Webmaster how to choose the appropriate web server

Select the

server, factors of safety factors are also the owners and friends must be considered, the security system refers to the server maintenance personnel can not 7X24 hours for a full range of computer room monitoring. It is mainly to.

webmaster in daily site maintenance, do not wish to purchase or lease the server problems, because the server belongs to complicated and high load carrying machine, server maintenance is usually better than the treatment of a web site N problem is much more difficult, a little trouble will bring a series of problems, server the maintenance is based on prevention, when a problem occurs, caused by the loss of the user is immeasurable. Stable strong server is crucial to the webmaster, in the choice of the server, but also consider the webmaster page script if you need to change, whether the need to update the application server. Most of the main server is optimized and treated as a server operating system, and some can only be run in an operating system, so the owners choose the server operating system, and also need to consider. And the general brand server has a dedicated server system software of their own, it is necessary to consider the application of standards, supported by the software (including database application) and secure protocol. The second is to support the ability to consider the number of concurrent users of the server, the server can also refer to at the same time allow the number of user connections. The number of concurrent users such as response capability of the parameters and the server can support, the faster the response, it can support more visits per unit time, the user clicks on the response speed will be faster.

The security of

, a hardware configuration serverThe grade of

two, the stability of the server

from the server, the server can be divided into entry-level server, workgroup server, departmental servers, enterprise server. From the application level of view, can be divided into fast processing, mass storage type and low stability. For example, online games, web portal apartment layout large forum, e-commerce and other web sites that require fast processing this type of server should choose fast processing speed. Video movie website, news website and other large data storage capacity, frequent access requirements, like ordinary corporate websites, personal websites less demanding requirements for storage, but the factors of safety and stability is necessary to consider, choose the type of server needs to combine the website attributes and budget as well as various aspects the factors to be considered, and the parameters of the server and compare analysis. From the perspective of hardware configuration, selection of operating system, database, Web server, Web application software, select suitable products according to the factors of site type, site size, budget and prepare the experience from the webmaster webmaster scheme, and server CPU, memory, chipset, I/O bus, I/O, device power supply, chassis and related software, these should be the owners choose to pay close attention to the index server.

The performance of Server three,

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