Cloud storage service provider Dropbox is looking for underwriters to plan to start PO at the end o

in 2014, Dropbox was valued at $10 billion in financing, and this IPO will be the key to testing the company’s value. Dropbox plans to interview investment banks in the next few weeks, according to people familiar with the matter.

Dropbox’s main rival, Box, valued at about $1 billion 670 million at IPO in 2015, much less than $2 billion 400 million in financing.

      there are many publishers wrote to ask what it is encouraged to click, and some publishers in violation of the policy we received the warning and even do not consider themselves in encouraging click, now we have to talk about "encourage click". Our policy plans for a detailed description of read more

All the chips in the end where the fire plate points raised in 6 areas of the fire2017 sports busine

eleven after the holiday, the distance from the end of two months, "the winter capital" will come as the bad weather, the U.S. dollar and the large size of the fund in the basic "vacation mode", had not got the money, the last stroke will be very difficult. So, look forward to the end of financing entrepreneurs must accelerate — quick, in the current environment, the money is the first element, the amount of financing, valuation, investment background are followed.

2., science and technology, read more

China Telecom handles 19 PHS SP with a maximum fine of 3 millionThe new company law will go into eff

below is the main point of revision:

eight by deleting the first paragraph of clause fifty-ninth.

new company law will be implemented in March 1st: lower business threshold

four by deleting the twenty-seventh paragraph of clause third.

three revised the twenty-sixth clause as follows: "the registered capital of a limited liability company is the amount of capital subscribed to by all shareholders registered at the company registration authority.".

the provisions of the laws, administrative regulations and the State Council’s decision on the minimum amount of the paid in or registered capital of the registered capital of the limited liability company shall be prescribed." read more

Entrepreneurs say afraid of nothing, not afraid of competitors.Net Wangzhuan house Wangzhuan success

I’m glad someone is interested in my brand and takes the time to point out my competitors. That means they have Nic Harry in mind and they like what we’re doing. I appreciate that, but I’m not interested in talking about my competitors.

third points, with perseverance and creative efforts, you also need to be hard, hard is hard to do, put your heart into it, don’t do this today, tomorrow it will accomplish nothing to feel that. So choose a project, must work hard, and do it attentively! So successful goddess will come to you! read more

Opening WeChat’s entrepreneurial journey WeChat’s eight commercial roleMop October VP member list a


cases now,

: a future entrepreneurial thinking WeChat will open up a lot of development interface, for entrepreneurs, can choose to use a service number, use the native app product ideas, in the end of WeChat, with WeChat users accumulate fans to realize their dreams.

WeChat service number plays a lot of roles is light application role, that is, the original native app original functionality ported to WeChat side to achieve. For example, taxi software drops, we can download app to complete a taxi, you can also WeChat taxi service through the attention of drops taxi to complete the taxi. read more

Personal experience on website operationTalk about some amateur Wangzhuan enthusiasts

amateur Wangzhuan enthusiasts, is in addition to work every day to do their job, taking the time to surf the Internet and do some of that part of the crowd can make money on the Internet project.

can be divided into two categories: one is the amateur Wangzhuan enthusiasts active; one is lazy. The former have high enthusiasm to Wangzhuan, and more time on the Internet, and there are many returns; while the latter is a little time in Wangzhuan crowd, they may just play it, and no passion, what almost no income. read more

Et recorded widescreen advertising online, put a lot of welcome!Analysis of how the novice webmaster

wants to join the Admin5 League channel, please contact

as a contact Wangzhuan year people, I always think he is stupid, is the rookie novice webmaster. However, after six months of exploration, this month as of September 15th, revenue has reached 661 yuan, I believe this month can break through 1000 yuan. Now let me tell you how I did it.


settlement cycle: weekly closing

the next day

Hello! — widescreen registered advertising online, the registration process is simple and effective, the registration rate is high, the return data every day in the morning, the settlement cycle is short, the weekly pay 3, suitable for movies, pictures and entertainment station. Customer service :183288818 319035197 read more

