NDP calls on Liberals to further reduce credit card fees paid by

first_imgOTTAWA – The federal New Democrats are calling on the Liberal government to lower and cap the fees credit card companies collect from small businesses.Last summer, Ottawa announced voluntary, five-year deals with Visa and MasterCard to trim the fees to an average annual effective rate of 1.4 per cent — down from 1.5 per cent — and narrow the gap between the highest and lowest rates they charge retailers.In making the announcement, Finance Minister Bill Morneau said he expected the changes will provide a boost to small- and medium-sized firms by saving them a total of $250 million in credit card fees per year.But the NDP says the Liberals’ agreements are not good enough because they offer no certainty for retailers and favour big business by keeping rates too high at 1.4 per cent.The NDP says smaller businesses are particularly vulnerable to credit card fees, which force them to make up for the lost revenue by passing on the extra costs to consumers.The opposition party is calling for Ottawa to implement a maximum cap of one per cent on credit card fees for small- and medium-sized firms as a way to free up cash that they could use to invest into their operations, raise wages and increase hiring.last_img read more

Pau Gasol Raises 24000 For Typhoon Haiyan Victims

first_imgUNICEF Ambassador and National Basketball Association (NBA) star Pau Gasol pledged $1,000 for every point he scored at the Los Angeles Lakers game on Friday, November 22, to support critical U.S. Fund for UNICEF fundraising relief efforts in the aftermath of Super Tyhoon Haiyan.Gasol raised $24,000 for victims of the typhoon.More than five million children have been affected by the emergency. With every day that goes by, children are becoming weaker and more vulnerable not only to disease, but to trafficking, child labor and violence.“Children are in desperate need of clean water, medicine and nutrition supplies,” said Gasol, a two-time NBA Champion with the Los Angeles Lakers. “Having seen UNICEF’s incredible work for children firsthand, I want to support them in making a difference for children and families in the Philippines who have lost everything.”UNICEF’s first priorities are focused on life-saving interventions — getting essential medicines, nutrition supplies, safe water and hygiene supplies to children and families. UNICEF is also preparing to reunite and protect the most vulnerable children who are unaccompanied by adults, and is actively setting up child-friendly spaces where they can learn, play sports, and receive psychosocial support to help restore a sense of normalcy.“We are always so grateful to Pau Gasol for his unwavering commitment to UNICEF,” said Caryl Stern, President and CEO of the U.S. Fund for UNICEF. “The children in the Philippines need our help now, and in the foreseeable future, so it is critical for us to continue to shine a spotlight on their needs.”As a UNICEF Ambassador, Pau Gasol has seen UNICEF programs for children in action in several countries around the world including HIV/AIDS-related projects and education initiatives. He has also witnessed UNICEF’s emergency relief work in the Sahel region of Africa, and programs supporting Syrian refugees in Iraq. Gasol has supported UNICEF’s work on behalf of child survival and development for a decade both in the United States and Spain.The National Basketball Association (NBA) and National Basketball Player’s Association (NBPA) have also teamed up to donate $250,000 to the U.S. Fund for UNICEF in support of UNICEF’s emergency relief efforts in areas of the Philippines ravaged by the devastating typhoon.To make a donation, click here.last_img read more


