General secretary, Prime Minister fan circle opened four days summary of the site


opened only five days, but as of 18:00 on September 12th, according to our website traffic statistics, 75204 people visited the site, the average daily will have nearly 300 new members registered. The most popular forum is "rice Pro report" and the "news" and "text", the former is the fans to complete the registration section, the latter is related to the news Jina Hu wen…… Five days ago, the group also had its own "organization" – a community of assorted rice pudding.


visits the number 70 thousand, look at a number of big, but the real number of registered members? As of today, 23 points, only more than 21929 members, I always ask myself: why is there such a big gap? Do a successful website stick to their dreams, and this let yourself feel successful. To borrow the Mid Autumn Festival holiday on their website and carefully analyzed.


1  domain name first our domain name is CN domain name, domain name meaning: love baby love is surging, Chinese national domain name, I have not found the friendliness of search engine China national domain name and international domain name, but many owners are not willing to choose the national domain and the international domain name, but also our management team suggestions to upgrade the international domain name, but I can not register, was registered.

I chose the 5d6d

2 forum free forum, is a two level domain name, 5d6d is a subsidiary of a forum for this sub forum, I think we all know that development is not very good, there is no independent website space, not to backup data is temporarily unable to open the virtual host.

Do not have their own server

3 server, he is equivalent to depend on others, many things that can’t be purchased immediately resolved, this is a weakness of the webmasters. But the source of funding is a very serious problem.

4 filing is indeed passed, but the record number is in Hunan, the record number in Hunan, there are many users believe that my site is definitely a false. Therefore, the record number will also exist such a problem. Not very representative. There is also a problem, the adoption of the web site on the legitimate Oh,

5 the beginning to find the community did not think, but it finds some, I believe that the vast majority of users of the general secretary and Premier Wen’s government very good impression, the community has a great space for development. However, this position is still very vague and unclear.

6 had been in doing GG advertising and mother advertising, but since the popularity soared, out of the question, GG and her mother stopped my account, so I was very nervous, more silent.

7 managing my website has always had a problem with the standard of the article, because our website involves a very sensitive >

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