Set up five years of sustained losses, listed 51talk emboldened whereOnly 99read October discount wi

worry free English also has branch offices in Philippines

Tencent news Han Yimin uncertainty about the domestic capital market policy seems to have been affected, after a silent quarter, the domestic Internet Co restart listing in the United states.

earlier today, the domestic online education platform enterprise 51Talk free English hereinafter referred to as free English submitted to the SEC F-1 listing application documents, documents show, 51Talk IPO will raise funds of about $100 million. The underwriters are MORGAN STANLEY and CREDIT SUISSE. At present, there is no confirmed listing of exchanges. read more

WAP advertisers, websites and audiencesnternet start-ups dry goods! You must know the 18 principles

includes the division of the Alibaba’s 25 divisions and the adjustment of the Tencent’s 6 major business groups, both of which are designed to play a platform role in the internal organization. Haier will be more than 80 thousand people into 2000 independent business, so that employees become true entrepreneurs, so that everyone becomes their own CEO.

rule 1: get "cock wire" who will be the world

      07 years since March, brands of electronic, digital, automotive and cosmetic brands have put more ads on WAP. Especially, the mobile phone products belonging to the electronic digital products are highly coincident with the WAP users because of their target consumers. read more

National cancellation of professional qualifications permit lower threshold for employment and Entre

has blocked in front of countless people, but there is no sense of a variety of qualifications is very much, which is undoubtedly a lot of people to create the threshold of employment and entrepreneurs. While the state has canceled the professional qualification license, naturally let the employment threshold lower.

recently, the State Council issued "on the cancellation of a number of occupation qualification licensing and approval decision", based before the cancellation of the 5 group of occupation qualification licensing and certification matters, once again announced the cancellation of bidding division, property management division, market manager, florist 47 occupation qualification licensing and approval. read more

Unlimited originality – from the dribs and drabs of life

today in a webmaster group, and group friends chat, I sent a few of their written articles in the group of links, inadvertently caused a topic.

Angel 16:52:20

, where do you have so much time to write articles,


this is a group of friends raised a question, when I gave him the answer is original, in fact, from the dribs and drabs of life, this is also an idea to wish the great master.

In fact,

please Jingxiaxinlai think, today in the network of the ocean, a day more than one hundred thousand articles on hundreds of? May only just the same industry or even the same topic, on the same day N+1 will be different to the personal creation. Although our ancestors left us a powerful Chinese characters culture, but with the increasing amount of information is still inadequate, so akhan had proposed a slogan: Ninety percent from the original false original. read more

Shanghai webmaster’s SNS brilliant view

afternoon in Shanghai owners together to discuss the SNS party, a OPEN exchange, we talked about the contents of Shi think of some value, the main three parts: first, what is SNS; two, SNS three, SNS why; how to make money. Many of them are insightful and forward-looking.

pays most attention to the topic – how does SNS make money?

SNS to make money, to have good user volume and user viscosity, otherwise, SNS is not worth much.

makes it hard to make money on its own SNS platform. First of all, there are two problems to be solved: first, word of mouth marketing. Two is the social circle. Word of mouth is difficult to spread in SNS, because there is no power, two no better channels. The circle is very important to the SNS platform, such as MYSPACE, the early stage is through the band’s FANS up, and FACEBOOK is done by classmates records, happy network through fun, but there is no commercial in it. read more

Discussion on the operation of local portal network

Hello, first introduce myself, I am Longquan nets Webmaster: Sichuan brother I am engaged in the computer industry for nearly ten years, there is a little of his own little insights in website operation, well, ADO, here is some way to talk about their own operating local portal sites to you share:

first, promotion of primary and secondary points,

as everyone knows, the website promotion is divided into two kinds, one is the online promotion and offline promotion is a personal feeling, if your station is not a local website, but the network website would recommend mainly take the online promotion and offline promotion basically not much sense, but if we are like today that is the local portal station, recommend to offline promotion, online promotion as a supplement, I know a lot of local portal webmaster, always a day in the search engine search volume concern, always care about the rankings, included, optimized to do all day long, it ignores the local site, mainly due to the line you go out, because of the promotion, through various means to promote the line under the line, many ways (such as the name card, publicity, and cooperation, and many local businesses to pay advertising For mutual benefit, so as to the site’s reputation and brand out read more

