Starting a business is not a matter of small business, not a small one, not a small one

because they are grassroots entrepreneurs, and often encounter many grassroots entrepreneurs, and many are female grassroots entrepreneurs, often encountered female grassroots entrepreneurs, hearts are very impressed with them.

today, MSN is a friend to give me information, we say money online networks account particularly good, and she said her colleagues are in use, after listening, I am particularly pleased that this friend is on the weekend, we engage in the activities of the foreign community in Pudong, interviews with our "new" messimvrini smell the reporter. Before the Southern Metropolis Daily reporter, Internet Weekly reporter many media reporters to interview me, in my persuasion, we have become a member of the money online.

also today has a women’s grassroots entrepreneurs, is in Fujian, she decided to make clothing sales platform similar to PPG mode, every entrepreneur is not very perfect, she is the same, the website promotion and operation, she is not good, so she asked me "ODA, you teach me a few strokes, my website what is a good way to promote it?" my answer is simple "adhere to the forum every day." She was very surprised and asked "is such a simple way? Can have the effect?" in fact her surprise is very normal, to meet someone about how the site promotion problem, my answer, always make them disappointed, because all I said is known, and is also the most simple and the way to save money, but is the hard way, that is the forum.

make money online has been more than 2 years, how money online develops? Is developed by post, the post is not a day for two days, but every day. One week post, many people can do, adhere to 2 years post is probably not many people insist on, and is a development site for 2 years has not been profitable? So the enthusiasm will slowly disappear, not even adhere to 2 years post. Therefore, entrepreneurs do not do things small, not for the benefit of small and not for.

Many people think that

website to develop, or propaganda method by a particularly creative, or is a very good product, many people have this misunderstanding, I always start in the hope of innovation method unique, I later found that grassroots entrepreneurs, no money, to people no one, no resources of resources, to experience no experience, ability to have ability, so grassroots entrepreneurs to succeed always adhere to the practical method to do one thing, do not hope and opportunity and opportunistic. So we have been using the money online publicity is the most stupid way, that is the forum.

many people would ask me "I am posting in the forum, but not what effect, you have what better propaganda methods?" to communicate with these grassroots entrepreneurs, I know, although they go to the forum post, but not always hold on, just by the moment of passion to do things hair, for 2 weeks, did not feel what effect will give up. The posting method is the most stupid, the most laborious and time-consuming, but >

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