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amateur Wangzhuan enthusiasts, is in addition to work every day to do their job, taking the time to surf the Internet and do some of that part of the crowd can make money on the Internet project.

can be divided into two categories: one is the amateur Wangzhuan enthusiasts active; one is lazy. The former have high enthusiasm to Wangzhuan, and more time on the Internet, and there are many returns; while the latter is a little time in Wangzhuan crowd, they may just play it, and no passion, what almost no income.

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amateur people pay in Wangzhuan in less time, get in return is less, although cannot become a direct proportion, but in practice that Wangzhuan to earn more money must pay more, of course, the higher the skill and experience is also very important. A lot of Wangzhuan master are from the beginning of an amateur, just contact to Wangzhuan Wangzhuan sciolistic, get information through some Wangzhuan site, then select a part to do, and can benefit from the experience, slowly after a period of time will be familiar with the knowledge of the master part Wangzhuan. Skills and experience, also more money, then they will slowly come out from the amateur, and then to the development of professional aspects, many webmaster Wangzhuan return figurines is such an instance.

      related products for a website or website, first we operators to use personally, and for the development of new products are not on the line before the trial operation of personnel is very important, try here, just one by one according to application of customary procedures, more important is reverse thinking operators, a trial for different applications. Some habits need reverse thinking people test trial. This is only a Microsoft to do the best, every new product on the line before, for many housewives for trial, asking for their opinions, although most companies or individuals are not up to the conditions like Microsoft do, but in the mind must be clear.

Wangzhuan is risky, it depends on whether you can survive and develop in trouble, ask some advanced experience and skills, and more to do, step by step, to withstand pressure, stick to it, you will be successful one day! Believe yourself!

is the choice of part-time or full-time do Wangzhuan? It depends on your own interest, if you don’t have much time in Wangzhuan did what the passion for it, then you can spare time to play their own entertainment; if you want to make money and have a passion for it, then you can try pay more in Wangzhuan in it as a full-time to do.

      operators involved in a lot of knowledge, including software, databases, search engines, website layout, marketing, economic management and other aspects of knowledge and wisdom. So here, I hope you can understand and look at the broader perspective, rather than just keyword selection, link building as the core assessment of the operator. Of course, keyword selection is a sentiment between wisdom, such as ticket booking, ticket booking, you say customers will enter what to search it? This is a high probability event or small probability of choice, for a keyword ranking, will bring the actual conversion rate; while the link building is to get the ranking of the foundation, good link building will get good rankings. But still that sentence, ask your website first, there is no reason to rank first, of course, promotion, sponsorship except. Here, no matter what you misunderstood the operator, but from my point of view:

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      as a web site operators, how to make efficient and flexible operation, not only reflected in the error correction level, but more important is to analyse and solve the problems of development strategy and strategy, the following is my summary of some personal site operators:

amateur enthusiasts are generally higher during the day, night to have some time on the Internet, after all, less of their time, so it is for amateur Wangzhuan for you, they just put me as a hobby, a kind of interest! Can say is a kind of entertainment, some people are not without money it is, to do it as a hobby, some people like college students is not the same, they mainly want to get some money to zero in Wangzhuan in general this part of the crowd are more active and active degree is very high, so there is much time on the Internet, I need money reason.

      repeated testing of the site’s own architecture, code, layout and so on, the test results often contain a part of the user experience, so operators must write down their feelings.

      the project in the development process, there are problems, do not be afraid, when the test staff to test reports come up, we should try to transform themselves. It might be a minor operation to make the code more standardized; to make the link more reasonable; to make the keyword more directional. It may also be a major operation to make navigation more reasonable, to make the layout more scientific and to make the architecture more artistic. All this requires the participation of operators.

first explained that this article is not my original, and on the basis of the original, I joined the years of operational experience summary. If you have any questions, just leave a message to my BLOG.

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