Game of Thrones director says piracy helps the show

first_imgListen, we know that either you or someone you know pirates television shows in some capacity — either because you missed an episode of Parks and Recreation and your DVR was full, or because you’re boycotting HBO not having a standalone HBO Go subscription and you’re sticking it to the Man. Whatever the case may be, if you pirate one of television’s most popular shows, Game of Thrones, one of its directors understands your plight.At the Perth Writer’s Festival, director David Petrarca said that piracy doesn’t hurt the show, because the show “thrives on cultural buzz.” He meant that it helps the show more if someone pirates it and watches it, than it does if someone doesn’t pirate it and doesn’t watch it at all. It’s a similar notion to when that cool, underground band at a concert says to “buy our album, pirate it, whatever, we just want to be heard.” He also said that shows “survive” on the social commentary generated by the cultural buzz, which is difficult to argue. Would you rather a certain amount of people paying for a thing you made, or would you rather the same amount of people paying for a thing you made, but with even more people than that talking about it? The choice certainly seems easy when put in those terms.HBO’s medieval hit was the most pirated show of last year, reaching just under four million downloads per episode.Petrarca also said that the success of popular TV shows, such as Breaking Bad and Sons of Anarchy, aside from their high quality, is that people can watch them on their own time. Obviously, pirating an MP4 at your convenience and leaving it on your SSD for as long as you want is the easiest way to watch a show whenever you want, but we assume Petrarca was referring to legal streaming services.Whether you’ve been keeping uTorrent warm waiting for season three of Game of Thrones to start, or have been delving into the HBO Go backlog until then, whatever you do, don’t take Petrarca’s words as pass to pirate all the things. He was most likely just making the best of a less-than-ideal situation.last_img read more