Weather Eye Good news for hay strawberries Mild dry weather to continue

first_imgThe place to be is right here in Clark County. Actually most anywhere in Washington and Oregon. The place not to be is in British Columbia, as the jet stream continues to usher weak weather systems across the province with more clouds and showers.So a status quo forecast into the extended period which includes most of next week. Varying amounts of morning low clouds and plenty of afternoon sunshine with highs in the much-desired ’70s.I don’t have any complaints in my mailbox for a change, which is nice. Still no rain on the horizon, which may be good for hay farmers and of course strawberries and backyard gardeners. Temperatures are cool enough at night for sleeping and not really warm enough to have the air conditioner on. The best of two worlds, I think. The ocean beaches will have pleasant afternoons the next few days but a light sweatshirt might be in order for those afternoon north winds. Wednesday I gave a weather talk to a great group of people who offered many good questions. The one topic I didn’t desire to get into was a new discovery that hurricanes with females names tend to be more destructive than those with male names.last_img read more