Acerbi: “I don’t understand why I can run in a park and not in the sports center”

first_imgFor the footballer, in Formello, where the Roman team coaches, they would be “even safer”. “Frankly, I do not understand the reason for this choice. We respect the government’s instructions and manage as best we can, but since we are lucky to have a great sports center, it is a shame not to be able to use it,” he added. Acerbi believes that the facilities would respect “safety distances” and would not be “against the new decree.” “We are used to moving, it is our job. Adrenaline, competition and goals are part of us, staying at home we suffer a lot, like other people,” he stressed. The midfielder insisted that he does not want “to create controversy, of course” but to find the reason why sports centers, “which are safer than parks, are not.” “If I received an adequate response, I would accept it, because it is the government that decides. Lazio defender Francesco Acerbi said on Tuesday that he did not understand why he could not go training at the club’s sports facilities, but “he could go running in a public park”, and that he had not yet received “an adequate response” to This opinion by the Government of your country, which decided to allow individual activity from May 4, but not that of the teams, which will have to wait until 18. “I am a soccer player, I try to play soccer well and do my duty. I do not want to argue, I speak on behalf of all my colleagues, but I do not understand why I cannot run in the sports center, which respects all safety rules, and I can do it in a public park, “said Acerbi in the club’s official media. The problem is that this answer has not come and we are talking about a legitimate question, “he warned. “No one wants to go against the government, we know and respect a situation that has caused many deaths, we just want to know why we cannot do our job in the best case. Soccer is also an important industry in the country, it moves a lot of money, and it would also have an important social role because it is the most beloved sport, “continued the Italian.last_img read more