Yuvraj Singh deserved a better send off Rohit Sharma

first_imgNew Delhi: Indian opener Rohit Sharma feels Yuvraj Singh, who has announced his retirement from international cricket, deserved a better farewell. Taking to social media after Yuvraj announced his retirement, Rohit said: “You don’t know what you got till it’s gone. Love you brotherman. You deserved a better send off.” On Monday, the stylish southpaw announced his retirement, saying “it’s time to move on”. “Only if I could articulate what cricket has done for me, to me! But let me tell you this, cricket has given me everything I have and it is the reason why I sit here today,” Yuvraj said in a press conference in Mumbai. Also Read – We don’t ask for kind of tracks we get: Bowling coach Arun The 37-year-old, who played a crucial part in India’s successful campaigns at the 2007 World T20 and the 2011 World Cup, is among the Indian greats who did not get a farewell game after contemporaries Virender Sehwag, Rahul Dravid, VVS Laxman and Gautam Gambhir. He also revealed that the BCCI had promised him a farewell game provided he failed the ‘Yo Yo’ fitness test. However, he passed it and therefore, the swansong never happened. With a career that spanned over 304 ODIs, 58 T20s and 40 Tests, Yuvraj imprinted his place in the echelons of cricket as a player who could pretty much win matches for his side either through his electric fielding, deceiving bowling or fierce batting. Unlike many, the Punjab lad won’t be a part of the Indian Premier League (IPL) post his retirement from all forms of the game, saying he is now open to playing outside the country, in other T20 leagues.last_img read more

ISRO to inject Chandrayaan2 into lunar orbit on Tuesday

first_imgBengaluru: In a significant milestone for India’s Moon mission, ISRO will fire Chandrayaan2’s liquid engine on Tuesday to insert the spacecraft into a lunar orbit. “It’s tomorrow morning (tentatively between 8.30 am and 9.30 am). It’s challenging,” Chairman of Indian Space Research Organisation K Sivan told PTI on Monday on the operation to put the spacecraft in an orbit around the Moon. Following this, there will be further four orbit manoeuvres to make the spacecraft enter into its final orbit passing over the lunar poles at a distance of about 100 km from Moon’s surface, ISRO has said. Also Read – India gets first tranche of Swiss bank a/c details Subsequently, the Vikram lander will separate from the orbiter on September 2, according to the Bengaluru-headquartered space agency. Two orbit manoeuvres will be performed on the lander before the initiation of powered descent to make a soft landing on the lunar surface on September 7, ISRO said. Chandrayaan2, launched on July 22 by GSLV MkIII-M1 vehicle, had entered the Lunar Transfer Trajectory on August 14 after final orbit raising manoeuvre of the spacecraft was successfully carried out. Also Read – Tourists to be allowed in J&K from Thursday The health of the spacecraft is being continuously monitored from the Mission Operations Complex (MOX) at ISRO Telemetry, Tracking and Command Network (ISTRAC) in Bengaluru with support from Indian Deep Space Network (IDSN) antennas at Byalalu, near Bengaluru. All systems on board Chandrayaan2 spacecraft are performing normal, ISRO said on August 14. According to ISRO, Chandrayaan2 India’s second lunar expedition will shed light on a completely unexplored region of the Moon, its South Pole. “This mission will help us gain a better understanding of the origin and evolution of the Moon by conducting detailed topographical studies, comprehensive mineralogical analyses, and a host of other experiments on the lunar surface,” the space agency has said. “While there, we will also explore discoveries made by Chandrayaan1, such as the presence of water molecules on the Moon and new rock types with unique chemical composition,” it said.last_img read more