first_imgcanfitpro is the largest Canadian certification organization for fitness professionals and the leading provider for fitness and wellness education. Known for quality and enthusiasm, a canfitpro certification establishes a benchmark for excellence and education in the fitness industry. Expanding its offerings beyond the fitness professional, canfitpro offers educational certifications and courses for all, such as healthy eating & weight loss, active aging, children’s fitness and nutrition fundamentals, to name a few.“Alongside our new team at rock-it promotions, we look forward to creating strong media relationships and generating an authentic excitement for our world fitness expo this August,” said Nick Rico, Communications and Media Manager, canfitpro. “We want to engage new demographics and ensure Canadians understand the value of the knowledge provided by a canfitpro certified professional.”With over 16,000 delegates and visitors each year, the canfitpro world fitness expo is the largest combined fitness conference and trade show in the world. Taking place August 16-20 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, attendees will have access to a custom experience including workouts, lectures, cooking demos and exclusive shopping opportunities. Past celebrity speakers include Bruce Wylde, Harley Pasternak and Jillian Michaels.About canfitprocanfitpro is the largest provider of education in the Canadian fitness industry. Founded in 1993, canfitpro delivers accessible, quality education, certifications, events and membership services. canfitpro‘s over 100,000 members include some of the world’s finest fitness professionals, health club operators, industry suppliers, and fitness consumers.Website: www.canfitpro.comTwitter: @canfitproInstagram: @canfitproFacebook: @canfitproAbout rock-it promotions rock-it promotions is one of Canada’s leading lifestyle PR agencies. A full-service PR and communications agency, rock-it provides a broad range of services including strategic planning, media relations and outreach, event management, press trips, partnership and sponsorship engagement, celebrity outreach and representation, product seeding, brand ambassador programs and more. Rock-it promotions also runs Fourth Floor Management, a social influencer management arm that represents some of the most respected creative minds in the influencer community. In 2016, the agency was awarded a place on the Profit 500 as one of Canada’s fastest growing companies, while founder and president Debra Goldblatt-Sadowski received recognition in Profit Magazine’s W100 as one Canada’s Top Female Entrepreneurs.Website: www.rockitpromo.comTwitter: @rockitpromoInstagram: @rockitpromo Facebook Twitter Advertisement LEAVE A REPLY Cancel replyLog in to leave a comment Advertisement TORONTO, ON – Canada’s leading fitness organization, canfitpro has named rock-it promotions its agency of record. canfitpro will be added to the agency’s already impressive client list of top lifestyle brands including adidas, Etsy and Club Med.rock-it promotions will execute all canfitpro’s ongoing public relations activity in Canada, including media outreach, brand awareness, and influencer and community engagement. Through exclusive influencer events and ongoing media relations, rock-it promotions will drive awareness and ticket sales for canfitpro’s 24th annual world fitness expo – the largest fitness conference and trade show in the world.“We are so excited to be working alongside a brand that empowers people to lead a healthy, passionate and fulfilling lifestyle,” said Debra Goldblatt-Sadowski, president and founder, rock-it promotions. “canfitpro has set the bar for a high standard in the fitness industry and it is our goal to reinforce the importance of quality education and build increased awareness for this year’s world fitness expo.” Advertisement Login/Register With:last_img read more

Moroccan Scientist Rachid Yazami Calls for Development of Energy Storage

By Safaa KasraouiRabat – Moroccan scientist and inventor, Rachid Yazami, urged the development of Morocco’s energy storage to boost the economy at a Rotary Club dinner on Thursday in Rabat.Yazami dreams of transforming energy storage in Morocco to boost industry, economic development, and scientific research. Under Morocco’s energy plan, Morocco is expected to increase the contribution of renewable energy to electricity production to 42% by 2020.“The Moroccan Solar Energy Agency’s (MASEN) 2020 goal for the development of renewable energy is very ambitious and commendable,” Yazami said.A scientist best known for his research on lithium-ion batteries, Yazami said that the battery is expected to play a central role in the future energy transition.While other battery technologies could supplant lithium-ion by 2020-2025, he said, “the challenge to achieve this is colossal.”“Due to the intermittence of new clean energies, such as solar and wind whose production depends on the natural elements, storage is necessary to ensure the reliability of electric energy,” he added.Despite the risks of explosion, lithium-ion batteries remain the best on the market. “Without them, there would be no smartphone or electric vehicle,” Yazami explained.He predicts that lithium-ion batteries will dominate the market in the 21st century, giving them a major role to play in Morocco’s commitment to the production of clean electricity. read more

