to help restore a sense of normalcy.“We are always so grateful to Pau Gasol for his unwavering commitment to UNICEF,” said Caryl Stern, President and CEO of the U.S. Fund for UNICEF. “The children in the Philippines need our help now, and in the foreseeable future, so it is critical for us to continue to shine a spotlight on their needs.”As a UNICEF Ambassador, Pau Gasol has seen UNICEF programs for children in action in several countries around the world including HIV/AIDS-related projects and education initiatives. He has also witnessed UNICEF’s emergency relief work in the Sahel region of Africa, and programs supporting Syrian refugees in Iraq. Gasol has supported UNICEF’s work on behalf of child survival and development for a decade both in the United States and Spain.The National Basketball Association (NBA) and National Basketball Player’s Association (NBPA) have also teamed up to donate $250,000 to the U.S. Fund for UNICEF in support of UNICEF’s emergency relief efforts in areas of the Philippines ravaged by the devastating typhoon.To make a donation, click here.last_img read more

Emotions run high for performers of Making Treaty 7 in Calgary

first_imgAPTN National NewsThere was a mixture of emotions in Calgary as the cast and crew gathered for a performance of the play “Making Treaty 7.”The theatre production is going ahead despite the deaths of two key players who died in a car crash earlier this year.APTN’s Chris Stewart [email protected]last_img