Do a good job in local brand construction and deal with the independent operation of Baidu Talent Ne

local talent network is currently the main way of life or rely on Baidu ranking, Baidu ranking every day to traffic accounted for more than 80% of all local talent network, users search habits are using search engines to enter web service. However, a piece of news recently seen in the A5 webmaster network let talent website long circle raged: "Baidu recruitment in August will operate independently of executives from the three recruitment sites", Baidu’s own force talent market, will affect the number of personnel for the benefit.

now, as long as the search XX talent network class of keywords in Baidu, Baidu will promote the website homepage promotion out of talent network, some customers have split the invisible, but once upon a time the operational point of view, Baidu does not seem to be talent network as an independent product development, however, the latest news shows Baidu will continue to force, Baidu will get rapid development of talent website. Then, how should the local talent websites survive on Baidu?


1: do a good job of promoting local brands under the line

is a website to rely on Baidu, only shows that the brand is not enough good, did not form a strong influence in the minds of users, for the rise in response to the Baidu talent network, we should do the thing for its own line of operations, enhance brand awareness. This method is an effective means of ground attack, mainly in the following way:

1: local job fair

local recruitment is the most can show their own strength, and one of the most influential, qualified talent network can be held by local recruitment will form a fixed customer groups, and through the line support line method, to obtain the user’s highly recognized.

2: all kinds of ad attacks,

Compared to Baidu

talent network, our biggest advantage is the localization, front is short, we can through the issuance of leaflets, organizing activities, advertising and other local website promotion form, the brand firmly implanted in the user heart.

3: strengthen sales, seize customer

sales is the key talent network success, as the two or three city talent network, in the "big three", Baidu also did not take into account the energy situation, to strengthen the sales, and make the customer maintenance, build good customer relations.

two: work with other sites to train users to get used to

is leaving the search engine, the ultimate aim is to allow customers to directly enter the URL to access the site, we can through the cooperation with the local community, portal, classified information website, let these viscous high site to support talent network, talent network as one of the service content of the site, to allow customers to enter the talent network the website, and gradually develop the habit of using the user directly enter the url.

three: do a good job in trademark protection

all over the talent network through the "XX talent network"

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