Fai Fai how does a change in the page bring in 40% of sales growth

This is often the case with

, where minor changes on the site result in dramatic changes in conversion rates. Two different websites slogan, the conversion rate is several times, the picture position from left to right, may also make the conversion rate immediately increased by several percent.

buy advertising brought clicks and sales on the website which most? How the best advertising wording? From which search engine traffic the highest conversion rate? How do the best home slogan of different pictures? What is the effect on the conversion rate of


all of these can be measured accurately by technical means in real time. Find the most efficient combination in the test, and your input will not be wasted on low conversion traffic and site elements.

What does



flow experiment

is mainly based on traffic analysis and conversion monitoring for traffic experiments.

made some changes in their control, such as advertising text, text, forum signature different advertising websites, and then select the highest conversion rate monitoring results, the website advertising, select the highest efficiency keywords do PPC, select the conversion rate of advertising text or banner advertising design is the highest, the highest conversion rate of the selected forums and social networking sites…… Before investing in mass advertising, small scale advertising experiments should be done — several different versions of the text are available on several websites. Many websites are willing to offer free or at a very low price for one or two day ad positions or thousands to tens of thousands of traffic. You can find the best combination when you test it several times.

website experiment

if you have your own website, you can do more detailed experiments. You never know what customers think when you don’t do experiments. Don’t assume that you don’t believe yourself. Just look at the actual numbers.

1. long text help transform, or short text? Some products are suitable for long text, all of the questions of the user’s mind; some products the text is too long, the user have no time to read, as the concise version.

logo 2. companies in different locations, the impact on user behavior and conversion rate?

What is the effect of text on the

3. button on the conversion rate? Writing in "shopping cart", or "buy at once" or "submit" is one thing, but the conversion rate may vary by several times.

4. different page title or slogan, what is the impact on the conversion rate? "Jinqiu big hot", "the 30 percent off", or "summer poop sale"


5. price how many? 20 yuan, or 19.97, or 19.95, or 19.7? The price has little effect on the single product profit, but may cause the sales conversion rate makes a world of difference, the total sales revenue of major changes.

What effect does the

6. picture have on sales?

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