Outline of local talent website development plan

, I’ve done some articles on how to realize the profit of local talent websites. The road to profit for local talent websites)

The author mentioned views for some profit local talent website

two in this paper, the result was bad, the majority of owners mixed twins". Of course, the author also feels that such disputes and opinions are a better opportunity for our profession.

today, for some friends put forward "the website has not planned well, talk about what profit," the problem, and then turn over to talk about the author for talent website as early planning some views. There is an old saying: Please civilization I axe these immature views oh O (a _ U) O read more

User experience analysis is what allows users to leave your web site

See a picture on the Internet said before

, is mainly about the user experience, I feel very interesting, so I want to write, look at your site visitors exit because of these reasons, the? So as to improve the return rate of your site, improve the user experience.

error navigation

when the user enters your website, you may be the first to see the site navigation site navigation, if you are too complex or navigation inconsistent, then the user loss, despair, even stamp with rage. Site navigation is too complex in general are reflected in the large web sites, these sites generally navigation are very deep, what will be more than three layers, when the user will be too difficult to find one thing, thereby greatly reducing the user experience. There is a contradiction in what is not clear, do not provide those locations and that of visual elements is not clear steps, sometimes see those to SEO and SEO by the layout of the navigation is really Speechless. Of course, you don’t want your users to feel that way. What should we do to fix these problems, read more

Talk about the experience of promoting regional information website with zero cost

Hello everybody, the first published in the webmaster online article, I hope to become friends with the majority of webmaster!

!I do

station is Tangshan computer network www.0315pc.com, website localization is to provide information of digital products in Tangshan! For a local class website, I feel the most effective way is in the region of money to do promotion, such as holiday activities, advertising on television and so on, but for me this a poor webmaster, it seems difficult to achieve, so I can only choose some more money to the promotion of read more

Online marketing, user experience is very important

comes from: ItBuLu’s, Blog, http://s.itbulu.com, QQ:12655667

, many of our webmaster should have done many websites, whether it’s enterprise website or personal website, or is relatively large portal website. Whether you write your own program, or download the source code of others, you need to make some modifications. We have to modify the interface or function to the desired effect of customers.

I’m not talking about what customers need here, because each customer is different. What I’m talking about here is the user experience. When we make changes to the template or design our own website, we must go ahead with the idea and reference, which is sure to do. It’s like writing a composition. Some people don’t use drafts, but their drafts are in mind. We do the same thing, some of us need to draw on paper, and some people need to do a bit of a look, and some people directly in the mind of the idea. Of course, there are a lot of professional designers to do a good job first DEMO, after the customer to see the development. No matter how we do it, the first thing we need to do is to convince ourselves that we can be comfortable and like ourselves. If you do not even look at the site you can not go down, look at the customer must not pass, there is no way to convince customers to accept. read more

The era of investment management has been opened, the webmaster should dare to invest

over the years, feeling a lot, always want to write what, but has no time to spare, may also be writing is not good, do not come out. Do not vomit when you see the friend of this article.

has been the webmaster (it should be said to do personal business website) is to give people the feeling, write a program to download a template or a little change on the lengthy and repetitive work on information and promotion. As long as it can be free of charge, never pay, rely entirely on individuals to work out a world. read more

From a Hong Kong Garrison to the ranks of the stationmaster

in A5 diving for a long time, see many webmaster hair article, see the webmaster growth of dribs and drabs, deep feeling, also want to talk about their own when the webmaster story.

98 years, suffered a flood disaster on both sides of the Changjiang River not occur even in a hundred years, Nanning is no exception, I eighteen years old, standing in the Nanning Yongjiang embankment, looking at a uniform with sediment heroes feat, I was touched. At that time, I also made a "feat", decided to drop out of school and join the army. Of course, I didn’t do very well at that time. In addition to realizing my dream of joining the army, I was more of an escape from the hateful school. Fortunately, I stood out among many of them, becoming one of the two Hong Kong soldiers in our town, and honored to be a soldier of the PLA in Hongkong. read more

