Frog’s essay the year of the year

yesterday afternoon to attend the end of the hundred days after the meeting of law enforcement network, should be mutual Xu Zongzhi invited to visit his office space, chat, was found. The original is Internet veteran, has experienced 10 years of vicissitudes of life, still don’t give up his dream of the internet. Trance, drifting across the year of Xu Wei……

that year, how many years has passed between the years,


I was dragged into the Internet by my wife, which is universally acknowledged in the circle. That evening the dinner show to his girlfriend when introducing me to mocking said: "frog, zhaochafa website vice president Guo sister husband" have nothing to say, it seems that in the world of the Internet, everyone is so positioned. Is it just because I’m stepping into the Internet hall after my wife,


2006, I still work at an advertising company, part-time to help his wife take care to take care of program for local website, for website operation, for those struggling in the dream and the survival edge of the local site, or hold a table under the stands of mind, I still feel it is just an amateur for some help the program, who constantly challenge themselves and the webmaster, is far away from me. In November, enthusiastic initiative to do a show to Inner Mongolia webmaster general assembly, when I was still very curious, the Inner Mongolia underdeveloped areas, can take a number of stationmaster? Later from the same as one of the organizers of the wife, see the registration of participants website list, looking at a fresh name, I can vaguely see name one behind the eternal flame and the ideal, the impression is that there are many more than 50 websites are industry or regional station station, and novels, film downloads, video station is rarely in its tracks. And this characteristic has been running through several webmaster conferences.

2007, public spirited activities wife launched webmaster webmaster brothers on the outing to plant trees, this event is very support and investment, sign up to the extent beyond my imagination, my wife ordered me to attend without demur, wading activities inside, to help her to take care of. Also from this time, I began wading to Inner Mongolia, the Internet this circle, began to zero distance observation of these nearby webmaster. On the Internet, looking at a unique site; in the event, looking at a scramble for planting work of the webmaster, in one site and webmaster location; sit together to eat, just listen to the Internet every webmaster trip, at that moment, only to find that no matter where, net where these stationmaster is true to life impulse of human reality, perhaps the net, ID is far away from us very misty; but once be restored, is also a happy dream of you and I have bitter colleagues, for their own dreams, change oneself in the future and are willing to sacrifice themselves to pay. Such people have real existence with you by my side.

network is really amazing, can be realistic people are very virtual, virtual into a forum of each ID, virtual into QQ, NSN in a shaking head, but it is because of this >

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