Book launch on Alberta reserve highlights Indigenous clergymans legacy

first_img(Saddlelake Cree Nation Chief Leonard Jackson, second from left, Melvin Steinhauer, centre, and Whitefish Lake Cree Nation Chief Brian Favel, second from right, at the book launch Aug. 14. The two Mounties are unidentified. Submitted photo.)Brandi MorinAPTN National NewsThe legacy of Henry Bird Steinhauer lives on 120 years after his death.Known as a clergyman, a teacher and role model, the story of this Ojibway man’s life and accomplishments is one long waiting to be told.Steinhauer’s great-grandson, Melvin Steinhauer, 73, wrote Shawahnekizhek-Henry Bird Steinhauer: Child of Two Cultures over the last 13 years on a promise he made his dad.A book launch was held on Aug. 14 at the Whitefish First Nation in northern Alberta where Henry Steinhauer eventually settled, raised a family and influenced the small community.“I am very glad (Melvin) did this for everybody,” said Whitefish Lake First Nation Chief Brian Favel. “It’s important that this is done for us because we are the next generation. If we can share the history it is important for the people to understand that we are much more than what the movies say about Indians.”The inspiration to write the book stemmed from a promise Melvin made to his father to document their family legacy, as well as a desire to share First Nation historical stories with the world.“I wanted to share my knowledge of my great-grandfather with the rest of society,” said Melvin. “The lack of Indian history prompted me to take a very serious look at what I may have to offer in terms of the history of my inheritance and the inheritance of the most precious history of my home and native land of the Whitefish Lake Reserve #128.”Steinhauer was born and raised near Lake Simcoe in northern Ontario and lived what Melvin described as an “adventurous life.”He was a well-travelled and educated man, something that was not so common for Indigenous people in those days said Melvin. He went to seminary school in New York and once even travelled to London, England. He was the first Aboriginal missionary in Alberta and was the first to translate the Bible from English into Cree. Melvin said his great-grandfather blended the two cultures together and respected Native spirituality.Steinhauer brought much more than just the word of God to the people of Whitefish and the nearby Saddlelake First Nation. Along with encouraging moral living he preached the virtues of hard work and brought modern education, as well as agriculture and gardening skills to the community said Melvin.“The determination and commitment of Rev. Henry Bird Steinhauer proves that no matter what you are or who you are, you can succeed in your endeavors if you work hard for it, and never give up,” said Melvin.The author also stressed the importance of First Nation people telling their stories in written format. And that First Nations are a people who contributed to the development of Canada and Alberta which is something that isn’t often acknowledged.“I want the whole world to know that there are no savages, warriors with feathers and war bonnets – that people were misled by the Hollywood movies to believe the misconception of what Indians are. … First Nation peoples do want more history books about Indians so that the society of majority will understand what are Indians or who they are,” said Melvin.The book is available for purchase at Whitefish Lake. For more information contact  steinhauer.melvin@gmail.com.bmorin@aptn.calast_img read more

Report details new allegations of Moonves sexual misconduct

first_imgThe New York Times says a report by CBS lawyers outlines more allegations of sexual misconduct by longtime chief Les Moonves. The report alleges that Moonves destroyed evidence and misled investigators as he attempted to protect his reputation and severance payments.The report was prepared by lawyers the network hired to determine if Moonves violated the terms of his employment agreement. The New York Times said Tuesday the 59-page report is to be presented to CBS’s board before the company’s annual meeting next week.It says Moonves could be denied his $120 million severance package after he had to quit in September amid numerous allegations of sexual misbehaviour.The investigators reported they received “multiple reports” about a network employee who was “on call” to perform oral sex on Moonves.The Associated Presslast_img read more

72 quake rocks Papua New Guinea

first_imgPort Moresby: A powerful but deep 7.2-magnitude earthquake rocked Papua New Guinea on Tuesday, officials said, cutting power and knocking items off shelves though there were no immediate reports of serious damage. The quake struck at a depth of 127 kilometers (80 miles) about 30 kilometers (20 miles) from the town of Bulolo at 2119 GMT Monday according to the US Geological Survey, and was felt in the capital Port Moresby about 250 kilometres away. Also Read – Saudi Crown Prince Salman ‘snubbed’ Pak PM Imran, recalled his private jet from US: ReportOfficials said there were no immediate reports of major damage and the depth of the tremor meant there was no tsunami threat. “We have no reports as yet” of serious damage, Inspector Leo Kaikas, Bulolo police station commander, told AFP. “We are still assessing the situation,” he said. Staff at Bulolo’s Pine Lodge hotel said there was very minor damage from objects falling off tables, but nothing more serious. Residents in Lae, more than 100 kilometres away, said the quake knocked things off shelves and worktops and cut electricity in some areas. Also Read – Iraq military admits ‘excessive force’ used in deadly protests”I had just woken up,” Christopher Lam, a designer who lives in the city, told AFP. “It lasted a little more than 30 seconds. We had household items knocked off their shelves and the power got cut. “Things seem to have returned to normal. No structural damage here, though I’m not sure about other buildings in the city.” There are estimated to be around 1,10,000 people living within 50 kilometers of the epicentre, according to UN data. The Moresby-based National Disaster Management office said while there were no early reports of damage, but news from the quake zone could take time to trickle in. “We are awaiting assessments,” a spokesman told AFP. The country’s rugged highlands region was hit by a 7.5-magnitude quake in February last year that buried homes and triggered landslides, killing at least 125 people. The scale of that disaster did not become apparent for days due to PNG’s poor communications and infrastructure. There are regular earthquakes in Papua New Guinea, which sits on the so-called Pacific Ring of Fire — a hotspot for seismic activity due to friction between tectonic plates. Along the South Solomon trench, an area of the Pacific that includes PNG, there have been 13 quakes of magnitude 7.5 or more recorded since 1900, according to USGS data.last_img read more

Spanish kings daughter charged with financial crimes

first_imgMadrid- Spanish King Juan Carlos’ youngest daughter Cristina has been summoned to face tax crime and money-laundering charges, a court on the island of Majorca said Tuesday.Cristina, 48, would be the first direct relative of the king ever to appear in court accused of wrongdoing. She has been linked to the business affairs of her husband Inaki Urdangarin, who is under investigation for alleged embezzlement of public funds.last_img

ISISlinked Jihadist Group Makes Death Threats Against Moroccan Minister of Justice

