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graduated from the University in Shanghai Longfeng this line, fortunately just Shanghai dragon contact optimization is Xiaofeng lottery sites such as sensitive industries. The reason I say that is because the optimization of the lottery website such as medical industry because of the special nature of the industry, to the nickname they hang in the optimization of the road, basically dangerous. Do I believe the lottery website optimization compatriots have this feeling. I consider that if the lottery site can be optimized, so the other type of website is what I can’t control it.

today’s welfare. All know the contact of the lottery industry, many lottery station content of the construction of the original is false even copy other people’s content, the content of the website is similar, so this lottery website love Shanghai spider crawling your contents. The content refers to high quality original content, the content is to a website can bring benefits.

2 original content and high quality has a great role in promoting the lottery website pages included. I do website construction included Xiaofeng lottery problem is I have been worried about the problem, the lottery website built there more than a month, or a dozen sites included, spiders only visit the home page, the inside pages crawled less. After analyzing the data the key reason is the lack of original content.

1, high quality can attract a large number of spider crawling, the search engine itself to high quality original content and external links ranking weight is very high. High quality content is search engine love, this is the advantage of the lottery website as can be imagined. The development of the Internet era, the arrival of information explosion, also let the information into the age of scarcity. Original content is more valuable, this is love the search engine.

The original content of

is the content of high quality good webmaster know, only the original article and writing difficulty let most people choose the pseudo original or copy of the content. I’m doing Xiaofeng lottery site 贵族宝贝 content construction will not be to the original, only part of the original, other content can be pseudo original or reference family resources. Because Xiaofeng lottery website is a medium-sized site, update quantity in more than 100, so the content of how to carry out the original, so much time.

3, original content is important for the construction of the chain to lay a foundation, the high quality of the construction of the chain is also the focus of the website optimization. But I will be with my family Xiaofeng lottery website links, even after the payment of money in exchange for stationmaster, people do not do such a deal, my super discrimination lottery website, no way website not included, no weight, no traffic, can be said to be three. If the original do well, so that people can from the site of the long run, will link to a substantive content website >

Original content to share my experience from the optimization of Xiaofeng lottery site with peers and friends under the high quality

with high quality can bring what welfare lottery website,

The original content of

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