Al Arabys Palace of Cassettes A Love Letter to the Golden

Rabat – A time capsule sits hidden deep in the labyrinth of Fez’s thousand-year-old medina. Inside, one won’t find a trove of sepia-toned photos or a dispatch to one’s future self, but a love letter to the golden age of North African music, carefully composed over decades by Mohammed El Hakim, who goes by the name he played under as musician: Al Araby. For almost fifty years Al Araby has filled the walls of his shoebox-sized shop with songs. Piles of cassette tapes filled his booth, stacked high to the ceiling. The format may be dated, but Al Araby is content in his booth of tapes, surrounded by the artists he holds dear.  Al Araby’s motivation for running a cassette shop was simple.“Because I am a musician,” Al Araby said. “And I love music.”Al Araby’s thick, calloused hands pulled a case labeled Mohamed El Ghaoui off of a shelf dropped the cassette in the tape deck, and pressed play. The song started and a smile slid across his face. Al Araby looked up expectantly with eyes magnified by a pair of thick-lensed glasses that continually threaten to slide down his nose.He tapped the counter and hummed along, never breaking eye contact. It was an invitation to join his reverie.“I find myself at ease with music,” Al Araby said. “It calms me, ever since my childhood.” When Al Araby opened his booth in 1970, he sold dresses, shirts, and another accouterment for a night on the town. Being a musician, he decided to start with he was familiar with – party supplies. Two years later he had grown bored of his wares and switched over to cassettes. Over the last five decades Al Araby has accumulated so many tapes they sit stacked two-deep along the walls, further shrinking the already tiny shop. He estimated about ten thousand cassettes line the booth, floor to ceiling.The cassettes in Al Araby’s shop are stacked two-deep to accommodate all of the albums he has amassed over the past five decades.While the shop might give those prone to claustrophobia the shivers, Al Araby feels right at home enveloped by the music of fellow Moroccans such as Abdelhadi Belkhayat, Naima Samih, and Abdelwahab Doukkali.These celebrated artists played epic live sets that would stretch on into the night. A single song might take up a whole side of one of the cassettes Al Araby sells at his shop.Growing up in Fez, Al Araby got his first taste of Moroccan music while celebrating Ashura with his family when he was six or seven years old. His parents bought him a set of tam-tam drums, and he was hooked.The tapes in Al Araby’s shop, located deep in the medina of Fez, are stacked floor to ceiling.He began performing professionally in the early 70s, playing drums and singing with a group. Al Araby said he was never interested in money or fame. “It was not about the musicians, it was about the audience. If we got a good audience, the party would go on and on, into the night,” Al Araby said. “Everybody was happy.“Al Araby married and had two children, a son, and a daughter. Neither played an instrument, but like their father, both had an ear for songs.After a four-decade career as a musician, Al Araby laid down his drumsticks. “I don’t like the parties these days,” Al Araby said. “Instead of playing music like this,” he continued, nodding at the stereo, now blasting a love song by Casablancan chanteuse Naima Samih, “they just play popular music.” After he retired from performing, Al Araby continued working at his booth in the medina. Al Araby lamented the change in music with the usual list of complaints: the internet, that it made attention spans shorter, lyrics less poetic, the art formless precious. “Rai music, that appeared in the 90s in Algeria and the Maghreb in general, changed the mentality of the young people,” Al Araby said. “They play something for five minutes, and then it’s done,” he continued, referring to the hybrid version of Rai music that emerged in the 1990s, featuring shorter tracks and international influences.Instead of fighting the inevitable changes, Al Araby just stopped moving forward.The tapes in Al Araby’s shop, located deep in the medina of Fez, are stacked floor to ceiling.Most of Al Araby’s customers are now over 30 years old, fans of the same musical era he specializes in selling. His older customers brought damaged musical treasures for Al Araby to repair, carefully mending the snapped or twisted tape inside the cassette.Several shops in the medina also sold music. Some offered a smattering of tapes but focused on more modern formats. Unlike the other booths, Al Araby’s shop was frozen in time. “CDs aren’t authentic. They aren’t original,” Al Araby said. “As an artist, you can’t guarantee your rights. You can make a thousand copies in a second.” Because the production of cassettes in Morocco phased out in the mid-90s, Al Araby estimated all of the tapes in his shop have sat on the shelves at least 15 years. Newer additions included recitations of Suras from the Koran with handwritten labels. Albums of older classic musicians dated closer to 40 years.“I start each morning with the Koran,” Al Araby said as he explained his daily routine in the shop. “After the Koran, I play instrumental music. Then maybe some Oriental music as the day goes on.”The other shop owners on the street, many who have also worked in the medina for decades, have never complained about the music emanating from Al Araby’s booth. Instead, they encourage him.“Sometimes my neighbors make requests,” Al Araby said.“I love this kind of music, it’s authenticity. It’s not about the money. If I wanted to make a lot of money, I know what to sell,” Al Araby said. “But that is not the point for me.” read more

Bank of Canada daily avg for the Cdn dollar 8243 cents US

The average value for the Canadian dollar on Friday was 82.43 cents US, up 0.11 of a cent from Thursday.The U.S. dollar was at C$1.2132, down 0.16 of a cent.Pound sterling was at C$1.6014, up 1.15 cents, and US$1.3200, up 1.12 cents.The Euro was at C$1.4601, up 0.16 of a cent.Quotations provided by the Bank of Canada.

