Learn a lesson from the failure of Shanghai Longfeng optimization case

2. with

? drainageIn the early stage of

once proud case, today become failure cases. To share, I hope you have a good reference, remember not too hasty operation. Why would cause this. Feed car website, if you still remember, remember that time is a month to push to the home page ranking, and stable for 2 months at home, has now been removed ranked love Shanghai. In many times before finding the operation on the optimization process, but can not find the right reasons, to solve the problem.

site: 5.31 that day, ranking all beyond 100, No. 6.20 and suddenly return to home page 7.8. But after a few days no ranking, ranking become erratic. K is looking for reasons, still did not recover after treatment.

3. content homogenization

, will write the daily flow diversion, flood flow guide, in the short term to rankings and stable, but there was a time not drainage, may cause cheating, let the indirect cause drop right. Stop the drainage, drainage through the few.

In the early stage of

homogenization of this problem has always existed, love Shanghai announced the "love Shanghai" white paper "search engine quality requirements of content quality, browsing experience, access to such problems. But in the quality of the content of the website, designed steam copying each other has no quality of what to say. In these contents, we can provide unique insights of the icing on the cake, different content. After carefully.

Please look at the picture:

1. over operation Friendship Exchange

feed car list

[] to everyone, and everyone for a long time without nagging, these days are in the books the others down, to share with you. My blog seemed to have lost value, in fact, hope everyone can go to practice reading girl! And the optimization is more and more difficult, as the special gas industry, is slowly being homogenized? Today to talk to you about a case! A success from failures has become, but does not prevent us to move on.

, rarely friendship, no matter as long as you and I change the friendship, are willing to accept your friendship, not what requirements, average every day for a friendship. The highest number reached 40 friendship. Then check every 20 friendship, not very good website friendship, reduced to 20.

Shanghai Er do not know how many dragon after a dangerous situation in the hands of the rankings is a happy thing; ranking does not move, the day will be tired; be right down K station, is also a common thing, is just a normal thing. These are enough to let us grow up! So the optimization of hundreds of millions of websites, or like the new owners so confused. Each site is different, different position on K station, etc, is able to find out the real reason of

questioned the reason:

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