Talk about love in Shanghai know bidding chain is really effective

I hereby give my opinion only. What a good idea to exchange

Summary: >

in the second page I found a link to know, after the point into the domain name does not exist on the page. Now click on the page is certainly the most new, updated, and snapshot is likely the data before, so I know the point to open the link love Shanghai snapshot in view, found the right side of the page love Shanghai know the name for existence.

first I went to domain the domain name:

third: for many people that can use this to know for a lot of the chain. In the author’s opinion, if the love of Shanghai at that time you do know the chain of bidding included data has not been updated, or that you know when bidding advertising has been able to love Shanghai update has been strong. So I think there is the link weight. And once your bidding advertising is not in love, and Shanghai update your snapshot, then you know the bidding chain will disappear after the update. I don’t believe that you know for the site’s influence.

second: from the screenshot above we can see that this is a snapshot of the know the link in August 28, 2010, has not been updated, and now has a world of difference when bidding advertising affirmation and 2010 this page included love Shanghai. But in Shanghai love to the database or keep data in 2010. So domain can also be not at all surprising.

has a friend to ask a question in a network marketing QQ group. Then the group in response to a lot of people also encountered similar problems, many novice friends haven’t met or the question, so Chen read on this issue to share their views, group of friends for you to see a screenshot of the issue:




: first because the relevant domain is included in the love Shanghai algorithm, so it can be domain out of the link should be more or less there will be some help, but this love Shanghai know bidding most of the chain are a large number of hundreds to thousands of.


do not know if you have this problem of entanglements, I struggled with the. For the domain related domain page click go find the entire page does not contain this domain name. Chen then read according to this site the friend to go to study a little.


then these love Shanghai know column right side see bidding advertising information, however, will be the domain command to check, so the chain is not really a

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