Tick tock Chopp running out of time to apologize

Will she or won’t she?Many at Governor Simcoe Square and across Norfolk are wondering what Mayor Kristal Chopp will do now that the deadline looms for her to issue a public apology.The Reformer asked Chopp about the matter in an email Wednesday. She did not respond.In a brief phone conversation Thursday, Chopp said she was not in a position to speak but added “I don’t know what I’m doing yet.”At issue is a council resolution May 7 asking Chopp to publicly apologize for her treatment of a county employee during a council meeting at Governor Simcoe Square.At the Jan. 8 meeting, principal planner Mat Vaughan shared a staff report on the pros and cons of backyard chickens in urban areas of Norfolk.Chopp was dissatisfied with the report because council, in December, asked staff to provide a road map for making urban chickens a reality. Council also asked for a set of regulations to enact that.The report did not contain the requested regulations. Further, a health unit advisory against urban poultry figured prominently in Vaughan’s report. Chopp said this was contrary to council direction and as such was unacceptable.As the mayor critiqued the report, she tore a copy of it in half at the council table in front of Vaughan – the author – members of council, members of the public in the gallery, and in front of cameras live-streaming the meeting over the internet and cable TV.Ironically – earlier that same day at a special meeting — council approved the hiring of Toronto lawyer John Mascarin as council’s first integrity commissioner.In short order, Mascarin received two complaints about Chopp’s actions as potential violations of council’s code of conduct and memorandums governing council-staff relations.In his report to council May 7, Mascarin sided with the complainants. He recommended Chopp apologize and council agreed. At that meeting, council approved the following resolution:“That council ask that the mayor recognize council’s displeasure with her actions Jan. 8, and further that council ask that the mayor offer a public apology no later than May 31.”In his report, Mascarin described Chopp’s behaviour as “inappropriate” and “uncivil.”At the May 7 meeting, Chopp exercised her right of rebuttal under the integrity review process.Chopp told council she felt compelled to act because – early in her mandate – she suspected that county staff were stonewalling her and disrespecting her authority.She cited the urban chicken file as an example. Chopp added Vaughan did not have final responsibility for the contents of his report. She asked Vaughan at the Jan. 8 meeting whose direction he followed before she executed her dramatic gesture.“This had nothing to do with Mr. Vaughan,” Chopp said.In conclusion, Chopp said “I sincerely apologize” for actions that prompted an investigation that could cost taxpayers $20,000. Mascarin and council deemed that inadequate and set the May 31 deadline.It is not clear what happens next if the Friday deadline isn’t met. Mascarin remains seized of the matter until such time as Chopp, Norfolk council or both bring the situation to a conclusion.Mascarin has escalating sanctions at his disposal. These include docking pay. If Chopp doesn’t comply it will be up to Mascarin to weigh in further, with Chopp’s council colleagues having to decide whether they wish to prolong the matter.In response to a recent inquiry, Mascarin said he does not comment to the media on active files.MSonnenberg@postmedia.com read more

UN begins polio vaccination campaign at besieged Palestinian refugee camp in Syria

The UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) and its partners have been attempting for months to take desperately needed aid, particularly food and medicines, to Yarmouk, whose 18,000 residents have been trapped for months amid the ongoing conflict in Syria. “We are pleased to announce that UNRWA has secured the formal authorization for the transfer of 10,000 polio vaccines to Yarmouk Camp in Damascus,” said Chris Gunness, a spokesperson for the Agency.“This process has been completed without incident and the vaccination of thousands children in the camp is now underway.”Mr. Gunness thanked all those who made this “life-saving development” possible. “It demonstrates that access to Yarmouk and all civilians in Syria can be sustained and that given the chance, the UN can make a real difference in the lives of real people – babies, children, women, the sick, the elderly, the dying – who have endured unimaginable suffering because of this pitiless war.”UNRWA has also continued with food distributions in the camp, with over 800 parcels distributed yesterday. This brings to nearly 5,200 the total number of parcels delivered since 18 January, when the Agency was first permitted limited access to Yarmouk.The Agency has also continued to transfer food supplements, such as iron in tablet and drop form, multivitamins and rehydration salts.Prior to the armed conflict in Syria, which began in March 2011, Yarmouk – a suburb just south of Damascus – was home to over 160,000 Palestine refugees. In December 2012 and in the months since, conflict has caused at least 140,000 Palestine refugees to flee their homes in Yarmouk, as armed opposition groups established a presence in the area, with Government forces controlling the periphery. read more

The Cuban boxer from Cork who is one win away from a

first_imgA CUBAN BOXER, who has fought out of Ireland since 2007, is within one victory of earning himself a world heavyweight title shot.Mike Perez defected from Cuba seven years ago and was a major loss to the country’s amateur boxing program. He won gold in his weight class at the World Junior Championships in 2004 but getting a taste of life beyond Cuban shores — he fought Kenneth Egan in an amateur bout in 2005 — led to a desire to leave his native country on a more permanent basis.His first attempt to defect landed him in prison but the second, in early 2008 and under the cover of darkness and in a rickety boat, resulted in his arrival in Ireland, via Mexico.The 28-year-old made his professional debut two weeks later and is undefeated in the six years since. He has 20 wins [12 by KO] and one draw as a heavyweight. His personal life has had many successes, including a fiancé from Cork and the arrival of three daughters.A victory against Magomed Abdusalamov at Madison Square Garden, last November, put him on the heavyweight map. His next outing was a “lacklustre” draw again Carlos Takam in January so Saturday evening’s fight against Bryant Jennings is crucial for his world-title [WBC] ambitions. Speaking on the HBO preview for the bout, Perez said, “Sometimes it is hard, you know, but nothing is easy in this life. You have to work for it. That’s what I do.”Jennings, for his part, describes Perez as “prey” and backs up his words with an unbeaten record of his own [18-0, 10 KO’s]. “I’m not coming with a plan A, B, or C. I’m coming with plans A through Z. Just because you’ve got one thing figured out don’t mean that’s the only thing I’ve got in my arsenal.” Source: HBOsports/YouTubeThe bout takes place in New York in the early hours of Sunday morning. Sky Sports 1 is covering all the action from 1:30am. [Hat-tip to Michael McCarthy of Pundit Arena, who has put together an excellent profile on Perez.]‘I’m going to take a gold’, promises Conlan as he eyes tough challenge ahead in Glasgow‘I was taken by the fact that he’s such an outsider’ – Adrian McCarthy on his upcoming Paul Kimmage filmlast_img read more

