Website interpretation Pinterest falls after the flow of what

waterfall flow is very popular now, a variety of domestic websites are, let people have the feeling of a waterfall. But how do you feel about the waterfall if you simply stand at the user’s point of view? Do you think it’s amazing? I asked a lot of users, but we don’t feel that way. People just think, from the surface, compared to the previous picture site, waterfall flow is just browsing convenient, only after playing for some time, have a kind of unclear attraction. Professionals interpret differently, and most of them believe that the waterfall stream itself is just a page layout, and that it’s basically in the interest map. So, let’s try to analyze what the map of interest is hidden behind the falls.

flows back from the falls back to the source

, we can start with the waterfall stream of the presentation layer and push it to its source:


first of all, the outermost layer is the waterfall stream itself. It is a page layout composed of a variety of pictures;

on this basis, we take a step back and look at the source of the map. The picture in the waterfall stream is uploaded by the user or collected on the network. These pictures are what they like.

takes a step back, and the picture is edited and aggregated by the user’s own theme, that is, the sketchpad, album)

finally, we found that these topics, the user’s own interest, that is, the so-called interest graph, is manifested in various topics, the user is through the interest graph to find resonance, establish contact.

What is the user motivation of


so, the core of Pinterest’s website is in interest, which seems to have no objection. But the point is, what’s this hobby? What is it? Why is it suddenly liked by so many people and


here we may need to know an English word: motivation. In general, we translate it into motivation, and there are a lot of books in psychology that call it motivation. In psychology, Motivation refers to the psychological state and willingness to be satisfied by specific needs, and to satisfy these needs. It is the prelude to behavior. In order to better understand motivation, psychologists always classify them to make us understand them more clearly. One of the most basic categories of motivation is the division of intrinsic motivation (intrinsic, motivation) and extrinsic motivation (extrinsic, motivation).

intrinsic motivation refers to the inner need of the person, but the external motivation is the opposite. Simply put, a child, when he works hard for love and interest, is an intrinsic motivation at work, and when he is just getting high marks for exams, this is >

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