Fez- A Moroccan religious extremists group close to “‘the Movement for Unity and Jihad” reportedly made ‘death threats’ against the Moroccan Minister of Justice and Liberties, Mustapha Ramid.According to the Moroccan Arabic daily newspaper Assabah, the religious movement called on the minister “to repent if he wants to live” and cancel the sentences, announced by the courts of the kingdom, against members of the dismantled terrorist cells in Morocco.The same source said that the Moroccan radical movement would also release a list of Moroccan public figures that “will face a death threat”, including some leaders of the Salafi movement who are against the Moroccan movement for Unity and Jihad, such as Omar Haddouchi. The Moroccan daily said that the group has pledged allegiance to the Iraqi self-proclaimed Khalifa Abou Bakr Al Baghdadi, head of the ISIS.According to the Moroccan daily Akhbar Alyouam (in its issue 1443), the minister is under strict security surveillance, following the death threats announced by the “Unity and Jihad group.”Unlike other ministers, Mustapha Ramid refused, in a phone call to the daily, to unveil the place where he will spend his summer vacation for this year, for “security measures”, he said.The Moroccan police department, as reported by the Maghreb Agency Press (MAP), said that Morocco has recently dismantled a terrorist cell that allegedly worked, in coordination with other terrorist organizations affiliated with Al Qaeda, to feed Syria and other melting points with combatants.© Morocco World News. All Rights Reserved. This material may not be published, rewritten or redistributed read more

Morocco Achieves its AntiTorture Institutional Framework

Rabat-  Morocco, which established its national mechanism for torture prevention, has achieved its institutional framework for torture prevention, Inter-ministerial Delegation for Human Rights said on Tuesday.The national debate on the establishment of a national mechanism for torture prevention is part of the efforts made to complete the institutional and legislative framework aimed at banning and criminalizing torture, punishing torturers and preventing these practices, the Inter-ministerial Delegation for Human Rights pointed out in a statement.The results of the debate, organized in the framework of the International Seminar on National Preventive Mechanisms: Challenges and Good Practices, held in Rabat by the National Human Rights Council (French acronym CNDH) in partnership with the International Association for the Prevention of Torture, will be determining in the definition of the final form of this mechanism, the same source added. The delegation said the issue of torture, as a violation of human rights, was dealt with by the Equity and Reconciliation Commission (French acronym IER), raised by CNDH in its annual and thematic repots, criminalized by the Criminal Code and prohibited by the 2011 constitution.Despite Morocco’s achievements in preventing and fighting torture, the delegation underlines that NGOs underestimate the progress made and continue publishing false reports on alleged torture practices read more

No NAFTA deal this week no NAFTA deal this year Congress warns

WASHINGTON — The United States congressional leadership has indicated that it will not deal with a vote on NAFTA this year unless it sees the text of an agreement by the end of this week.That statement Wednesday by the top member of the House of Representatives illustrated the stakes for the coming days: either the countries strike a deal now, or the process will drag into next year.By next year, Mexico will have a new president, senior members of the U.S. Congress will have retired, midterm elections will have been held and the next U.S. Congress could have different priorities, adding new variables into the process.House Speaker Paul Ryan was adamant when asked whether the procedural rules of U.S. trade law require a text this week in order for there to be a vote by the time the current Congress wraps up in December.“Yes,” Ryan replied.“This isn’t my arbitrary deadline, that’s just the way the (fast-track trade) law works.” Ryan pointed out that he’s intimately familiar with the workings of that 2015 law: “I wrote it.”As it stands, the countries have one major issue in the talks nearly settled: autos. But other irritants like dairy, dispute-settlement rules, pharmaceuticals and public contracts continue to linger.Prime Minister Justin Trudeau this week told President Donald Trump that a new NAFTA is within reach, if the U.S. is willing to soften some of its other demands.Another big irritant is the five-year sunset clause proposed by the U.S. It’s a unique provision that would end NAFTA after five years, unless all parties agree to extend the deal.Several speakers at a Washington event on Wednesday blasted the idea, including a Republican, a Democrat and two Canadians.The criticism was expressed in especially blunt terms by Canadian MP Wayne Easter.“This idea of a five-year sunset clause is absolutely crazy,” the P.E.I. Liberal told a panel event near Capitol Hill.“I’ll call it as it is: it’s a stupid idea.”Speaking at an event organized by the Canadian American Business Council, during a visit to Washington by a delegation of Canadian parliamentarians, the former dairy farmer also dismissed U.S. demands for an end to Canada’s supply management policy for dairy products.He said supply management provides stability for a sensitive commodity, avoiding either over- or under-supply and catastrophic price swings: “Your dairy industry problem in the United States is not Canada,” Easter said. “Your dairy industry problem is yourselves in the United States. You’re producing too much product.”Kirsten Hillman, Canada’s deputy ambassador to Washington, spoke earlier at the same event and also questioned the logic of the sunset clause, although she did so in more diplomatic language.A former senior Canadian trade negotiator, Hillman said a trade agreement has two purposes — liberalizing trade and providing certainty. She said a five-year sunset accomplishes neither.“We set out these agreements and lock them down in international law, so that they survive from one government to the next, from one administration to the next, to allow our businesses to plan,” Hillman said.“A proposal that would automatically terminate the agreement every five years runs directly counter to that fundamental principle of a trade agreement. So that’s not a proposal that makes sense for Canada.”She said Canada is willing to keep talking after this week, as is Mexico, but she conceded that time is running out to have an agreement negotiated, voted on and implemented by the current U.S. Congress.“The runway for this Congress is very short,” Hillman said. “(But) not impossible.” read more

