Kiwis bombard banned child-porn websites 24 November 2013Experts say New Zealanders seeking child pornography are increasingly demanding younger victims and more violent abuse.“Some people confuse these images as being virtual, but they are real images, they are crime scenes,” said Alan Bell, national director of ECPAT, which is dedicated to ending the commercial sexual exploitation of kids.Last week the world’s two biggest search engines, Google and Microsoft, announced a crackdown on online paedophiles, introducing new search filters and technology to wipe indecent videos.In New Zealand, a bill creating tougher penalties for online child sex abuse trading passed its first reading in Parliament last Thursday.The Department of Internal Affairs has already blocked 34 million attempts within New Zealand to access at least one of 582 child sex abuse sites blocked by government filters since 2010.Although many of these attempts are generated by pop-ups, malicious software and a small group of heavy users, the sheer number was described by one cyber security expert as “mind-boggling”.

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