A few suggestions need to pay attention in website construction

website Links set of inappropriate will show the influence of "speed, recommend friendship connection settings when the only text Links, because Links will not affect the text page speed. Then make a separate page, all Links are placed in the middle of the page, and the page link to this page. If the home page needs to be placed Links words, to put it in the following pages.

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3. a lot of enterprises at present when the construction site using a Table station, some people in order to put the entire page page beautiful fish in a big Table, and then td to split into blocks. In fact, if using this method, the page display speed will be very slow, because the Table is needed to get it all done loading content can be displayed. Therefore, we should put content pieces, put some pattern in the same Table.

2. as far as possible the use of static HTML pages

if you want to insert the ad code in the front page of the site, you can use the iframe, does not affect the page loading speed.

page of the space is small, our web browsing speed will be faster. The page so I suggest you do not use too much, too much flash and JS code. Some simple page will be more loved by everyone.

8. web space

4. PHP file access to.Js reference

1. page slim

6. "counter is the basis for providing access to the owners and advertising business, but if you don’t want to let the page counter code affect your site access speed, it is recommended that you put the following code statistics on the website, it is best to set up a separate div or table.

7. Links set

site construction will encounter many problems, the author introduce the need to pay attention to several places in the construction site.

if you need to embed dynamic data in your website’s static HTML page, these dynamic data is provided by PHP, ASP and other procedures, it is recommended that everyone in this program will generate dynamic data into a.Js file, it will not cost the resource of the server to access the web will speed up many.

5. iframe nested in another page

The use of

PHP, ASP, JSP can make a website showing "dynamic" state, but this kind of program will consume some server resources, if there are many such programs on your server, then page in your site will naturally not fast speed. Relatively speaking, using a static HTML page is more concise, therefore suggest that friends using static HTML pages.

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