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Author: Lin Jun, CITIC publishing house & blue lion writers, served as the first IT Chinese website Yesky founder and chief editor. Current mobile Internet vertical media Lei Feng network CEO. I once had "boiling fifteen years – Chinese Internet 1995-2009".

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shows the first two: 1, Lu Liang and Tan Yongquan, and 2, Fang Xingdong, the first scholar in the internet. Today’s content is the middle of three: 3, from blog China to blog network; 4, early business partners come; 5, dream city project enlarged internal friction. Check out blogs and another $one billion lesson (


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from blog China to blog

July 19, 2005, blog China held a grand "flag ceremony" at the China Millennium Monument in Beijing, announced renamed ( and released a new corporate logo. Attended the ceremony with the State Council Information Office, network bureau, the relevant person in charge. However, the most eye-catching is the founder of Fang Xingdong Chinese blog, this is a tall, handsome face, full of go, eyes firm, alone always thoughtful conversations with people is always smiling the reds.

at the meeting, Fang Xingdong claimed that the blog will frame the world’s first "blog portal" basic framework, directly challenge sina. In Fang Xingdong’s view, the blog will be a massive grassroots movement in the history of the Internet. His blog will become China’s largest gateway in a short period of time.

Fang Xingdong started up on the elite blog, 5 minutes a day to refuel ideas, deep into many early blog, the heart of early Chinese readers, blog, China is also because of its elite consciousness.

due to spare no effort to promote the blog in the Chinese even air plant, its industrialization, Fang Xingdong is called the father of China blog; correspondingly, there is a person called the mother of Chinese blog, this person is Mu Zimei.

Mu Zimei, the real name Li Li, has been widely watched for telling his own sexual experience for 3 months on his blog. At this time Mu Zimei of Guangzhou a magazine editor, her first position is not Fang Xingdong’s blog Chinese, but by Fang Xingdong after the success of instigation.

before the Mu Zimei incident, blog China has gradually been on the right track, browsing steady rise, every 3 months will double. The first half of 2003, Fang Xingdong, a business trip to Guangzhou, dinner, this time just from Beijing to help Ding Lei as editor in chief of the NetEase, Fang Xingdong’s old friend Li Xueling asked him if he knew Chinese was the most famous blog is who, apart from me there are others? "Fang Xingdong said half jokingly half seriously. It is also the first time I heard the dinner, takes the name of Mu Zimei, but.

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