The Simpsons pulls Michael Jackson episode in wake of documentary on alleged

first_img 31,960 Views The Simpsons pulls Michael Jackson episode in wake of documentary on alleged abuse The decision comes after allegations about the singer, which are detailed in a new four-hour documentary. Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article 99 Comments https://jrnl.ie/4530602 Friday 8 Mar 2019, 1:58 PM Michael Jackson in 2001 Share623 Tweet Email A CLASSIC EPISODE of The Simpsons featuring Michael Jackson’s voice will no longer air following a controversial documentary outlining allegations of sexual abuse against the deceased singer. “It feels clearly the only choice to make,” the show’s executive producer James L Brooks told The Wall Street Journal.The episode in question is ‘Stark Raving Dad’. In the episode, Homer Simpson meets a man called Leon Kompowsky who claims to be Michael Jackson. The singer voiced the character. Short URL Source: The Wall Street Journal/Twitter By Hayley Halpin Mar 8th 2019, 1:58 PM Michael Jackson in 2001 Image: William Conran via PA Images Image: William Conran via PA Images The decision comes after RTÉ yesterday confirmed that it won’t be adding Jackson to its playlists in order not to offend listeners.RTÉ 1 presenter Ryan Tubridy had already said that he does not intend on playing Jackson’s music on his show going forward. New Zealand’s public broadcaster RNZ will not be playlisting Jackson, and the Canadian stations CKOI, Rythme and The Beat are following suit. The BBC, however, denied claims that it had “banned” Jackson’s music.Allegations about the late singer have surfaced in the documentary Leaving Neverland, where two men, Wade Robson (36) and James Safechuck (41), outline the abuse they say they were subjected to.The four-hour film was directed by British man Dan Reed, and the first part aired on Channel 4 on Wednesday. The second part aired last night.Both Safechuck and Robson allege that Jackson abused them, gaining their families’ trust and manipulating them into keeping their sexual relations secret. With reporting by Aoife Barry A 1991 episode of “The Simpsons” featuring Michael Jackson’s voice will be removed from circulation, show’s executive producer says, after airing of HBO documentary https://t.co/3BGSEkOF0D— The Wall Street Journal (@WSJ) March 8, 2019last_img read more

Greek immersion works well

first_imgThe English-Greek bilingual program in Lalor North Primary School is now in its 33rd year.The significance of such a program in a state school becomes even more profound while the national campaign by Greek communities is intensifying with the aim of securing the inclusion of the Greek language in the national curriculum. The curriculum is currently being developed by the Australian Curriculum and Reporting Authority (ACARA).Lalor North Primary School presents the only Greek bilingual program in Victoria and it was founded by teacher Dimitris Politis. After Mr Politis’ retirement three years ago, Ana Koutsouroupas took over as the co-ordinator of the program.It’s a partial immersion program where the Greek language is taught using the Victorian curriculum from prep until Year 6.For example, children are taught maths in Greek from prep until Year 2 and in English thereafter. Mrs Koutsouroupa clarified that this shouldn’t discourage anyone thinking that it might be more difficult. “After all maths are the same no matter in which language you’re taught,” she said.The program can be identified as intensive Greek language teaching with 13 hours dedicated per week from prep to Year 2 and 8 hours a week from Year 2 – Year 6. Children become competent in Greek reading and writing even by Year 2.There are currently 52 students attending the English-Greek bilingual program compared to almost 100 ten years ago, which according to Mrs Koutsouroupa can be attributed to demographic reasons as many Greeks have left the area. Mrs Koutsouroupa does also underscore the “lack of interest on the part of many second generation Greek Australians to push their kids towards the Greek language”; coupled with a erroneous belief that children get confused when they are exposed to two languages once they start talking. “Children who are bilingual become lateral thinkers,” Mrs Koutsouroupa emphasised also echoing the findings of many studies which highlight the benefits of bilingualism.Bilingualism was one of the attractions for mother Chris Filippou who sends her son Anastasis and her daughter Maria to Lalor North Primary School. “The more they learn the better it is for them,” Mrs Filippou said. The preservation of the Greek language and culture is of paramount importance for her. “I remember with pride when my grandmother could communicate with her great grand children in Greek.” “I find it very sad when grandparents are struggling to communicate in English with their grandchildren,” Mrs Filippou added.The emphasis on Greek traditions and culture is multi-faceted in the bilingual program of Lalor North Primary school from an hour of Greek dancing each week to other Greek school celebrations and activities. Although a possible exclusion of Greek from the national curriculum may not have a direct effect on the program, as Mrs Koutsouroupa explained, nobody is clear on what the exact implications will be if it does not become part of the ACARA sanctioned National Curriculum.Neos Kosmos is running a petition to have Modern Greek included into the National Curriculum go to page 5. Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