At UN meteorological forum experts meet to discuss post2015 action plan climate

“We rely on you, the world’s meteorologists to provide us with the scientific knowledge that leaders in government, business and society at large need to make informed choices,” Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon declared in a video message.“As the global thermostat rises, meteorological services are more essential than ever,” he continued. “I look forward to working with you to advance bold climate action which will improve the lives of people and the health of our planet.”The opening of the quadrennial session of the World Meteorological Congress was also greeted by astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti from orbit as she tweeted “captivating and powerful” images of the planet’s atmosphere but admitted that understanding it was “a challenge,” according a press release issued by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO). The Congress will now discuss the strategic role of the WMO in the post-2015 new global agenda on sustainable development and the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk reduction while also deciding on the UN agency’s Strategic Plan, budget and office holders for the next four years.In addition, it will debate cross-cutting programmes to meet the needs of the world’s ever-growing urban areas, which will be home to 70 per cent of the world’s population by 2050 and increasingly susceptible to multiple weather and water-related hazards as well as environmental “stressors” like pollution. “It is a pivotal year for action on behalf of future generations,” WMO Secretary-General Michel Jarraud affirmed. “We have more than a responsibility. We have a moral duty to take action to limit climate change. “If we don’t do it we will be judged by our children and our grandchildren.” read more

Mens basketball Quadrian Banks hired as strength and conditioning coach

Ohio State men’s basketball coach Chris Holtmann continued to round out the remainder of his coaching staff, adding Quadrian Banks as the team’s strength and conditioning coach, the school announced Friday.Banks had previously been serving as the performance and conditioning coach for the Indianapolis Colts, starting in January 2016, and had spent three years before that as assistant strength and conditioning coach with the Philadelphia Eagles.“I am very excited about the addition of Quadrian,” Holtmann said. “He is an elite strength coach and has extensive experience working with athletes at the highest level.”This is the second time Banks will work under Holtmann. The two worked together from January 2011 to March 2013 at Gardner Webb when Banks served as the director of athletic performance during Holtmann’s time there as head coach.Banks began his career as a student strength and conditioning intern coach with the University of Texas in 2001, where he received an undergraduate degree in Kinesiology – Health Promotion and Fitness. He worked with the Longhorns until 2004, and then traveled 116 miles west to Prairie View A&M where he took on the role of head strength and conditioning coach and received his Masters of Education. He then spent a year and a half working in the state of Virginia as an assistant strength and conditioning coach, first at Hampton University from January 2007 to July 2007, and then at the University of Richmond from July 2007 to August 2008. This was followed by another year and a half stint working under the same title with the University of Mississippi from August 2008 to May 2010 before joining Holtmann at Gardner Webb.“My family and I are extremely grateful and excited for the opportunity to join the Buckeye family,” Banks said. “I look forward to getting to work.” read more

Zara Tindall I didnt wear rings until Mike proposed

first_imgAsked about her life with horses in an interview about the jewellery line, Mrs Tindall told the magazine: “Both my parents rode, so from quite a young age I was always around the horses or up at the stables; it was part of my life.“Now we’ve got space for 10 horses here [at Aston Farm]. I’ve got nine eventers, owned by various people, and Toytown, who’s retired and just hangs out in the field.”The full interview is published in the spring issue of Town & Country UK, on sale from February 23. The interview is published in Town & Country magazine, out now Zara Tindall, who did not wear much jewellery until her engagementCredit:Town & Country/ Philip Sinden Zara Tindall, who did not wear much jewellery until her engagement The interview is published in Town & Country magazine, out now It is the latest of many commercial deals Mrs Tindall and her husband have accepted over the years after Princess Anne declined a Royal title for her children, meaning she does not receive money from the Civil List.She has previously worked with Rolex, Land Rover and sportswear label Musto, as well as selling photographs of her daughter Mia to a magazine for a six-figure sum.Mike Tindall, who appeared on celebrity television show The Jump, has said the Royal family “don’t give us any money, adding: “We look after ourselves – we don’t get anything for free.“They’re separate from us; we run our own life.” The jewellery line is inspired by horsesCredit:Town & Country/ Philip Sinden As a teenager, she chose a tongue piercing over Royal diamonds, going on to be more at home in jodhpurs and riding boots than glamorous ballgowns.But Zara Tindall has disclosed she has been won over to jewellery, after her husband bought her her first ring for their engagement.Tindall, the Queen’s granddaughter, said her engagement ring was the first ring she ever wore or owned, after being presented with it by her rugby player boyfriend Mike in 2010.She has since launched a jewellery range with an equestrian theme, now photographed for Town & Country magazine at the stables.She said: “I didn’t appreciate jewellery until I got a bit older and started going to events. “I never wore rings. My engagement ring was my first. Mike found it – I hinted what I liked, but he did it all himself.”On her collection, with  Australian jeweller John Calleij in a partnership which began in 2015, is intended to be wearable without too obvious a horse influence, she said. Items are priced up to £26,800, with many inspired by the shape of a saddle.“I felt strongly that each piece had to be wearable from morning to night,” she told the magazine. “I’m sure John would like to go all out and have a horse galloping across your hand, so sometimes I have to rein him in.” Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. The jewellery line is inspired by horseslast_img read more

