Brazilian Navy Initiates Project to Manufacture Nuclear-Powered Submarine

first_img The ceremony initiating the Brazilian Nuclear-Powered Submarine Project was held on July 6, in the main auditorium of the Navy Technological Center in São Paulo. Attended by the commander of the Brazilian Navy, Admiral Julio Soares de Moura Neto; the Navy’s general director of matériel, Admiral Arthur Pires Ramos; and the general coordinator of the Nuclear-Powered Submarine Development Program, Admiral José Alberto Accioly Fragelli, the event marked an important stage in the program that will develop the first Brazilian nuclear-powered submarine (PROSUB). The Technical Bureau of Projects in São Paulo, which was specially equipped with advanced information-technology resources and a videoconferencing room, seeking to meet the needs of a project of this magnitude, was also inaugurated during the event. The program, which falls within the scope of the contract signed between the Navy and the French company DCNS, except for the nuclear portion of the propulsion system, also encompasses the construction of a dockyard and naval base in the region of Itaguaí (Rio de Janeiro) and four conventional submarines. The benefits for the country include strengthening domestic industry and improving the technical qualifications of Brazilian professionals who will work on PROSUB, ensuring that Brazil will have the capability to develop and build its own submarines in the future, independently. This year, the nuclear component of PROSUB has already taken an important step with the inauguration of the first of four factories belonging to the Uranium Hexafluoride Production Unit and the ARAMAR Nuclear Instruction and Training Center, in Sorocaba (São Paulo), representing mastery of the nuclear fuel cycle by the country. Currently, only five countries – China, the United States, France, England, and Russia – have this technological mastery. With this project, Brazil will join this exclusive list, once the nuclear reactor and propulsion system for the Brazilian nuclear submarine have been developed in the country. By Dialogo July 10, 2012last_img

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