Domain name security, and then alarm bells, how to deal with small and medium-sized

according to A5 webmaster network news, just in the afternoon of June 10th, the new DNS service analysis problems appear, make use of the new network DNS service domain name appeared access failure, web page open appeared unstable situation. In fact, a similar problem is not the first time, whether it is a new network or Xinwanghulian, domain name and other service providers had similar problems, such as comparative analysis for problems of large scale although not frequent, but every time the flow will bring losses to a large number of sites, to normal website operation bring great distress and failure. Including Baidu and Tencent such large web sites have appeared due to the DNS problem of service interruption, thus the risk of domain security issues brought to the site at any time, as a small webmaster in the face of such problems, will be seriously affected, suffered the loss of revenue, users and traffic.

as the domain of the user, the small owners cannot predict what time may encounter similar events, but we can do is to take precautions, early prevention, make contingency plans, when faced with this unexpected situation quickly launched the emergency plan, to reduce the impact and may cause damage to the minimum. Combined with the current domestic use and management of domain names, I suggest that the webmaster can do preventive measures from the following aspects:

first, do the domain name security emergency plan, ready alternative DNS

often, most of the webmaster will choose after the registration domain name, use the DNS service provided by the Registrar, one is accustomed to, and secondly, many webmaster also bother to modify DNS toss. In fact, with the rapid development of free DNS service at present, has provided many choices for our webmaster, DNS change the site is also very simple, effective quickly, and not many people think so complex. In order to deal with the similar domain name security crisis, in the usual process of doing stand, owners should be ready for an alternative domain, such as the famous DNS free service provided by DNSPOD service, after creating the account and DNS records, making it temporarily does not take effect in the event of a similar attack DNS Registrar resolution is not normal, it can resolve the domain name service provider DNSPOD modify the free and better quality of service providers, to avoid the threat and loss problem brought to the site.

second, daily attention to the use of domain names, timely detection of problems,

whether the site or domain name, it is impossible to keep down the state, to ensure excellent after all outstanding space service providers and domain name service provider rate is only about 99%, so this will give us the webmaster should always pay attention to prevention of potential risks. For the website, the normal operation time only as far as possible to maintain the site, allowing users to minimize downtime to encounter sites to avoid the loss of customers. So, in everyday, you have to do a good job of website running and domain >

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