Ruthless FC Barcelona for the fifth time in Cologne

FC Barcelona will play at the VELUX EHF Champions League F4 in Cologne for the fifth time! Xavi Pascual boys had no mercy against the young team from Zagreb 43:21 (23:10) providing unforgetable experience to 5.614 home fans in Blaugrana hall.43 – BARCELONA:Pérez de Vargas; Víctor Tomás (6), Gurbindo (2), Sorhaindo (1), Raúl Entrerríos (3), Karabatic (7), Sigurdsson (5), -siete inicial-, Lazarov (9, 5p), Rutenka (3), Noddesbo (2), Sarmiento (1), Viran (1), Ariño (2), Jallouz (1), Saubich (-) y Saric (p.s).21 – ZAGREB:Ivic (Stevanovic (m.8 a 45);Horvat (3, 2p), Stepancic (2), Brozovic (2), Josip Valcic (-), Celica (1), Sprem (-), Rakovic (3), Sebetic (2), Tonci Valcic (-), Vuglac (-), Pavlovic (1), Obranovic (4) y Kovacevic (3).Barca won the first match in Zagreb 25:23. ← Previous Story Dean Bombač to Kielce in summer 2016? Next Story → VELUX EHF CL F4: Kielce did it again! FC Barcelona read more

VIP challenges see Imperial Pacific fall to loss in 2018

first_img Strong VIP growth sees Okada Manila GGR climb 72% in August RelatedPosts Calls for 10% gaming tax renewed as report reveals Imperial Pacific tax payments of just US$21,000 in 2019 70% of Macau gaming market driven by 400,000 premium players: brokerage Load More In detailing the challenges it faced throughout the year, IPI noted a series of reasons for the decline – among the most notable being damage caused by Typhoon Yutu in October 2018 which saw Saipan’s international airport shut down for a month.VIP volume at Imperial Pacific Resort subsequently fell substantially – from HK$385.86 billion in 2017 to HK$126.26 billion this time around – while VIP revenue declined 60.4% from HK$7.35 billion to HK$2.91 billion.However, IPI also continues to struggle in recouping player debts. The company said it had written off trade receivables of HK$4.69 billion in 2018, leaving outstanding receivables at HK$9.67 billion. Of those more than 50% have been outstanding for over a year.Despite such setbacks and ongoing concerns of labor supply, IPI said it remains confident in the future of Imperial Pacific Resort, with four new junket operators set to launch at the property in 2019“Having the advantage of CNMI’s relatively low tax regime, we believe we will be able to offer very competitive commission rates to potential gaming promoters,” IPI said.“We currently have three villas and four yachts in place as well as hotel rooms secured from local high quality hotels to better provide accommodations to our VIP customers. We also expect the successional opening of resort villas and hotels rooms of our resort starting next year will, to a great extent, enhance our capacity to better accommodate patrons.“Benefiting from Saipan’s favorable weather, stunning attractions, proximity location and flexible visa policies, with more hotels room to be built and opened, we believe visitation to the Island of Saipan still has great potential.”IPI, which has spent US$792 million on Imperial Pacific Resort as of 31 December 2018, told Inside Asian Gaming late last year that it remained on track to complete construction well before its 28 February 2021 deadline. Plummeting VIP volume on the back of the FIFA World Cup, tightening marker credits and disruption caused by typhoon Yutu saw Imperial Pacific International (IPI) suffer a 58.2% year-on-year decline in revenue to HK$3.26 billion (US$415.3 million) at its Saipan integrated resort for the 12 months to 31 December 2018.The results also pushed IPI to a loss attributable to owners of the company of HK$2.97 billion (US$378.4 million), compared with a profit of HK$637 million through 2017.last_img read more

Firefox Send filesharing service arrives on Android too

first_img Mobile Mobile Apps Mozilla’s Firefox Send service lets you send 1GB files without having to log in. The encrypted files expire automatically, leaving no trace once they’re gone, Mozilla says. Mozilla Owners of Android phones now also can use Firefox Send, the Mozilla service that lets you send 1GB files with a simple website address. The Android app, released Friday, works the same as the browser-based version of the service that the nonprofit organization formally launched earlier in March after months of testing. It lets you share 1GB files that are protected by encryption and that require no sign-in. Mozilla lifts the file size limit to 2.5GB if you log in with a Firefox account. Other services, like Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive and WeTransfer, already exist. Mozilla touts its alternative as focused on privacy since it doesn’t leave traces on the web. How about a version for iPhones and other iOS-powered devices? That’s not yet clear.”We will review usage of the Send for Android Beta and determine if there is a need for an iOS launch,” Mozilla said in a statement.With Firefox Send, you can add optional password protection, define how many times a file may be downloaded, and set an expiration date after which the file is deleted. There’s no way to keep files available indefinitely. The service is part of Mozilla’s effort to expand its reach beyond its best-known product, the Firefox web browser. Firefox has faded in popularity compared with Google’s dominant Chrome and is a rarity on Android phones and iPhones. Originally published March 22, 12:30 p.m. PT.Update, 1:58 p.m.: Adds Mozilla comment about a possible iOS version. 1 Review • Google Drive for Android gets a bit more powerful Firefox Google Microsoft Mozilla Comment Google Drive for Android Share your voice Tagslast_img read more