Ladopoulos to hand over education torch

first_imgCharalambos Ladopoulos will be retiring from the role of Consul General for Educational Affairs to Greece, a position he has held for over three years. He will be replaced by Vasilios Gokas who will be arriving from Greece next week. Like Ladopoulos, Gokas comes from a background of primary school teaching. Ladopoulos told Neos Kosmos that he may resign from this role or take leave, he is still undecided. He did say, however, he will definitely be staying in Australia and going back to his old position of primary school teacher. “I enjoyed it very much,” said Ladopoulos of his role as Consul General for Educational Affairs to Greece. “One thing that was lacking when I started this role was a network of all teachers of Greek in Australia, something I created.” Ladopoulos said that his three-year position offered him a variety of ways to support and heighten awareness of the education of the Greek language in Australia. “This was a very interesting role and I was able to open up the position and not just make it an administrative role. He rates the community aspect of this role, and the network of people around him as the most rewarding part of his job. “I enjoyed bringing together a network of people within the community who supported the Greek language.” There are many career highlights that Ladopoulos enjoyed during his time in this role, the many discussions and the inclusion of Modern Greek in the education system. The support and increase of seconded teachers and the plan to create a network of teachers in regional schools such as Ballarat and Geelong. But of all the career highlights, he sees getting the first Greek Film Festival up-and-running for students last year, as the pinnacle. Due to the successful festival they had in 2010, it has opened the doors to make the Greek Film Festival open to the whole of Australia, and not just Victoria. Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

San Diego Instagram star and body weight trainer Demi Bagby shares her

first_img August 8, 2018 Categories: Good Morning San Diego, Local San Diego News, Trending Tags: Demi Bagby FacebookTwitter 00:00 00:00 spaceplay / pause qunload | stop ffullscreenshift + ←→slower / faster ↑↓volume mmute ←→seek  . seek to previous 12… 6 seek to 10%, 20% … 60% XColor SettingsAaAaAaAaTextBackgroundOpacity SettingsTextOpaqueSemi-TransparentBackgroundSemi-TransparentOpaqueTransparentFont SettingsSize||TypeSerif MonospaceSerifSans Serif MonospaceSans SerifCasualCursiveSmallCapsResetSave SettingsSAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Instagram star and body weight trainer, Demi Bagby, was in studio Wednesday telling KUSI’s Lauren Phinney all about how she grew her amazing page to over 1 million followers at the age of 17!Demi is a San Diegan, but she now constantly travels the world and continues to do what she loves.Below are just some of the videos Demi has posted on her Instagram page, @DemiBagby. If you haven’t already, click here to follow her page. Updated: 10:00 AM Posted: August 8, 2018center_img Mike McKinnon III, Lauren Phinney, San Diego Instagram star and body weight trainer Demi Bagby shares her amazing story Mike McKinnon III, Lauren Phinney last_img read more

Three women killed in a ghastly road accident in Kadapa

first_imgKadapa: In a ghastly road accident 3 women were killed and another one seriously injured when RTC bus hit the Auto at outskirts of Vempalli Mandal late night on Saturday. This incident was taken place around 8 PM. The deceased were identified as M.Lakshmi devi(60), A.Anjanamma (55), K.Eswaramma(55) of Chalama Reddy Palle village Yerraguntla Mandal. Also Read – Telugu Day fete held at DPS Advertise With Us According to the sources, M.Venkateswarlu of Chalama Reddy Palle village along with Lakshmi Devi along with other two family members went to Y.Kodur village for attending some personal work. On their return, they hired an auto for going to the native in the evening. The auto which they are travelling when reached Anjaneya Swamy temple located outskirts of Vempalli Mandal, an RTC bus which is going to Vempalli from Proddaturu hit the auto from back side leads the mishap. M.Venkateswarlu who was seriously injured in the incident immediately shifted to the Proddaturu area hospital where his condition stated to be critical. A case has been registered by Vempalli police.last_img read more

