Preservation of Dubrovnik tradition: New uniforms of Dubrovnik trombonists presented

first_img Photo: Anna Serrano Photographer According to tradition, the date of the founding of this historical-military unit dates back to 1417, when they were mentioned as “bombers” or artillerymen as part of the military forces of the Republic of Dubrovnik. At that time, the people of Dubrovnik were known for making “bombard” cannons, while nowadays the Dubrovnik trombonists are named after the trombone, a weapon from which they fire platoons that are associated with firing from cannons. Trombonists participate in all important events in Dubrovnik, but also throughout Lijepa naša. Their most important role is to lead the procession on the feast of the patron saint of the city, St. Blaise, on the third of February, when the day of the city of Dubrovnik is also celebrated.Let us respect ourselves, so that others may respect us. The Society of Dubrovnik Trombonists gathers members from 18 to 80 years of age and all of them pass on the values ​​of the Dubrovnik tradition from generation to generation.As part of the ValamArt program, one of the nine umbrella programs for Valamar’s socially responsible business, the Dubrovnik Trombonists Association received financial support from Valamar, and in 2018 the trombonists will receive new uniforms. We continuously support numerous cultural initiatives and projects, and the main performance of the Dubrovnik trombonists at the Feast of St. Blaise, which is on the UNESCO list of intangible heritage, is certainly one of them, said Valamar.Due to their practicality, trombonists wore uniforms similar to the uniforms of soldiers and hunters for many years, and in 1997 the artist Marin Gozze designed a new uniform solution in accordance with the historical colors and characteristics of the Republic of Dubrovnik. “Today, twenty years later, the time has come to renew our uniforms and with the support of Mr. Gozza we expect an even more beautiful and solemn uniform. The importance of the renewal of uniforms was also recognized by Valamar Riviera, which pays great attention to projects with important cultural significance, and I believe that in 2018 we will perform together in new uniforms.Said Tomislav Macan, president of the Dubrovnik Trombonists.Thus, the celebration of the day of the Dubrovnik trombonists on the day of the patron saint of artillery, St. Barbara, on December 4 was an ideal occasion to complete sketches their new uniforms. Photo: Valamar Riviera Photo: Valamar Rivieralast_img

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