Liu Yu included how to build enterprise brand through network promotion

do you agree that the marketing competition in the era of marketing is for brand competition?


major enterprises attach importance to the importance of brand development of the company, because the brand gradually into the ordinary life — to buy sportswear, Adidas, Nike; OLAY, to buy cosmetics, beauty pill; to buy cola, Pepsi, coca; even to buy meat, gongs, shuanghui. Brand has been everywhere, however, Chinese enterprises, especially small and medium-sized enterprises, want to establish their own brand has been very difficult, it is difficult to start enterprise brand. For enterprise brand, not only the brand under the cable, but also the network brand is more and more important. For SMEs with limited financial strength. Huge advertising costs, traditional TV Newspaper channel, brand is basically unrealistic thing, but by the characteristics of the network, spread through the network with low cost and high efficiency, to take the lead from the network to establish brand awareness is our own practical means, and many pioneers have tasted the sweetness.

The arrival of the era of

network will undoubtedly bring more business opportunities to enterprises. However, it also brings a lot of confusion: the Internet can promote the corporate brand? How can we use the Internet to establish a corporate brand? How to establish corporate brand promotion on the Internet? How to maintain? Here, Liu Yu will introduce how to build the enterprise brand in the network:

first, establish the brand theory system of the enterprise itself. In the promotion process, Liu Yu found that, for many small and medium enterprises, especially in the manufacturing oriented enterprises, there is no own brand theory system, there is no own corporate culture. Business owners simply believe that a registered trademark is equal to the brand of an enterprise. The usual business activities are mainly based on production and sales, lack of exploration of their own advantages, and product sales point, summed up the advantages. The same is true of many agencies. In the modern market competition, the product homogenization is extremely serious. Plainly speaking, everything is the same. In the final analysis, it is the competition of the brand, the competition of public praise and reputation. If you are not aware of this, so people have to start my own brand, your own way of business is to the end point, lost development space, not to extract bigger and stronger.

two, enterprise website is the base of network promotion. No matter how powerful the soul is, it also needs the support of the carrier. Only in this way can we exert more power. The current network environment is concerned. Although the state has strengthened some necessary supervision, it is still free and open in general. Have a completely own enterprise website, for those who want to set up network brand enterprises, is the first step must be done. This is your base and base. Although there are many online integrated business exchange platform. However, for the promotion of enterprise network users, to understand the point is: the better platform is also a template routines carved out of things. There are always limitations. Difficult to meet enterprise personalization >

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