Two hours a day on the nternet, ask for help!Zhang Xu, Wang Xing accused Ali and the United States

first you may ask two questions:

every day?

, two to

, you can earn much money? What is the principle of


2, within 3 km, began to build our own kitchen, future restaurant, new catering division

1. you can earn much money? What is the principle of

1, in 3 km constantly improve businesses, including catering businesses, convenience stores, merchants, fruit shops, fresh stores, pharmacies;

please keep your highly centralized spirit, this is you must not miss an opportunity to make money! This idea will tell you how to use mass software, easy to earn 300 yuan, the creative practice is feasible, please read, will benefit from. This station is absolutely not short of creativity, a lead free and open creative principle, spectators can first understand the feasibility of creative. If you feel feasible, then pay in operation.



core value is very important: the entrepreneurial process of you is not around your core competencies? You are not in the core competence of long-term investment? The core ability is strong enough, with good ductility, so the value is more diversified. To diversify and make no sense, we do not think that tourism, takeaway, including movies, have a strong synergy, and there is no relation between their respective core competencies. We don’t think such diversification is of great benefit. The company’s position is to provide users with services, but it can not do any service.

Earn 300 yuan

3, the product is not enough, you must also have a display of products > place

now, hungry, the whole system is divided into 4 major business units: trading platform, division, logistics division, the new retail division, the new catering division. To sum up, we have only one thing to do with the core of these big blocks: Make, Everything, 30.


1, creative principle: the use of bulk software, sales group software and website. Sounds a bit awkward, but this is the core point of this idea, but also a magic weapon. In the network, the most important promotion, no promotion, gold is waste, with the promotion and flow, what products online can be turned into cash, the creative first solve the core problem: promotion, make Wangzhuan Wangzhuan a foundation. The station includes now popular online forum: bulk software bulk software, mass, mass mailing, supply and demand information group, the blog group, Ali Wangwang group,

diversified around core development

in June 23rd, Niu Wenwen’s "serious vertical laboratory" went into Shanghai and was hungry. Hungry? Founder Zhang Xuhao lectures for lab students. He talked about the "future restaurant" and "new retail" thinking, think the mode of the company "can more from the bottom of the transformation to enhance the value of the consumer."".

?Earn 300 yuan

a word: Ling Rui joined marketing technology, also has a website and software like us, your software sales and development agency profits, simply said: is a copy of the station to make money.

1, first in the network to do business, you have to learn to promote, which is the premise of the premise, no promotion of nothingness. There are many promotion way compared with mass software, the effect is significant, and low cost. Good mass software, may one day bring you tens of thousands of flow is possible.

, 2 to

extends service around 3 kilometers

in the past, we positioned ourselves as a takeaway platform, but later felt that the platform is not only catering – our non catering categories grew very fast, last December accounted for 8-10%. However, if these can enhance core capabilities, we can do it; if it is only for realisation, we will not do it. Serious vertical, must be around their core competencies, extended out of diversity.

why is it so tired? Because it doesn’t have very strong network synergy, and every 3 kilometers are independent. Doing well in this 3 kilometer doesn’t mean doing well in that 3 kilometer. So how do we optimize the three km,

is hungry? The value of offering is the connection between the user and the merchant. It is because of the essential difference between us and Taobao and the Jingdong is delivered within 30 minutes, so we focus on a user within 3 kilometers around the business to do, put the two together, and then realize the real-time on-site service capillary logistics.

, 2 creative reward: investment of 209 yuan, day to earn 300 guaranteed. More money? Nonsense, there is no free lunch, do not invest in things, only picking up trash. A wise man is worth considering investment, rather than whether or not investment. You can ask the investment of 209, can get what? Answer: like the station website program + ALL + + data bulk software Wangzhuan domain + + Ling Rui technology life space marketing agency qualification, so you Wangzhuan conditions made a website, there is a mass mailing software, and even master Wangzhuan Wangzhuan tutorial, the three is indispensable.

every day?For you below:

2, the promotion is not enough, you need to have a product. Products can be divided into two kinds of physical and virtual. The real product purchase, delivery of trouble, not suitable for most part-time people. The virtual product has a lot of advantages, it can be lucrative, unlimited reproduction, buy once, can sell tens of thousands of times, then he does not purchase, delivery.

someone will ask us whether we want to do a group purchase or POS, which has nothing to do with us. Our core is the fastest speed for consumers to get the product. Logistics, warehousing, offline retail channels are our core, but also we will focus entirely on things.

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