Jennifer Lawrence called a gross human being after calling reality star a

first_imgJennifer Lawrence in Versace’s safety-pin gownGetty images- John Phillips / StringerJennifer Lawrence has confessed to being a fan of reality TV and as such, she has opinions on the people that are a part of reality TV. In fact, Jennifer Lawrence was so vocal about her opinions that she started a feud with Vanderpump Rules star Lala Kent.The Red Sparrow actress apparently discussed Vanderpump Rules, one of her favourite shows, with WWHL host Andy Cohen. When asked about Kent’s friendship with the other Vanderpump stars, Lawrence said: ‘Lala’s trying so hard to be nice and then she’s like crying to her mom and then she’s like a total b-tch … I’m like, ‘B-tch you’s a c-nt.’According to TooFab, Lala replied: ‘Yeah, I think she’s that type of chick.’She continued: ‘Well, here’s the thing. Now any time you bring her up, like, I’m going to have nothing nice to say about her. I’m going say that she sucked everyone’s d–ks to get to where she is.’  Lala KentLala Kent Official Instagram (lalakent)The comment was not well received and Lala Kent went on the offensive, calling out Jennifer Lawrence and saying not so nice things about her.’I’m going to say that her hair sucks, her face is a little too pudgy, like she needs to stop the drinking, you know?’Lala described the actress as a ‘gross human being’, and added: ‘Congratulations on two failed films in a row.’ However, Jennifer Lawrence and Lala Kent seemed to have buried the hatchet after Lawrence apologized through email. Jennifer Lawrence is currently engaged to be married. Jennifer Lawrence recently appeared in X-Men: Dark Phoenix.last_img read more

Bethesda reveals Fallout 4 trailer live on Twitch

first_imgToday Bethesda has revealed that Fallout 4 is in development for release on PC, Xbox One, and PS4. Details are scarce right now, but that’s set to change imminently.Below is the live Twitch stream that’s about to get underway where Bethesda will hopefully reveal all about the latest entry in the Fallout series.There is an official website, but at the time of writing it is down due to demand, no doubt. Below is the first shot of the game as well as the official trailer:last_img

One of Scotlands Largest and Oldest Clans has Appointed its First Chief

first_imgFor centuries, the Scottish clan Buchanan has been without a chief. The clan can trace its origins back to 1010 A.D., and has millions of members, not just in Scotland, but also in America, the U.K., Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and Jamaica, according to the BBC. Clan Buchanan’s last chief was John Buchanan, who died in 1681 without a male heir, leaving the clan without a chief for 337 years – until now.John Michael Baillie-Hamilton Buchanan, with his dog (Photo by : Clan Buchanan)The clan will now be led by 60-year-old John Michael Baillie-Hamilton Buchanan, who runs the Cambusmore Estate, near Callander, Scotland. He will now be known as “The Buchanan.” He first made an informal claim to the role 20 years ago.A romantic depiction of a clan Duine Uasal (pronounced Dunnie-wassal) illustrated by R. R. McIan, from James Logan’s The Clans of the Scottish Highlands, 1845.In September of 2018, the Lord Lyon King of Arms, head of the Lyon Court which regulates Scottish heraldry, formally upheld a petition from Mr. Buchanan to assume the chiefship.Buchanan’s claim is based on the work of genealogist Hugh Peskett. Peskett, who is known for tracing President Ronald Reagan’s Irish ancestry back in the 1980s, came to the field 50 years ago when his grandmother, herself a Buchanan, urged him find the rightful chief.Sir Francis Grant, Lord Lyon King of Arms (left), and the Duke of York (center) proceeding to St Giles’ Cathedral in 1933.According to the Telegraph, The Buchanan believed himself to be the rightful chief as he is a descendant of Francis Buchanan of Arnprior, who was executed for his part in the Jacobite uprising of 1745, and whom Sir Walter Scott named as the true Buchanan leader.The Buchanan’s father first told him of the family connections, and although he had never made an official claim for the title, he decided it was something to investigate.Sir Walter Scott by Henry Raeburn, 1822.He was quoted by the BBC as saying, “My family has been acknowledged as leaders of one of the principal clan septs, the Buchanan’s of Leny and Arnprior, for many years, but we have also believed that we had a good case for the overall chiefship. We first approached the Lyon Court informally over 20 years ago, and it has taken decades of research to back up our claim.”He also thanked Peskett for his work and his enduring tenacity. In a letter to the clan, The Buchanan noted that he had commissioned Peskett to do the research 15 years ago, and that the case Peskett compiled consisted of 100 pages, went back to 1370 in places, and referenced some 300 documents.Relationship of John Buchanan of Buchanan to Francis Buchanan of Arnprior. Photo by Scabd buchanan CC BY SA 4.0With The Buchanan’s identity now proven, the Telegraph quoted Peskett as saying, “As a clansman of the clan Buchanan, it was absolutely fascinating to delve into the history and ancestry of one of the oldest clans in Scotland.My research took decades to compile, and unequivocally confirms the chiefship claim.” He went on to note that it was a historic moment, and he thought that his grandmother would be proud of what they achieved. Peskett is no stranger to tracing lineage in Scotland.In 2003, Peskett’s work meant that a London banker replaced a farmer as clan chief to the Oliphant family. Peskett has tracked down more than 12 chiefs in total, although finding The Buchanan has a special significance, owing to the family links.The CBSI was founded in 1970 as the Clan Buchanan Society in America at the Grandfather Mountain Games in North Carolina. The name was later changed to the Clan Buchanan Society International, Inc., to reflect its expanded membership and purpose, according to the Clan Buchanan website. The CBSI is divided into sixteen regions, and has members in the United States and around the world.Read another story from us:Scotland’s bitter feud comes alive with discovery of 16th century clan sealDavid Byrne, the president of the Clan Buchanan Society International remarked, “This is a day many of us believed would never happen in our lifetime, so it’s a time to celebrate for our members.” He also noted that it has been the Society’s goal since its inception to maintain and preserve the clan’s traditions against the day that a new chief might be named.last_img read more