In this govt school of North Kashmir staff hires Maths teacher pays

first_imgStudents during the morning Assembly session at RP school in SrinagarTwitterThe disproportionate pupil teacher ratio in Jammu and Kashmir has been a matter of concern for a long time and the problem has remained unsolved. However, instead of relying on the bureaucratic set up to clear decks for hiring new teachers, the staff of a remote border government school in Ahangerpora village of Rafiabad area in the Baramulla district of North Kashmir took the onus of hiring a Maths teacher for the students. The staff of five teachers hired a local Mathematics teachers for the 60 students enrolled in the Government Boys Middle School, Ahangerpora.The teachers decided to pay the Maths tutor by contrbuting a part of their salaries, setting a befitting example before the authorities who have been sluggish in their approach towards solving the problem. Incharge, Headmaster of the school, Ashraf Shah, told the Rising Kashmir that they had approached the Zonal education Officer of the area to solve the problem and he promised to do the same but according to the Incharge teacher, more than 60 students in the school weren’t taught a basic subject like Mathematics which was a cause of concerm. Indian school children prepare for their Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE)Raveendran/AFP/Getty ImagesHence, Ashraf along with four other faculty members decided to hire a private teacher who now teaches Mathematics to students till 8th standard. “”Earlier, we had told the Zonal Education Officer (ZEO) Dangiwacha to post a teacher in the school. The ZEO agreed and said they will try to post one or two teacher as soon as possible,”he said.Ashraf added that the shortage of teachers in this school has also been highlighted with one of the teachers who was working on a contractual basis due to leave the school as his contract ends in two months. Ashraf said he is also not permanently posted in the school and is there on the deployment basis.The hired teacher, zahoor Ahmad Mir said that for long the remote border area has been ignored by the authorities and that he decided to volunteer for teaching to serve the students.The Zonal Education Officer, Harminder Singh, however, said that the new teacher will be in place after the Model Code of Conduct is withdrawn.last_img read more

Oxford University Study Go Ahead Give Kids More Screen Time

first_imgLet us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. You’re not a bad parent for letting kids watch hours of television and play endless mobile games, according to Oxford University.A new study, conducted by researchers from the Oxford Internet Institute and Cardiff University, suggests existing rules for managing children’s digital media time may be misguided.Case in point: The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) propose limiting screen time to two hours a day for young children. But the research team don’t agree.Over the course of a month (and some 20,000 telephone interviews with parents), analysts assessed the relationship between kids’ technology use and wellbeing. That includes caregiver attachment, impact on emotional resilience, curiosity, and positive effect.The results, as reported by the University of Oxford, suggest that restricting toddlers’ digital device use is “not necessarily beneficial.”Participants aged two to five, whose technology consumption conforms to AAP’s directive, showed slightly higher levels of resilience, according to the study. But, that was balanced by lower levels of positive affect.This research follows the Oxford team’s recent paper disputing digital device guidelines for teens, and proposing that a moderate amount of screen time—the so-called “Goldilocks” period—might actually boost teenage prosperity.Similarly, some screen usage above the recommended limits may be good for tots.“Taken together, our findings suggest that there is little or no support for the theory that digital screen use, on its own, is bad for young children’s psychological wellbeing,” lead author Andrew Pryzbylski, of the Oxford Internet Institute, said in a statement.“If anything, our findings suggest the broader family context—how parents set rules about digital screen time, and if they’re actively engaged in exploring the digital world together—are more important than the raw screen time,” he added.The whole situation feels a bit hypocritical: After all, adults are glued to their smartphones, tablets, and laptops. So why should we expect children to be any different?“Given that we cannot put the digital genie back in the bottle, it is incumbent on researchers to conduct rigorous, up-to-date research that identifies mechanisms by and the extent to which screen-time exposure might affect children,” co-author Netta Weinstein, a senior lecturer in psychology at Cardiff University, said.Future research, Pryzbylski suggested, should focus on how turning digital devices into a social tool can affect—for better or worse—children’s psychological wellbeing, curiosity, and bonds.Read more in the Oxford University paper, published this month in the journal Child Development. Stay on targetcenter_img J.D. Salinger Works Finally Released as E-BooksIt May Soon Be Illegal For NYC Bosses to Contact Employees Out of Hours last_img read more

