nfluence of Title Length on Shanghai Longfeng effect

title is one of the most important factors in Shanghai Longfeng, after taking over a project, whether novice or Daniel, will take the title as the optimization object. The reason is:

theory and algorithm, the search engine is so processing. Shanghai Shanghai dragon is Chinese love word into "love Shanghai" and "Shanghai dragon", whether the former or the latter, before I in the company’s blog wrote an article "how to improve the keywords ranking of search engine and keyword weight" of the article, explain how search engines give the weight of the word segmentation and. In this case, the love of Shanghai is a noun, while the Shanghai dragon is a verb, that is to say, the true intentions of the user should be looking for "the love of Shanghai search engine optimization". read more

Large sites have the ability of Shanghai dragon you have

Shanghai Longfeng

in fact about Shanghai Longfeng basic skills, all the practitioners especially Shanghai Longfeng enterprises in Shanghai Longfeng friends all know, such as layout, label, within the chain, the chain that is not to say. These basic skills are needed, the most important point is that these things must be their own combat here, rather than simply heard from the internet. This is a very important point

long Enterprise Station of Shanghai Longfeng practitioners are generally not too large to control site. Because of the work of Shanghai Longfeng large portal, information, business website needs to do more detailed and complex, so the strategy! Shanghai Longfeng practitioners requirements is to grasp more comprehensive skills! Then include the need to master the ability of those we say one?. read more

A few suggestions need to pay attention in website construction

website Links set of inappropriate will show the influence of "speed, recommend friendship connection settings when the only text Links, because Links will not affect the text page speed. Then make a separate page, all Links are placed in the middle of the page, and the page link to this page. If the home page needs to be placed Links words, to put it in the following pages.

The Although The

3. a lot of enterprises at present when the construction site using a Table station, some people in order to put the entire page page beautiful fish in a big Table, and then td to split into blocks. In fact, if using this method, the page display speed will be very slow, because the Table is needed to get it all done loading content can be displayed. Therefore, we should put content pieces, put some pattern in the same Table. read more

Chinese advertising alliance will have three offshlf1314 advertising Wangzhuan really already past t

      the first hurdle: reputation. Reputation is known, it must be a life and death line of enterprises, workshops, alliances, or enterprise alliances, etc., are aware of the importance of these two words. I am a small station, the flow rose faster, also like to hang a few formal window, earn a few small money, ask how much pop rate, answer three or four into. I am confused, not to say that super pop code, YAHOO XP2 can be solved, can only play this, do the user has installed iron bastions? Isn’t that a slap in the face? Or, and some customer service chat, simply come to our alliance, never amount, and the result of a day count, 30% less than? Angry curse, ask the customer service, with you how to scold him, never speak again. read more

How to achieve breakthrough guest promotion incomenternet entrepreneurs do not forget the core comp

became an agriculture, I lost my core competitiveness.


I have been reluctant to admit the fact that if you are from the countryside, I think you can understand my idea.


in February, I made a domestic brand boutique website, a simple list ", built a blog system, slowly began to do site optimization, little traffic, I believe I can go to the money, and then update the content constantly, strengthen the construction of inside and outside the chain chain the. I get 200 yuan income from Ali mother at the end of February, greatly inspired me! I will follow the same method to update the site every day, insist for a month, March revenue is more than 3000, last month in May 4000 income! Of course website ranking is not very stable, also need to constant efforts, only their own strong, sh419 can give you a good ranking! read more

Analysis of search engine marketing, soft Wen to enhance brand image

            search engine marketing network marketing for enterprises, on behalf of the station network sales as the main structure, the user by clicking on the corporate website to understand the brand image to promote sales. However, whether it is personal station, station or the enterprise competition pressure is very great, the enterprise pursue is not a simple page optimization, it is more important to do fine and stronger economic entity on stabilizing the opponent. How to improve website popularity and brand image but with website ranking are inseparable, the higher the degree of the exposure means more competition and brand, how to express the brand image? The author thinks that the soft promotion is the most competitive advantage is the most effective means of promotion, not only to enhance the brand image, and enhance their visibility is good. read more

Discussion on the influence of domain trust four factors

The length of time a !The length of time domain name

if your domain name is a short time, just register a new domain name soon, but there are a lot of historic high trust website links to your site, then your domain will naturally become more and more search engines love, even artificial pick will feel even so many high trust website links to you, then you want to link to your website, the website will not go bad? This is normal psychology of human beings, the search engine is no exception oh

trust domain directly affect the domain name, the domain name registered just one month to five years registered domain name, so, no matter what the search engine algorithm, how to choose artificial believe the result is the same, can’t say that you just registered a month high degree of trust than the registered domain name the five year old domain name, which is why so many people love the Shanghai dragon with the site of the old domain causes. read more

About the hair of the chain, in addition to mad outside you should know about these things!

