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user contact surface is big, not easy to skip, but similar to traditional TV advertising form, easy to make users feel

subscription class video site

ad form


in fact, Alibaba cooperation for the industry has not yet launched the site, but launched its own four industry sub station, the chemical network impressively. At the same time at the beginning of May was "the Alibaba has submitted a listing application to the HKEx, the plan will be listed under the B2B business in Hongkong, financing $1 billion." The news, of course, was confirmed at the end of 7.

P2P streaming media site

is mainly for video playback before the buffer stage patch ads or kakari advertising.

video content types do not necessarily help advertisers brand

charge mode




Remember at the beginning of third.


 :     from the type of broadband websites today, the main form of advertising can be divided into the following categories of


calculates the advertising price based on the length of the ad channel.


simple video advertising form "


P2P technology,

distribution technology,

application enterprise

      Sheng listed and launched a round of market offensive, let the small and medium-sized industry websites have seen new opportunities, and Alibaba’s attitude has never been so modest, before the "one" approach also is undergoing subtle changes, "and began to follow the net to peer a win-win situation".

    06 years, known as the network broadband first year, during the year, the major companies in the terminal have pushed spare no effort to do flow, at the same time, also in efforts to find its own direction of profit. Although it seems to have always been of little effect, learning from observation can also serve as a reference to the long quest for the future.

calculates advertising prices at CPM thousands of people’s costs

      development of Chinese Internet advertising revenue, supporting power did not, from sina to Sohu, the major site of 50% business income depends on the BANNER advertising text, pictures, into the broadband era, with the emergence of a large number of video advertising form, form more began to appear in a more intuitive form of video and sound. But from the development of this year, the profit model is advertising network broadband website is one of the few reality of profit model, but the development is not good, for each big website, just have a proven business income, but also can not support the normal operation of their own.

Ma Yun has been a high-profile person, also love to put some cannon, the competitors and industry colleagues have been using the overbearing offensive strategy, always have a B2B a little pressure of their predecessors from the limelight, but tens of millions of losses so that the predecessors spoke a little "back pain". Fortunately, at the beginning of 2007 out of a dark horse: the end of 2006 Hi2000 in the Shenzhen SME board listed for trading. Although the annual profit of less than 30 million, but as the domestic A share market, the first "pure blood" network stocks, its investors fanatical pursuit. Media focus. So, this dark horse Benz speed more and more quickly, the B2B integrated electronic commerce and industry site began to set off waves of "tornado", will "promote running" to "fire".

broadband site

mainly for the live Festival, the current patch ads and insert ads in the program. Similar forms of traditional TV advertising.

June 28th, Sun Deliang announced on the industry website investment and development forum, will be from the technology, content, management and capital four levels to achieve cooperation in the industry website.

industry website alliance "Roundtable held, Hi2000 has said publicly, will rely on its" alliance website – business "and" small portal + alliance "mode of operation, from the national industry site selection of 100 partners, to build a leading website similar to 100" Chinese chemical industry ".

advertising close to the needs of the audience, the arrival rate is high, the purpose of strong.


advantages and disadvantages

, that is to say, Alibaba began to actively cooperate with the industry Web site, olive branch is in the case of Sun Deliang constantly attack, passive response.

in the subscriber’s program channel content in the form of patch advertising,

popcorn, Youku and other

video sharing website

reportedly was sent into the Alibaba in each meeting, delegates on the table in a small piece of paper, said: in the next few months, the Alibaba will with excellent industry website launched a comprehensive in-depth cooperation".

traditional CDN distribution

P2P technology,

array tornado for Alibaba began to think of low attitude, from the "Yiqijuechen" thought of "win-win cooperation", also let Ma Yun have a new understanding of the impact on each peer and small industry website possible. And interestingly, Sheng and Alibaba, Tran and Ma are in Hangzhou this piece of treasure Feng Shui, also the core Chinese industry website Zhejiang rally.

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