How about a weekly update tonight after Baidu has been frustrated

Baidu recently is precarious, since Baidu has ah out, Mike and Ma Yun fight also appears, the first is to ban Taobao Baidu search opening, then a large number of mom in the station closed, it is because of the ocean in the baboon ah ha ha to some time ago online crazy pass and the bank is no longer Alipay, Alipay and appeared in the evening prime time for the situation not open for an hour to let the webmaster think the idol of Ma Yun so


but Ma did not let us down, the first is Alipay at the top of the page to hang out one hundred million members of the banner, is Zhang Xian Ali group’s strength and Ma a word, 5 billion investment in Taobao, continue to be free for 5 years, it is of great ingenuity ah, referred to the present has reached a climax, Baidu first was a small the pharmaceutical company to court, to honor the landing of the CCTV in recent negative news continuously, finally unbearable, a public apology, enough gas Baidu webmaster is cheerful, it can be seen that the spicy ginger or old ah, or a stroke above read more

How to do a good job of pseudo originality in the age of information shortage

now on the network in the end how many original, obviously is quite small, faced with the lack of original data era, we can only do pseudo originality. Pseudo original, that is, "copy", "copy" the word itself is not what a good word, do not speak well, that is plagiarism, for this copy, we should now do it? In fact, think about all know. I took a download station in terms of it, each change is the name of the software you change the title, change the software, even if one of the one and only title you change but is still the same, in fact in the network with the title of content, just search a word is the same everywhere title. We have only done in the content, introduce the software you can’t change how much, anyway, a software is an application, you can’t give the related introduction of anti-virus software into firewall software introduction, as for the author it is even more impossible. So what we can use to add is the introduction of some of the software upgrades. If you do not know where to introduce the upgrade, find the official software, the introduction of the upgrade in front of the content, so that the official introduction of the software and there will be some difference, so that spiders think it is original. What about other types of websites, read more

Brief analysis of Baidu snapshot stagnant solution

not updated snapshot, means that included will not put out, which means more weight will not improve, whenever there is no snapshot suspended, estimated that everyone is very depressed, today we gave analysis under snapshot update problem.

Baidu snapshot is Baidu website the weights of the first hurdle, Baidu believes it is important to you, give you a day to put out the content, if the snapshot not update, the original weight, what, don’t expect, so you go to see what those 163 sites like QQ, they are a snapshot of the day or the next day but, their weight is quite high. read more

How does a newbie feel about a guide website

my friend always wanted one day to get his website like hao123 so famous, so the domain name in Xuchang because it played a www.xchao123.com, do not say anything else at this point I see not pleasing to the eye, can understand the feelings imitation also have a degree of even the names should imitate lost their sites although the meaning is made out of the local navigation website but the feeling is not their own, and on your website to see. People have a feeling down on you.

since the first thing to do is do site navigation should be to get your website homepage, do not say the total Xuchang should, but his local website can also be nationally famous too little, I love the military aspects of the above can not find a this the site, because of this I will not put his website homepage, after all, I often on the site is not local website. read more

t only takes 3 steps to complete the cold boot operation

for the platform, the significance of traffic is more important. In the absence of professional content operators, we began to try to build content management system from multiple dimensions. From nothing to many large traffic platforms to seek content support from us. Although still groping, but there are some experiences can be shared with you, to facilitate faster start of your own content, operation

so what are some of the company’s steps to implement cold start in content marketing, read more

APP get together chaos successful operation of mobile applications must consider what

Since the

mobile phone application development spurt, the application of a leisurely of every hue so that users and users are always too busy to attend to all the world, more and more applications have been gradually phased out, with the application of new type and quietly on the line. For mobile phone applications developers and operators, in order to really successful operation of good application products, presumably not an easy task. Blindly follow others, or did not do a good job of product design of the preliminary preparation, the final product aborted seems inevitable. Android market, Baidu mobile assistant and other application stores, tens of thousands of new applications online every day. And the real survival of how much, as for the real profit can be less and less. read more

Experience and experience of local forum website establishment

before 2005, I didn’t know there was absolutely ignorant of the forum, the forum of the word, but in the introduction of the students, I finally have the first forum ID, then I will do something before the Internet, the Internet do not know what, I began to love the forum. A year later, probably in 2006, I started my own forum and worked with a passion.

initially do is a local forum, after a period of time, the forum has developed, but the flow is not enough, online number less than 40, the part about how to build local forum posts on Admin5, they go to Baidu search with the same place of the forum, and registration ID, hope to form alliance with the forum. But because of my forum popularity is not enough grounds, rejected my application, this kind of circumstance appeared a lot of. read more

