Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis in order to optimize the website to unlock the ills of scavenger

: the difference between diagnosis and optimization of Shanghai Longfeng where

Shanghai dragon

optimization, has become a webmaster, Shanghai dragon Er will learn the courseware, is for the search engine rules make optimization to improve website ranking optimization means. The required time is often permanent, including from the website domain name, server and program selection, site structure, industry analysis, competitive analysis and optimization of the process of entry. Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis, at the time of the request just on its opposite, the objective and the optimization process completely consistent: improve website friendliness, make the website more conducive to search engine indexing and ranking. But the difference is Shanghai dragon is the diagnosis in the "site optimization" on the basis of the upgrade service, improve the optimization scheme, do the ills of "scavenger".

what is the Shanghai dragon diagnosis? Shanghai Longfeng community a new synonym, do Shanghai dragon and take the mediocre product optimization. Different from the company hired a Shanghai dragon Er Optimization Website is: with the development of disease diagnosis can be more economical and favorable sites, and put forward some suggestions to make the site to achieve real multiplier of Shanghai Longfeng optimization effect, so as to enhance the site development venation.

on the other hand, in the capital investment is also more cost-effective, in the traditional Shanghai Longfeng optimization, many people will think "do optimization is the chain", therefore, even if the hire is hired outside the chain of Shanghai dragon Er master called. However, not only is the chain website ranking and decided to break the "chain, of which there are many things not known master". Spend money to hire people, is still not ideal place, where the wrong? Later came to realize that, not only for the optimization of Shanghai dragon and the chain, and the scarcity of talent is to enable enterprises to more focus on the recruitment of talented people. However, millions of websites, rare, high level talents are hard to find. Under such a situation will be the birth of the "Shanghai dragon diagnosis", the professionalism of the Shanghai dragon Er to website problem to suggest, eventually, even if not demand special >

why some sites can in the site just a month will be rushed to the keyword page, while some websites even do suffer for half a year is still ranked "half-dead"; why some sites in the site will soon be able to reach the second effect, while other sites delay would not be included, resulting in the original "the main difference"? The reason is attributed, or lack of optimization or optimization. Not all people understand Shanghai dragon, is not all of the people of Shanghai dragon, is a current situation of the development of the Internet, Shanghai dragon talent scarcity has become a major ills hinder website development. The search engine page never only a handful of the number of ten fingers, and the network development change rapidly, fast one step and it is not just the time is more development opportunities, and business opportunities. Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis (贵族宝贝 Shanghai dragon.Admin5贵族宝贝) understand you more, is more advantageous means stationmaster or enterprise beyond competitors.

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