Et stop on the part of the advertising noticeLiu Chang talk about how to use SNS to do Taobao custom

below, talk about using SNS as Taobao guest

Pyramid arranged to make more money, property owners advertising alliance is for others to do the wedding dress, advertising alliance 80% is e-commerce provider advertising. Therefore, advertising alliance webmaster is in the

League address:

yoka network advertising has been suspended!
    hello! YOKA network advertising has been suspended, please pay attention to the webmaster, if there is any problem, please contact customer service: :183288818 319035197

fax pass window has been suspended!

fourth is brand advertising

For example,

is the lowest threshold off the traditional owners to enter the e-commerce, because there is no traditional owners set up E-business Department of their own, a home network is the best example of www.yijia. a day in advertising are tens of thousands of, major navigation network has an advertisement "Taobao crown shop"

is the advertising alliance, the top

this is a MM webmaster invited guests, she worked at the A5 station network, a rural girl, do not know a network of outsiders, but on the Internet a month to spend hundreds of thousands of advertising, what one does not understand, but very willing to learn in the girl. A few teachers under the guidance of, also a monthly income of million. A no site, but with SNS do Taobao customers also have a lot of money, and today she put her profit model to you webmaster, hope to help everyone.

of service industry

fashion women website, I suggest, the head of SNS opens a new plate "Taobao crown 100" the buyer is a shopping guide value, rookie buyers are love collection "Taobao crown 100" of this page. In addition, Taobao also useful ebook customers, such as "Taobao crown jewel" shopping guide, occupy the desktop in addition, because obesity and other health qualities of up to 50% Commission, also can do such as "3 days" energy-saving way to lose weight, Amoy promotion out. Losing weight is a hot topic, ha ha, and it’s an eternal theme. Green slimming, selling 10000 pieces a month, the concept of packaging products, profits, gray money

to do the wedding dress for the electronic commerce businessTaobao

in fact, for the network to make money, my understanding is this, that is, the network is also a different level of money.

three is the e-commerce

everybody stationmaster:  
    everybody is good! Since the world is about to suspend the registration of advertising data, as of today, please pay attention to the webmaster, if there is any problem, please contact customer service: :183288818 319035197

only to prove that he is profitable, you can double the copy, cast the navigation station, for ordinary webmaster should do at least one like a guest navigation page that http://s.huangguan.yijia/huangguan/index.html? Unid=110507 is equivalent to one of its own e-commerce sector.

everybody stationmaster:  
    everybody is good! Fax pass popups have been suspended, please pay attention to the webmaster, if there are problems, please contact customer service: :183288818 319035197

, let me explain,

two is e-commerce, second layer

free world registered advertising to be suspended, data as of today, please pay attention to the webmaster!

I think Wangzhuan is divided into four levels;

more information as in the League:
to join Admin5 alliance channel, please contact the
if you are a Union Commissioner, please give me the latest information feedback, we in the first time to report to you. Feedback ,


is just a integration of the Taobao sellers, buyers of the value of collection, because Taobao sellers are too much, shopping guide version of hao123, is also a train of thought.

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