Diablo III exploit allows invincible wizards Updated

first_imgUpdate: It seems like Blizzard is about to roll out a hot fix for this. That accord according to a post made early this morning by a blue post on the Blizzard forum.Who among us wouldn’t like to be an invincible wizard? Just being a wizard isn’t happening in the real world, let alone the invincible part. That just leaves the world of video games to fulfil the fantasy, and if some reports from Diablo III players are to be believed, there is an exploit that can give you just that. With very little effort, your wizard character can become invincible in hardcore mode.For anyone completely unaware of how Diablo III works, the ultimate challenge is to play the story through on hardcore mode. The perils and rewards are greater, but if you die, your character is really dead. That can be a bummer if you’ve poured time into the game for weeks on end. If you can simply makes sure your character is invulnerable, it’s no sweat.Apparently, wizards playing hardcore mode only need to cast a few spells in the right order, and something goes askew, making them invincible. Blizzard hasn’t issued a statement, or even acknowledged that the exploit exists. They are, however, deleting threads in the Blizzard forums discussing the issue.Blizzard likely won’t say anything until a patch has been developed and is ready to push out. Also unknown is the fate of accounts that have taken advantage of the exploit. It’s possible Blizzard will ban, or take other action against players that have used the exploit to their benefit. Blizzard has rolled out an auction system where players can sell items for real money, so having a bunch of wizards scooping up a ton of high-end loot with impunity is a real problem.via Destructoidlast_img read more