have some experience with local recruitment websites

currently around IP1000, monthly turnover of about 60 thousand, for reference only

with the development of the domestic economy and the severe employment situation, the network recruitment, development is very rapid, the domestic well-known three recruitment sites nationwide, a second tier city also has jobcn and myjob dominate the local market, in addition to the fair, 58 free recruitment and job search platform. Many people find it meaningless to do local recruitment websites again. But I think that the three words "to Zhou Hongwei’s Micro innovation, and enables the local recruitment site.

station, registration procedures, staff and so on, here is not to say, now that in this piece of the Red Sea near the market, how to make your website, especially the recruitment website has achieved great popularity, talent shows itself, get more traffic, after all is to get more income.

is the first promotion, different from the online SEO, and also different from everyone said post, exchange links (of course, these are important, but also have to do, but here not to mention), pay to do Baidu promotion. A lot of people say you are crazy, I myself do not have a few money, but also pay to Baidu… I have had this idea, but with Baidu cooperation, just know, the power of Baidu is not in fact the general big. Business can make you feel so deep that you can say there’s a 80% chance that at least 3 times the benefits will be returned. You go to post, promotion, SEO, a new station, at least a month before you can bear fruit. If you really want to do big, you want to rent an office, you have to recruit employees, a month’s losses enough to do Baidu promotion. I don’t know where else, we open account here, 6000600 to Baidu, and the rest to keywords. It should be noted here, keywords, you can’t talk to major web competition, after all, people are rich and famous, what you are not, therefore, the keywords you want to locate two units in your area, such as Beijing’s location to Dongcheng District, Hangzhou set up under the city, county level city located to the county-level city; in addition to your keywords in the position, function and position more in mind, do not need too short, this can be a lot of reference anjuke, otherwise do also is white, because every corner is now 58, Zhaopin business has been gradually covered the streets, counties and towns, one can not miss.

secondly, talking about budget and configuration, I don’t think a person can hold up a recruitment website. You have to recruit people. No money? Then you should give up. Do recruitment website, want to do, want to make known locally, I to calculate several important budget, not the money I suggest or don’t do it. Take the push nets for 6 months, 6000 (cost: the server is a little better, (6000) the bandwidth can be enough), the office of the 9000 (not too much), staff wages (3 X6 months x2000/ months), office furniture miscellaneous, that is to say you should prepare at least about 50 thousand RMB. The best 100 thousand. Give yourself a budget, and what if you don’t invest?

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