Fifteen Guerrilla Members Escape After Drugging The Commanders

first_imgBy Dialogo February 25, 2009 Bogota, February 24th (EFE).- Fifteen rebels of Colombia’s National ‎Liberation Army ( ELN) have deserted the Colombian guerrilla group after ‎drugging their commanders with a sleep inducing plant , in a camp located in the ‎jungle of Nariño province (southwest), as reported by the fugitives to the local ‎press. ‎ A rebel who identified herself as “Pilar” told the Caracol Radio that they ‎abandoned the National Liberation Army (ELN) the previos week in Barbacoas, a ‎Pacific coastal area located 700 km to the southwest of Bogota. ‎ The woman said she and another rebel who goes by the alias of “Pepe” ‎organized the desertion.‎ The guerrilla member explained that they rubbed the leaves of the plant known ‎as “Dormilona” (Sleepyhead) into the beds of the group’s leaders, and when ‎they were deep asleep, escaped and walked for two days through the jungle, ‎until they surrendered to the Colombian Army Third Division. ‎ ‎”That plant grows in the jungle, and we rubbed it in the commanders’ beds to put ‎them into deep sleep for around eight hours, so that we have a good lead time,” ‎the guerrilla member explained. ‎ The fifteen ELN rebels expect to benefit from the government reintegration ‎program, which offers financial, medical, educational and security assistance to ‎the members of illegal armed groups who surrender to the authorities.‎ According to the government statistics revealed last week, some 50,000 ‎members of paramilitar, right-wing groups and leftist guerrilla organizations have ‎demobilized since 2002.last_img

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