, to do good work, must first sharpen his

is not to find a high weight platform can sleep without any anxiety hair chain? Of course not so simple? Because of the high weight platform has not included the situation. How to know whether the high weight of the platform can be included? This depends on this platform recently and the chain keywords you want to send is included in the article.

for the new station outside the chain, don’t send too much! Why? The reason is very simple, a railway station, how could there be so many of the chain? If your site is not a long time, there are hundreds of thousands of the chain, the chain must be your own hair! Love Shanghai of course, the optimization of excessive hat will give you up ". read more

Hard to force people and robots have to say the story

now have a buddy to ask: Why did this happen? The reason is in his robots website when the file is completely shielding love Shanghai spiders crawl. I believe we all know the fact that when you write a robots file when love rules, shielding spiders from Shanghai, Shanghai or find love will crawl, the reason is very simple, Shanghai is not love, do not like intelligent people, so love Shanghai would send spiders to crawl the page, but webmaster buddy don’t panic, after over time, the love of Shanghai will have to grab the page (robots shield) removed from the index database of their love, Shanghai will have a process of discovery and correction, error correction. read more

A new ranking effect trilogy crowd user experience strategy

want to do this we need to make reasonable layout in the website, especially the website home page content is priority among priorities in the optimization, because he is usually used as the landing page, if the login page can not be a good show the user intention demand, will not be able to retain users, what about the website good user

here we need to tell you what is the content of the matching degree. The content of the matching degree we can be regarded as the theme of the site, website content, website; theme and industry demand; matching site title and love Shanghai scheduled word retrieval database; website theme and user demand. But no matter how to match the main or user search experience to be satisfied, and this requires us to observe competitors in the same industry in the setting of topic whether the content has to meet the needs of users. We have to do is for those who have not been met, and the user demand in the upward position matching demand of the layout of the content, to solve user problems. When we solve the competitors in the same industry to meet the needs of users, will be able to love Shanghai for our site assessment and score, and of course our website ranking will get priority. read more

Et stop on the part of the advertising noticeLiu Chang talk about how to use SNS to do Taobao custom

below, talk about using SNS as Taobao guest

Pyramid arranged to make more money, property owners advertising alliance is for others to do the wedding dress, advertising alliance 80% is e-commerce provider advertising. Therefore, advertising alliance webmaster is in the

League address:

yoka network advertising has been suspended!
    hello! YOKA network advertising has been suspended, please pay attention to the webmaster, if there is any problem, please contact customer service: :183288818 319035197 read more

The only CPL advertisers Bertelsmann book club launched itTen years, Tencent is how to become a game

in addition to the agency, the Tencent also impressive than the past ten years investment trajectory in the game circle, these "paid out" not only accelerated the development of the game business, also let it become today’s general layout, from upstream to downstream have absolute control of the huge monster.

. The advertiser names: Bertelsmann book club

‘s long and massive investment scale? Tencent?

so, here comes the question. How many companies did the Tencent invest in? read more

The new board secretaries of history some promoted the actual control of some ruinCollege students T

"pro, no bargaining,"

manual straw has hundreds of years of history in the Bay village. Ma Lake Bay head West Village, rich cattail and reed, provides a natural material for manual straw. Cattail, reed after the harvest, the local women manual will be programmed into tables, chairs, baskets and other crafts, futon.

said of the successful secretaries, he had to mention the recent IPO of Zhejiang 833249.OC.

real secretaries are corporate executives, appointed by the board of directors responsible for the board of directors, is the mouthpiece between the company and the stock exchange "". read more

After 90 business is the bubble or a new nternet feastArvin personal money online life story summar

this time, 90, Internet, business a few words will undoubtedly be pushed in the teeth of the storm, from more than a good super curriculum founder of "90 overbearing president" to "catch the balloon bear children" "juvenile" sorry to not be bullied the great Anne of micro-blog marketing Queen ", I only have 1% life", every week seems to have a hot and maxed social network".

remember artikujt just contact Wangzhuan is in 08 years, it is not afraid to laugh, from 08 -09 years two years so there is no reason to make money, which will be described below; in 2010 this year, finally back home, while working thinking can not please eat a bowl of rice on the Internet. The work is simple work primary school teacher; so hehe have some time to study how to make money online online, money online, really difficult? The Internet to find information, read before their sad Wangzhuan experience of data collection, summary, method, and ultimately determine a way, optimize the site with SEO however, the content of the website is the website promotion products, with product, so there should be some utility. The fact is correct, although earn very little, but must have earned a pot of gold from the internet. Here is a screenshot of the income over the past few months, very few, webmaster friends to encourage a lot of it, so that there is momentum. read more

