Personal webmaster how to better communication experience

network development for decades, our webmaster contribution is indelible, now, is still a force China grassroots webmaster of the Internet, our webmaster always innovation in the network. This success is not behind closed doors, but through the exchange of experience you.

, how do we personally communicate with each other,


first of all, if we do the station is a local site, whether you do talent website or classified information network, I suggest you do the analysis of the local site, find a generation in the website and let the webmaster, want to get the contact their way, and they try to exchange, whether local exchange links the station or to the party in the face of conversation. If you want to do the local station, you have to talk to other webmaster and listen to their experience, which can be a good reference.

also, we can find some representative webmaster forums on the Internet or sharing experience through some of the site’s webmaster propaganda, we can find some very idea webmaster, can teach them to learn some good methods.

above these, grassroots webmaster we can do, but may be a lot of reasons, do very little. The following phenomena often appear:

is the first local webmaster feel heart, although we all say Ao a few days to do a local station, that station of its own operations and through publicity for several months can be done locally first, encountered some obstacles when they don’t find other webmasters talk talk did not mention this topic, if people visit mode so, the idea is very good, if you do not mention this topic, to do the same local website and your people still exist, if they don’t do the same, people would expect to do. Local stations are universal, do not think you do talent or classified information website is very new ideas, only when standing up, difficult to raise together, exchange, improve each other is the most important.

there is a website to live on their own, many webmaster are still doing the local enterprise website construction and optimization of SEO may live, when doing business owners and other local conflicts, peers against each other to suppress the common failure. Recently I have seen on the Internet, in fact, don’t have to do this, the local market is very large, do not think that two is a peer your adversary is afraid, if you think so, always do not, because a lot of Chinese, competition will be greater, there are always people to grab your market, if you do not exchange of experience, improve, you finally not be defeated, but you.

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