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but in terms of bone health,” Arjmandi revealed.com Inc. a spider-like robot plunges down from its frame seizes a book on a conveyor belt with its suctioned claws and hurls it into a crate The machine can sort 3600 objects an hour four times as many as a person — just one piece of the robotic technology the company’s developing to automate warehouses China is embracing robotics with the same full-on intensity that’s made it a force in high-speed rail and renewable energy Beijing economic planners view it as a stepping stone to a broader strategic goal: dominating emerging markets for artificial intelligence driver-less vehicles and digitally-connected appliances and homes “China has a great history of being an effective fast follower” said Colin Angle chief executive officer of Bedford Massachusetts-based vacuum and defense robot maker iRobot Corp “The question will be “‘Can they innovate’” Standing in the way are established robotics superpowers like Japan South Korea Germany and the US Yet China has three big advantages–scale growth momentum and money It’s home to the world’s fastest-growing robotics market and vast manufacturing sector where companies are under pressure to automate China overtook Japan in 2013 in unit sales domestically Guangdong province for example announced in 2015 plans to offer 943 billion yuan ($137 billion) in subsidies to about 2000 local companies including both robot makers and those making autos home appliances and construction materials that are looking to automate their plants That creates a big opening for Chinese start-ups “The mantle of leadership is wide open” said Justin Rose a partner and manufacturing expert with Boston Consulting Group in Chicago “China has the ability to rise to prominence” Also Read:‘Robots may help provide social care for elderly’ To get there China has a two-pronged strategy President Xi Jinping’s government wants local industrial robotics makers like E-Deodar Robot Equipment Co, Also Read: Scientists develop a light weight robotic cheetah The goal is near human-less warehouses.

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