Some from the love of Shanghai site changes in perceived

second, site attribute value is 1, what is the coagulation, feel site value is 1 or is included greatly reduced, this is a reason to follow, in fact it according to my own understanding of what? We want to love Shanghai prawn Lee said, site will change, but will not affect the ranking change, what is the ranking change? "And related changes in the ranking is a ranking, all in the site, not only is the home page, so these are not affected, so what is affected? Certainly those who did not rank", which is why most of our small page site is 1 reasons, because the other pages are not the normal competitive rankings and flow, and there is only one page, there exists a competition may be, it is what we usually must. Of the ranking of the homepage to exist; and those of site decreased greatly after I observed my hands of the station, traffic are no big changes, I think, if the page is big change, then have a certain influence on the flow, if there is no effect but again change, then certainly influence those who are unable to compete this page, and there may be part of the page, the page quality is not high, it was se that the page cannot be normal in ranking competition, so there is this phenomenon.

remember that paragraph.

love Shanghai said, I want to update a period of time, site changes after a love Shanghai update site: your site appears after the other web page, and then again after adjustment, there was another kind of phenomenon, the site property is greatly reduced, after many friends website site display only 1, which is what kind of phenomenon? Then coagulation themselves in accordance with their own ideas to write this view.


site after that period, the other website rather baffling pages, in fact I think this phenomenon causes; and after the late site appeared a few pages, he also thought of another; the first analysis of the first site, other web pages, this time after site your station is in the first place (if not in the first place, down right?), then there will be other sites, so here, remember in the key word of correlation, the correlation of "the most high, which directly overwhelmed after the site of your own web page, so it caused this alternative. Remember that time is checked, this phenomenon problem.


love Shanghai as a search engine, then the site attribute for included amount (the most accurate should be love Shanghai count), and the site after most of the small business station (that is, we usually optimization of those) have become site 1 phenomenon, so the interpretation of what is? After the site there are a lot of strange pages, what is

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