Love Shanghai, influence to the website ranking algorithm


We know that

is the most primitive matching search engines rely on, and this small search engine is the predecessor of Shanghai love search engine. Listen to the Shanghai dragon predecessors, earlier, especially in the years of Shanghai Longfeng this industry had just begun, as long as the number of your website keywords appear more than others, then your website ranking is certainly the most front.

the original Shanghai dragon promotion is by keyword stuffing this way, so that when Shanghai dragon will be easier than it is today. But not now, now the accumulation of keywords will now be search engine as cheating, why say that today this algorithm? Because one of the important algorithms matching algorithm is now the search engine for screening results.

matching algorithm will also affect your website to participate in one of the ranking factors, the beginning of the prototype matching algorithm is keyword matching, keyword matching degree refers to the same degree of keywords contained in the page content and keyword search, is consistent with the degree of keywords and title or content, matching degree high, more conducive to the keyword ranking.

So if you want to

there are 3 places that need attention:

believes that many webmaster friends like me, sometimes go to Shanghai with Phoenix blog, Shanghai dragon forum or Shanghai dragon related websites (we are collectively referred to as the site), or careful friends will see most of the sites in the head (head) will see a search box, if we to find an article, enter the keyword search through this article, we can quickly find the article we want.

Keywords to appear in the title

search is a small search engine, of course, this is only for the site itself, and the search results are limited to the website database. Then this article through keyword search, why we can get the words related to the result? This is what we want to say today, algorithm.

this is very good understanding, we will give you an example, for example: would you like Hand-Pulled Noodle, you downstairs, see a row of restaurants, then you will see the restaurant sign. See a shop sign "XX restaurant to eat, then go to Hand-Pulled Noodle, here we are talking about signs like your title.

;Keywords in the content

there is one point to note is that we often mention the keyword density, here for everyone to correct a mistake, usually we common people think keyword density is 2%-8%, this.

2. to do

a keyword to obtain a good ranking, the title must appear the keywords, otherwise it is difficult to

In fact, the

1. to do

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