The Interstitium Is Important But Dont Call It An Organ Yet

first_imgSome organs, maybe. (Credit: Komsan Loonprom/Shutterstock)Humans might have a new organ, and the press is all over it—again.In brief: It’s called the interstitium, or a layer of fluid-filled pockets hemmed in by collagen and it can be found all over our bodies, from skin to muscles to our digestive system. The interstitium likely acts as a kind of shock absorber for the rest of our interior bits and bobs and the workings of the fluid itself could help explain everything from tumor growth to how cells move within our bodies. The authors stop short of saying “new organ,” but the word is certainly on everyone’s lips.Is it just me, or are you feeling a bit of deja vu?Well, maybe it’s just me, but that’s because I’ve been in this situation before. You see, just over a year ago, researchers announced that they’d discovered a different “new” organ — the mesentery. That particular collection of bodily tissue is a fan-shaped fold that helps hold our guts in place. It had been known about for centuries, but only recently discovered to be large and important enough to justify calling it an organ. It was to be the body’s 79th, but that number is entirely arbitrary.As we discovered here at Discover, the definition of an organ is hardly settled (and we’re aware of what a church organ is, thankyouverymuch). As became apparent during the whole mesentery craze, there’s no real definition for what an organ actually is. And the human body doesn’t have 79 organs, or 80 organs, or 1,000 organs, because that number can change drastically depending on the definition. And you can bet scientists debate what an organ actually is.“It’s a silly number,” said Paul Neumann, a professor of medicine at Dalhousie University in Canada and member of the Federative International Programme for Anatomical Terminology, in a Discover article from last year. “If a bone is an organ, there’s 206 organs right there. No two anatomists will agree on a list of organs in the body”Calling the interstitium a new organ, then, is a bit of a stretch. It’s there, it’s certainly important, but we need a better idea of what an organ is before we can start labeling things as such.There is a definition of sorts, but it’s got more wiggle room than your large intestine. An organ is composed of two or more tissues, is self-contained and performs a specific function, according to most definitions you get by Googling “what is an organ?” But there’s no governing body that explicitly determines what an organ is, and there’s no official definition. Things like skin, nipples, eyeballs, mesenteries and more have crossed into organ-dom and back throughout history as anatomists debated the definition.It may seem like mere semantics, but nailing a definition for an organ could actually turn out to be quite important. As we wrote last year, medical data is increasingly being stored in the cloud and analyzed by artificial intelligence algorithms that help researchers make new discoveries or diagnose maladies. The artificial intelligence-assisted algorithms that pore through all that data need things to be defined both clearly and consistently if they’re going to do their job correctly—an organ in one place should be an organ in another. Inconsistencies are going to throw a wrench into search results.This doesn’t change the fact that most every part of our body is important, though. Regardless of whether we call the liver an organ or not, we still need it to function. Ditto for the mesentery and the latest assemblage of cells to bear the dubious honorific.An illustration of the interstitium, which may or may not be an organ. (Credit: Jill Gregory/Mount Sinai Health System)The interstitium could actually turn out to be quite important. Researchers hadn’t noticed it before because the way they obtained tissue samples seems to have destroyed a crucial portion of the tissue. The fluid-filled pockets would leak and collapse when removed and preserved, obscuring all evidence of an interstitium. But using a new technique involving an endoscopic camera, lasers and fluorescent dye, two researchers found an odd pattern in the bile ducts of patients they were examining. When they removed and flash froze the tissue, they found a network of fluid-filled pockets that they had never seen before. And upon further study, the same structures showed up throughout the body, they found in research published in Scientific Reports.In addition to cushioning organs inside our bodies, the fluid sacs could help transport white blood cells, molecules used for signaling and more. The authors even suggest that samples of the fluid could be used to diagnose diseases. Finding something entirely new in the human body is a little bit amazing, especially in an age where we assume we know ourselves completely, and it could help to clear up some as-yet-unresolved questions in medicine.Whether you call the interstitium an organ, or refuse to bestow that definition on this hunk of tissue, you aren’t wrong. Gray’s Anatomy, a medical Bible if there ever was one, did after all recognize the mesentery as an organ last year. And really, that’s fine. It won’t change how we study the interstitium, it won’t much change how we talk about it, and it certainly won’t cause it to function any differently.last_img read more

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Images of regions of interest (colored lines) in the white matter skeleton representation. Data from left and right anterior thalamic radiation (ATR) were averaged. Image courtesy of C. Bouziane et al. 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This release… read more January 6, 2009 – Despite looming reimbursement cuts to outpatient imaging scheduled to go into effect in 2010, one outpatient center group announced another a new outpatient imaging center in Westbrook Health Center, in Waukesha, Wisc.The new center allows Center for Diagnostic Imaging (CDI) to expand services to include high-field (1.5T) MRI, multi-slice CT and X-ray, with plans to add digital mammography and ultrasound to its portfolio in early 2010.Part of CDI’s strategy has been to focus on upgrading its clinics and equipment. These enhancements have enabled the delivery of advanced imaging services, such as 3-Tesla MRI and 20-slice CT, to patients in accessible outpatient settings, says James E. Youker, M.D., CDI radiologist and medical director, Medical College of Wisconsin. According to Dr. Youker, updating equipment enhances its diagnostic accuracy and provides faster, safer care for our patients.For more information: www.CDIradiology.com FacebookTwitterLinkedInPrint分享 Video Player is loading.Siemens Go.Top CT scanner at SCCT19Play VideoPlayMuteCurrent Time 0:00/Duration 1:05Loaded: 15.14%Stream Type LIVESeek to live, currently playing liveLIVERemaining Time -1:05 Playback Rate1xChaptersChaptersDescriptionsdescriptions off, selectedCaptionscaptions settings, opens captions settings dialogcaptions off, selectedAudio Trackdefault, selectedFullscreenThis is a modal window.Beginning of dialog window. 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Aktina Medical Partners With Elekta for Global Distribution of Interlocking SRS Cones

