Shanghai Longfeng optimization how to send the chain


Three, the value of

this is when many Shanghai dragon ER chain’s fatal weakness, no matter what the forum he go to the chain, a medical website ran a Shanghai dragon forum released outside the chain, I really want to know more about the chain usefui that? Do you think that people go to Shanghai the dragon and the forum came to see you medical information? So when we release the chain, for their many useful places to release the chain. It will have the effect.

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, not being loved in Shanghai included the chain is the chain of


we do Shanghai Longfeng chain, tend to ignore the problem, don’t click on the chain is no effect, love Shanghai has always stressed that the user experience, if you publish the garbage outside the chain, no one click, then love Shanghai will bring you the chain as the chain treatment very good? Of course not, love Shanghai will naturally put you outside of the chain as the chain of garbage treatment.


see algorithm 2 after the upgrade of many Shanghai Green Dragon ER for the chain are terrible, even many foreign friends chain are strange, but I personally feel that the hair of the chain is necessary, it can promote our website, and can guide the search engine to our website, even if the love Shanghai official issued a notice the crackdown on spam advertising, but now there are still many people who ventured to the hair of the chain, the reason is the chain still has effect on the Shanghai dragon. We want to do in Shanghai Longfeng optimization how to send the chain before, we first consider the two

many friends to see this problem will think the chain is not included is certainly invalid, then I can only say that you do so long Shanghai Longfeng, understanding of Shanghai dragon is too shallow. We can love Shanghai Webmaster Tools query about your web site outside of the chain, a lot of the chain is not included, but was to grab love Shanghai webmaster tools, means that the chain is not included in the love of Shanghai is the chain effectively.

we analyzed the understanding of more than two foreign primary chain, then we talk about, do Shanghai Longfeng optimization how to send the chain

is not two, click on the chain is the chain of


chain need to have extensive trust you we are very clear, not all day in a forum to send the chain, it would only be a thankless, we can in many places to release the chain, for example: forums, blogs, bookmarks, and so on, know the classification of information platform.

we do in Shanghai Longfeng chain, often in the random insertion of a keyword and then add links, do you think you are outside of the chain to the user’s worth? Do you think the keywords of the anchor text links users to click? If a very good article, bottom please enter the website with more certain view, this time.

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