Italy consul in Benghazi fired on not injured

first_img Construction begins on Chandler hospital expansion project Associated PressROME (AP) – Militants opened fire on the car of the Italian consul in the Libyan city of Benghazi, but he wasn’t injured, officials in Rome and Libya said Saturday.A security detail traveling with Consul Guido De Sanctis returned fire, but the gunmen who were driving in a car alongside De Sanctis’ convoy sped away, a Libyan security official said. The shooting occurred in the evening as De Sanctis was leaving the consulate. Get a lawn your neighbor will be jealous of Top Stories Arizona families, Arizona farms: providing the local community with responsibly produced dairy Mary Coyle ice cream to reopen in central Phoenix Former Arizona Rep. Don Shooter shows health improvementcenter_img Early signs of cataracts in your parents and how to help Comments   Share   Bottoms up! Enjoy a cold one for International Beer Day A government official in Rome said De Sanctis wasn’t hurt because he was travelling in an armored car. Video footage shown on Sky TG24 showed several gunshots to the windows of the vehicle.The officials insisted on not being identified because they weren’t authorized to make the information public. The ANSA news agency said it spoke to De Sanctis, who confirmed he was fine.Benghazi was the site of a Sept. 11 attack on the U.S. diplomatic mission that killed four Americans, including the U.S. ambassador to Libya.___Esam Mohamed contributed to this report from Tripoli, Libya.(Copyright 2013 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.) Sponsored Stories last_img read more

Private Mortgage Insurers Post Strong March Figures

first_imgPrivate Mortgage Insurers Post Strong March Figures Share “”Mortgage Insurance Companies of America””:http://www.privatemi.com/index.cfm (MICA) reported a lift in business in March, with dollar volume rising both month-over-month and year-over-year.[IMAGE][COLUMN_BREAK]MICA member companies (“”Genworth Mortgage Insurance Corporation””:http://mortgageinsurance.genworth.com/, “”Mortgage Guaranty Insurance Corporation””:http://www.mgic.com/, and “”Radian Guaranty Inc.””:http://www.radian.biz/page?name=HomePage) issued 40,893 certificates representing about $10.1 billion in March, the trade group reported. March’s numbers are an improvement over February (which saw 34,665 policies issued for $9.2 billion in loans) and March 2012 (when companies wrote 30,080 policies for $6.7 billion in loans).Member companies reported a total of $402.1 billion in primary insurance in force for the month.At the same time, the number of private mortgage insurance applications received by MICA members totaled 43,278 in March, up from 36,793 in February and 32,540 in March 2012. March’s application volume was the highest since last October, when MICA members reported receiving 46,045 applications.The cure/default ratio spiked to 138.5 percent from February’s 102.5 percent, with MICA recording 23,953 cures and 17,298 defaults. in Originationcenter_img April 30, 2013 478 Views Agents & Brokers Attorneys & Title Companies Genworth Mortgage Insurance Corp. Investors Lenders & Servicers Mortgage Guaranty Insurance Corp. Mortgage Insurance Radian Guaranty Inc. Service Providers 2013-04-30 Tory Barringerlast_img read more

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