Xinjiang Yumin County People Club Bureau actively promote policies to improve entrepreneurship

Xinjiang in 2015 is also a positive response management policy, to stimulate people’s entrepreneurial enthusiasm, promoting innovation and entrepreneurship in 2016 is still the focus of work in Xinjiang, in order to let more people realize the importance of entrepreneurship policy of positive publicity, improve people’s entrepreneurial enthusiasm.

for independent entrepreneurs, so that the unemployed can understand the employment policy, Xinjiang Yumin County People Club Bureau staff in entrepreneurship training classes in the process of introducing the employment skills training, small loans, entrepreneurship and other livelihood projects policy to trainees, policy advice, answer the questions raised by participants. And issuing brochures, leaflets and other related materials, so that the majority of entrepreneurs and flexible employment to a comprehensive understanding of the state’s new employment Huimin policy, including social security subsidies, employment assistance, small secured loans, tax relief, business training and other policies. read more

5sing was sealed and wo99 hung up Original, cover and other music sites have a bright future

in late June, netizens "Chinese broke the original music base 5sing" open message, then micro-blog 5sing official announcement, said the site due to the sudden failure, in order to maintain and upgrade the website so suspended, but until today, 5sing network is still not open, and followed by: wo99 net cover not open.

all the users miss 5sing and wo99 at the same time, it is a reason to question, the website will suspend or die? Do I regret jittery friends and all kinds of speculation everywhere, and more fans said longing for 5sing, wo99 regression. read more

Record new deal is imperative, grassroots webmaster should respond as soon as possible

in the mid to late 2 2010, Ofcom issued a "Ministry of industry and information technology on the further implementation of the verification of the authenticity of the information site for the record work program (Trial)" notice requirements for access providers to implement the site record information face verification work before the end of March, personal record need to access providers to take pictures for the record verification data such as the record information is not true, the site will be closed and the cancellation of the record. The policy was published, attracted close attention, throughout the IDC industry and grassroots webmaster since the Ministry called IDC held training in Beijing, to record the details of the policy on the suspension of the scene photos, webmaster can be in the local IDC branch for taking pictures. The Ministry has asked IDC to complete the record site verification information at the end of September. Meanwhile, the ministry began the reform of the new filing system, the audit authority delegated, access providers will take charge of the site for record, data audit and content supervision, SP new filing system began to tune. At this time, the information of the original record information authenticity verification work did not really implement. read more

Short video, great heat, inspiration for site operators, site access has length to effect

short video in the mobile Internet era, more and more fire last year, today’s headlines took on billion yuan to support the short video, this year the NetEase begin to come into the field of short video, film and television star Jet Li also began to play a short video, a short video by the spread of martial arts…… In the short video scene, we look back on the website construction industry, from the point of view of website optimization, why short video so fire, website promotion work to how to learn from the short video industry? read more

How does APP operate with seed users

many enterprises know the product the first seeds users not easily won in the development of the road, at the same time, seed users on the entire product plays a very important role, including to enhance brand awareness, through a large number of forwarding and radiation to other users. So how does enterprise APP operate seed users? This article will analyze from the following three aspects.

content is king: personalized, diversified,

many companies think that as long as the product is excellent, other operations are smoothly for us that, as for the content, find operators edit sent directly on the line. Excellent product is the foundation, only the foundation played well, in order to spend more effort to do content, channel operations. Good content is not just copy some big coffee business experience, or directly copy competitors articles. read more

Another $one billion lesson blog’s throw in

Author: Lin Jun, CITIC publishing house & blue lion writers, served as the first IT Chinese website Yesky founder and chief editor. Current mobile Internet vertical media Lei Feng network CEO. I once had "boiling fifteen years – Chinese Internet 1995-2009".

The last article on

shows the first two: 1, Lu Liang and Tan Yongquan, and 2, Fang Xingdong, the first scholar in the internet. Today’s content is the middle of three: 3, from blog China to blog network; 4, early business partners come; 5, dream city project enlarged internal friction. Check out blogs and another $one billion lesson ( read more