The story of the ban on tyramol in Croatia among the top 5 untruths about the European Union

first_imgYou can read the statement of the European Commission in the attachment. Under the prism of the EU asking us to comply with the laws of the European Union, some cities such as the islands of Mljet and Šolta, Rijeka, Kaštela… have made a ridiculous and insane decision to ban the washing of clothes at home. This year, a lot of media dust has been raised by the insane decision to ban the hanging of laundry on the facades of buildings and houses in some of our cities and municipalities on the coast. Photo: EK Side dish: European Commission / Fact or fiction? The most far-fetched Euromyths of 2019 And this is exactly where the story of the ban on tyramol in Croatia lies, as a deliberate misinterpretation of EU regulations or as untruth. Instead of preserving and nurturing our authentic way and culture of living, we forbid it. Totally against the very essence of tourism and the main motive for travel, where authenticity plays a major role. Photo: European commission However, as it was immediately clear that this is not about harmonization with EU laws, but about a decision based on the law on communal economy means a decision on communal order, it was this decision that the European Commission “laughed” at in its statement. listed the top 5 biggest untruths about the EU this year. last_img

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