The site has been K for 360 search engine optimization experience



two: data as the number of the root and the optimization of the K network station, have been wandering, but I was very sensitive to the data, perhaps many webmaster of data is not so concerned, in fact, every day I will query analysis included, spiders crawl, crawl, the number of friendship connection, the chain, visit PV IP UV the data, so a lot of people will say trouble, actually when you really understand your website data, you can know the website the most accurate, so it is easy to optimize the website, at least know where the direction of the site where the weakness.

two: to become the ranking of the spring, before relying on other search rankings, when is K, I still insist on, perhaps in a certain period of time if I give up this station, it must not have the rankings, do webmaster, especially our grassroots, a site may be a part-time and for their own hobbies, I want to do a good site, will become the ranking of the spring to.

website has been ranked for 4 years has been very stable, the weight of 5, traffic is at about IP 1W, remember that in April 20th of this year, suddenly overnight, no, at that time no traffic included herself that she cheated, but I am on time every day to update the content, also did not affect the friendship connection, including other reasons I also find that can find their own is the cause of the K, has been thought too will recover for a week, which know the 1 week of January and February website still did not restore the mood, perhaps only brothers do stand a chance to understand it, occasionally in the A5 Adsense group, see some friends discuss the 360 search, and fifty percent of all traffic from 360, I saw these figures and gas confidence, so continue to understand the 360 search engine principle, pay attention to what, to meet Nearly 2 months, the site slowly some traffic, because it is a 4 year old station, traffic second months from 360 to 1W IP, here I will analyze some practical experience of 360 search optimization.

: optimization of the content as we all know, 360 search engine development relatively late, from the technical aspects below certain things, so he needs to be more content, search engine is the content of Web site is available on the site, this is their book, I always adhere to the content is king, the site location the type of content to do fine, and to make the search engine more attention to you, in fact, many people are complaining that their websites every day and spend the most time in the piece, in fact for my own website, every day spent most time in the content, because the content well, novel, full, professional. And the search engine will not abandon you in a short time, because he needs you.

(source from the 360 source search website, 87.98%)

(the data flow today screenshots, love Shanghai Statistics)


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