Do you know how the contents of Sohu operate


writes, I’d like to share with you a book I’ve read recently – "beyond the gateway, Sohu new media operation manual.". This book by the current Vice President of information, the former southern weekend, Sohu editor in chief Wu Chenguang teacher writing. The book uses a large number of cases to tell the Sohu in the new media and mobile Internet era, how to combine their own news media professionalism and professionalism, to do portal content publishing and news reports. read more

Frog’s essay the year of the year

yesterday afternoon to attend the end of the hundred days after the meeting of law enforcement network, should be mutual Xu Zongzhi invited to visit his office space, chat, was found. The original is Internet veteran, has experienced 10 years of vicissitudes of life, still don’t give up his dream of the internet. Trance, drifting across the year of Xu Wei……

that year, how many years has passed between the years,


I was dragged into the Internet by my wife, which is universally acknowledged in the circle. That evening the dinner show to his girlfriend when introducing me to mocking said: "frog, zhaochafa website vice president Guo sister husband" have nothing to say, it seems that in the world of the Internet, everyone is so positioned. Is it just because I’m stepping into the Internet hall after my wife, read more

Chemical Network my industry website Road

graduated 3 years, made the documentary in the foreign trade company, because not willing to learn is the regression network, do phone sales, selling over 3721 network real name, sell the general web site, domain name servers do sell, Daoteng a domain name so far in the hands of a plane will not sell! Do with reading learning PHOTOSHOP, write a program, just bought the JAVA ASP+Access, did not see the 50 page.

is a real change in 06 years, into an industry website, visual design, according to the concept, do not believe in killing one of the industry Web site can make money, the layout is very rough, the function is relatively small, but such a site can have hundreds of customers, and every year renew not hundreds, but thousands of years later, the first number, what surprised me this time!! which is in accordance with the situation at that time, every day to play mahjong company also can run read more

How to improve the conversion rate of websites

what is your conversion rate, meaning that when visitors visit the site, the visitors into the website of resident users, can also be understood as visitors to the user’s conversion, regardless of the site SEO optimization, or do the bidding advertising promotion, preliminary results only temporary visitors to improve site traffic, and the website to bigger and stronger, not only to put the visitors into the visitors, but also to stay, it is necessary to consider how to improve the site conversion rate, one of the key development strategy that this is also the site of the. read more

How to quickly find the right links

do stand, find friendship links is a headache. Want to find a few conditions, quite a bit of web exchange links, it is a very difficult thing. Here I teach you a small way.

you can find a condition with you a website, to study his Links, if you want to PR a good website, his Links PR is certainly not bad, unless this website is taking over the PR.

, for example, my website is online bookstore www.newbooks.com.cn, my PR is 4, of course I want to exchange some PR> =4 Links, then I can find a PR> =4 shopping website (I Links exchange principle is the same site, so I chose the shopping website). Here I found the 1b2g network (www.1b2g.com), the site last updated PR PR before 4, has now risen to 5. Why his PR can go up to 5? I can study under the 1b2g network Links PR and search engine, since his Links can exchange a link with this site, that my condition with him, so I want to talk to the Links exchange website Links should be easy to achieve. But there are so many links on his website. We can check them out one by one, and the efficiency is definitely low. read more

Launched by Admin5 grassroots information ranking think of

remember, in June,

webmaster network, the first training,

, the rat and

, as I said

webmaster network can make a list of

, I thought I could add

recommended grassroots Adsense site rankings



admin5 launched grassroots information ranking

thinks it’s a

that fits our grassroots very well

because of the many things behind the website, let’s see

is divided into twelve areas,

is very careful and very comprehensive,

remember, there was a female webmaster section


although I’m a man, read more

How does personal website change to commercial website

sites have no value, and commercialization is out of the question.

the value of a website is mainly reflected in the following three aspects:

scale (quantity): the website must have a certain scale, including a certain amount of content (page number), or a certain amount of users, or a certain amount of the number of users;

originality (quality): "people without me, people have my new, people, new, I am fine" – and others are different, this is a new site of the key,

3. Profitability (visible profit model): survival is the primary goal of the website; profitability is the prerequisite for the survival of the site; read more