Five modes of feasibility of making money onlineChuan fun staged next year, the parent company to th

public data show that Yang Jiakang has extensive experience in IPO. In 2002, Yang Kang graduated from University of Pennsylvania, also has a double degree of system engineering and financial management, after graduating from corporate finance business at Merrill Lynch, for state-owned enterprises to do IPO, joined ATA in 2006 as CFO; ATA in 2008 officially listed in the United states.

three: building websites to make money by advertising

a no technology, but not what Wangzhuan channels >

! ! read more

A point of view on the network allianceThe first experience of Western Union remittance in Xi’an


has always insisted on doing the best China alliance estimates only GG, which also entered the China type cycle, a monk chanting, the supermarket is the same, the alien do better than the domestic foreign! Why do better than Chinese? Do GG knows, GG do not give the owners to provide customer service, not to tell the specific benefits of webmaster each click, the punishment for no reason, no more settlement can be selected…… Not so many human conditions, why the owners also think he is good? Everyone mind is clear, no matter what, let the owners to make money this is the fundamental development of it, and no money who will talk to you! This is the reason we think he is good, you do better service don’t let the webmaster, a lot of money! Look at what you are doing Chinese alliance? Customer service, payment, get a lot of people to the webmaster do backstage support services, but which are owners say? I do not think it is because you do not meet the most basic webmaster, it is his return read more

2006 broadband website planning profit model explorationAli Sheng caused professional services to pr


user contact surface is big, not easy to skip, but similar to traditional TV advertising form, easy to make users feel

subscription class video site

ad form


in fact, Alibaba cooperation for the industry has not yet launched the site, but launched its own four industry sub station, the chemical network impressively. At the same time at the beginning of May was "the Alibaba has submitted a listing application to the HKEx, the plan will be listed under the B2B business in Hongkong, financing $1 billion." The news, of course, was confirmed at the end of 7. read more

Two hours a day on the nternet, ask for help!Zhang Xu, Wang Xing accused Ali and the United States

first you may ask two questions:

every day?

, two to

, you can earn much money? What is the principle of


2, within 3 km, began to build our own kitchen, future restaurant, new catering division

1. you can earn much money? What is the principle of

1, in 3 km constantly improve businesses, including catering businesses, convenience stores, merchants, fruit shops, fresh stores, pharmacies;

please keep your highly centralized spirit, this is you must not miss an opportunity to make money! This idea will tell you how to use mass software, easy to earn 300 yuan, the creative practice is feasible, please read, will benefit from. This station is absolutely not short of creativity, a lead free and open creative principle, spectators can first understand the feasibility of creative. If you feel feasible, then pay in operation. read more

From Discuz to Tencent micro life, Dai Zhikang’s bumpy Dream RoadEntrepreneurs don’t rush to land wh

but wait a minute!

Apple recently won a patent for the idea of a virtual keyboard with curved screens, something similar to the Samsung Galaxy Edge class. In July, Apple also passed a patent for OLED surface display, and the combination of several patents further implied that Apple will use curved screen design in future iPhone.

From the flash to

it is said that Apple filed the patent as early as 2013. The result is let Samsung grab the first. Why,

air plant every thought.

successful Dai Zhikang, he has always had a dream: to build a service for small and medium-sized Adsense ecosystem, want to make Discuz a platform. When Dai Zhikang chose between Tencent 360 and Tencent, but also because Tencent can help him better realize this dream. Discuz! integration forum account login can be said for the lack of the account system BBS is a huge subversion, but with the implementation of the Tencent strategic development platform, accounts for all already open platform. The arrival of the mobile Internet era, the webmaster’s golden years have gone forever, Discuz, the platform dream has become elusive. read more

Super Ali Liu Qiangdong before 2021 to become B2C electricity supplier bossWeChat emerged from the m

Liu Qiangdong also stressed the insurance business, he said, Jingdong is looking for ways to apply for a license, or through investment buy way access insurance.

, a person who can stick to the media for a year, is very rare; he who has been able to adhere to the media for 10 years is a great man". Operation ghost foot seven WeChat account, Taobao search in the inauguration of the 2 said.

"whether the user base, or a chain of social relationships, it is difficult to have a new platform has more than WeChat’s advantage is richly endowed by nature, which has almost become the mobile Internet startup must use a first platform." Su Juan says. She opened her life "searches on WeChat, the flagship. read more