first_img Following radiation, the bone marrow shows nearly complete loss of blood cells in mice (left). Mice treated with the PTP-sigma inhibitor displayed rapid recovery of blood cells (purple, right). Credit: UCLA Broad Stem Cell Research Center/Nature Communications Feature | August 05, 2019 | Dave Fornell, Editor Most Popular Radiology and Radiotherapy Topics in July 2019 August 5, 2019 — Here is the list of the most popular content on the Imaging Technology New (ITN) magazine website fr read more Related Content News | Radiation Therapy | August 16, 2019 Drug Accelerates Blood System’s Recovery After Radiation, Chemotherapy A drug developed by UCLA physician-scientists and chemists speeds up the regeneration of mouse and human blood stem… read more News | Radiation Therapy | July 05, 2019 Aktina Medical Partners With Elekta for Global Distribution of Interlocking SRS Cones Cones allow radiation therapy clinics to deliver stereotactic radiosurgery with existing general purpose radiotherapy equipment News | Radiation Therapy | August 02, 2019 Varian Showcases Cancer Care Systems and Software at AAPM 2019 Varian showcased systems and software from its cancer care portfolio, including the Identify Guidance System, at the… read more News | Patient Positioning Radiation Therapy | August 15, 2019 Mevion and C-RAD Release Integration for Improved Proton Therapy Treatment Quality Mevion Medical Systems and C-RAD announced the integration between the C-RAD Catalyst PT and the Mevion S250i proton… read more News | Radiation Oncology | July 31, 2019 Laura Dawson, M.D., FASTRO, Chosen as ASTRO President-elect The members of the American Society for Radiation Oncology (ASTRO) elected four new officers to ASTRO’s Board of… read more July 5, 2019 — Aktina Medical announced that Elekta Instrument AB, based in Sweden, will offer and distribute the Aktina line of patented SRS Cones globally for use in cancer treatments and other appropriate radiation therapies.The use of calibrated cones in stereotactic radiosurgery has grown in recent years, particularly in clinics that do not have access to the most advanced special-purpose radiation treatment equipment. By using the Aktina SRS Cones, such clinics can deliver highly accurate SRS treatments using their existing general-purpose radiation treatment equipment.Unlike previous solutions, the Aktina SRS Cone system features lead-based interlocking cones with stainless steel sleeves that have carved channels and grooves that match corresponding channels and grooves carved into the applicator. As each cone is inserted into the applicator, they depress (or don’t depress) specific switches, and confirm by their own insertion that they are the proper size cone for the programmed dosage. The control software, which has been integrated with the cones and applicator, compares the installed cone with the programmed plan and confirms they match before proceeding. In this way, automated treatment verification lets technicians benefit from fast, simple equipment setup while ensuring they deliver the correct dosage and treatment specified for the patients.For more information: www.aktina.com, www.elekta.com FacebookTwitterLinkedInPrint分享 The top piece of content in July was a video interview explaining how Princess Margaret Cancer Center is using machine learning to create automated treatment plans. This was a hot topic at the American Association of Physicists in Medicine (AAPM) 2019 meeting in July.  The MD Anderson Proton Therapy Center expansion is expected to be completed in 2023. Rendering courtesy of Stantec. Catalyst PT image courtesy of C-RAD News | Proton Therapy | August 08, 2019 MD Anderson to Expand Proton Therapy Center The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center unveiled plans to expand its Proton Therapy Center during a… read more News | Patient Positioning Radiation Therapy | August 07, 2019 Qfix kVue One Proton Couch Top Validated by Mevion Medical Systems Qfix and Mevion Medical Systems announced that a special version of the kVue One Proton couch top is now both validated… read more News | Radiation Therapy | August 15, 2019 First Patient Enrolled in World’s Largest Brain Cancer Clinical Trial Henry Ford Cancer Institute is first-in-the-world to enroll a glioblastoma patient in the GBM AGILE Trial (Adaptive… read more News | Brachytherapy Systems | August 14, 2019 Efficacy of Isoray’s Cesium Blu Showcased in Recent Studies August 14, 2019 — Isoray announced a trio of studies recently reported at scientific meetings and published in medica read more News | Proton Therapy | August 06, 2019 IBA Signs Contract to Install Proton Therapy Center in Kansas IBA (Ion Beam Applications S.A.) recently signed a contract and received the first payment for a Proteus One solution… read more last_img read more