Can you print from an iPad Yes and heres how

first_imgMore and more there are those of us who would rather walk around with a tablet than a full laptop. Switching from a traditional desktop operating system to a mobile one can cause some frustration, especially when it comes to completing tasks that seem obvious. Take printing, for example. Not every app has a print function, but there are plenty of times where the ability to print would be useful. Fortunately, on the iPad, printing is easier than it seems.Can your app print?First off, you should know that Apple has included the ability to print in most of their apps. Safari browser and Photo, to take two obvious examples, both include the ability to print but the feature hasn’t been made available in every app. To look at it another way, if you want to print an email attachment, you are able to do it from Apple’s mail client, but you may not be able to print from another email app. You will need to make sure the app you are using specifically has the ability to print in order to get the job done.Is your printer connected?If the ability to print has been added to the app you are using, you will find the print command in the Share menu. Tap the Print button (as seen above) and you will be presented with options. It’s important that your printer is connected to the same network as your iPad. This is much easier to do if your printer connects wirelessly, but as long as the iPad and the printer are on the same network then everything will work.Once you hit Print the iPad will populate a list of printers in the Printer Options menu. Select the printer you want to print from, and tap Print.Printers with their own appsSome printers offer special printing features on the iPad that are made available though separate apps. These apps are free, but you’ll need the right printer for it to work.Once manufacturer that does this is HP, who has taken wireless printing one step further and enabled iPads to print from anywhere. As long as you are connected to the internet and your HP printer at home is turned on, the HP ePrint app will allow you to send files across the web to your printer at home.The HP ePrint app will also allow you to do things like to scale print jobs and print on different sizes of paper. If your printer can work on multiple paper types, or if you want to try and fit multiple image onto a single piece of paper, this may come in handy. The native iOS app does a great job of making guesses — if you are printing a photo it will assume you want the photo size — but there are no settings that allow you to configure this yourself.Non-free printing appsThere are other printer apps available that that provide more features than the standard iOS toolset. PrintCentral Pro, for example, is a $10 iPad app that allows you to print everything from shipping labels to PDFs. The app supports more printers than the iPad does by default, and includes Google Cloud Print support.As long as you have a printer that was purchased within the last couple of years, printing from the iPad is really easy, and a terrific feature to have if you are trying to use an iPad as your mobile computing device. So yes, you certainly can print from your iPad.last_img read more