Insanely cool stopmotion animation made with a blanket and a few thousand

first_imgIf you are in the mood for some cool stop-motion video then this is your lucky day. In what has to be one of the most labor- intensive videos we’ve featured in a long time, thousands of coins were rearranged thousands of times in order to create the video above. The simulated movement of the coins on a black background look just like an old-school black-and-white video game, at least until they turn into Super Mario Bros. and then faux 3D.The video, which was made by flyingpickles^NinjaMoped, works really well despite the limitations of their chosen materials. An excellent chiptune soundtrack doesn’t hurt either.Bonus: watch until the end for a look behind the scenes at how the video was made. The secret to the accuracy of their coin placement turns out to be a projector shining blue and green squares, which they turn off before taking the frame that goes into the video.via boing-boinglast_img read more