The use of statistics to understand the love of Shanghai health website keyword

love Shanghai statistical tools is the webmaster friends familiar, in which there is a special tool for monitoring the key ranking, we focus to keyword ranking, we can according to the stage of the keyword ranking situation gets a set of curves (host defined as "comment keywords curve"), according to the curve we can see the website keyword more profound health, can get more information to help us improve keyword rankings, so as to achieve the purpose of increasing site traffic.

this keyword curve up and down significantly, the examples given below is a competitive curve, but not obvious. These keywords are often accompanied by a lot of love Shanghai promotion competition. Good understanding for a page, then in the beginning we will locate its good keyword is rarely modified, this is the search engine is not friendly. Why is the key changes will be so obvious, we know that the search engine for the key reaction is how many there will be some delay, so fluctuations only in such a short time is affected by the interference of non self factors, that is accompanied by a large number of competitors. The opponent decides the ups and downs of their ups and downs. We have a good attitude to this kind of words, is one of the most fundamental attitude of arrogance.

. A stable curve


below, the keyword ranking is more stable, which belongs to the category of natural keyword keyword, the keyword is the name of the site and its related degree is extremely high, so from the beginning to have a high ranking, with some of the conventional optimization work, can be kept in a very high position, this kind of key words health is high, at the same time, is also one of our website traffic guarantee.

below, the key stage curve has obvious characteristics, initially did not have to ranking, ranking, even though prices have dropped, but the magnitude is not large, the overall trend is still keep rising, we call this kind of key curve for growth curve. This keyword is very important, a good growth trend is bound to upgrade to stability in the near future, become a new source of site traffic. But note that the growth keyword is fragile, we need to maintain the existing optimization methods, avoid surge, reduction of violence, not any good catalysis may lead to bad consequences. For these keywords, we should take good care of.


four. Penalty >

The growth curve of

today host comment for the webmaster friends introduced several curve. Keyword ranking time selection from 8.1 to 10.10.

three. Competition curve



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