2010 webmaster survival Road — preliminary exploration

from 94 years Chinese formal access to United States of the Internet since the number of geometric level people continuously into the Internet industry in the tide of the day, to some ideal, some for a piece of pure, some money out of the Grand Slam, some people fail in spite of this, there are still in a complete mess. More and more people continue to rush toward to come in, I’m afraid this phenomenon is in the China stock market and the education sector will also appear.

has been the traditional advertising is the basic pillar of crucial most sites of survival, he decided to continue the development of a website or not, after years of development, all kinds of advertising to online, provides a rich profit platform at the same time to the site itself, also benefited a lot; but there are a large part of the credibility of the alliance the inferior back infamy also let this get ad owners together lost money, until now, the domestic advertising alliance has good reputation to a situation, and the degree of difficulty checkout has been far more than a year to pay attention to the kuomintang.

with traditional advertising forces gradually shrink, mind the most active group began a clever Internet industry test – that is the plug-in trading areas, in order to maximize the benefits of taking the plug-in of every hue online, need to find web sites or other types of flow to the promotion of their plug-in, so, by maximization of common interests under the plug-in industry after the development in recent years has been gradually forming, and because the cooperation between the two sides are basically private or individual, so check out the high frequency, small profits, the risk will become the biggest advantage of this industry field.

is now the webmaster website, constantly updated IE plug-ins, and other words that the green bag is this industry, we have the opportunity to find out if you are a liberal also don’t want to be single profit environmental constraints of the love of friends then trading new in order to be different, but perhaps the most suitable for your plug-in.

if you are interested in the discussion, welcome to the younger brother’s Q8076205, well, write so much, do not like friends, do not shoot ha.

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